Cookies, Horns + Thank You

Hell, you resist a 7 year old with green eyes, curly hair and a box of sugar. Not. Happening.

EfflorescentTarot_6CoinsToday’s card makes me stop and think about how difficult it is to give me a compliment. I invariably insult the person trying to be nice to me. I blow it off. I ask them if they are meaning to talk to someone else.

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Why is that?

Is it because a lot of our raising is based on humility? On not tooting your own horn?

I still feel weird when I tell y’all about stuff I have for you. Even the free stuff weirds me out some days.

And I’m a pretty damned good sales person all in all. In fact, when I was a little girl, I got in a lot of trouble for my Girl Scout cookie sales.


Well, they told me the sales were to help us go camping more. Y’all, I loved (and still do) camping. So I humped those cookies from door to door selling them for .30 a box. I did a great job too.

Hell, you resist a 7 year old with green eyes, curly hair and a box of sugar. Not. Happening.

Then the boom came down. Neighbor lady asked my mama why her niece was selling the same cookies for .25 a box.


I had to go return every nickel. lol

But now, when I know I have a super product with a great price point and folks raving about it, I cringe and have to make myself remember to tell you about it.

I cringe in the same way when someone tells me I look nice or did good or whatever. I want to ask them who they really meant to say that to or what they really want from me.

When did we lose our ability to just say, “thank you, I worked very hard on it so I appreciate your kindness” or just, you know, “thank you.”

Journal prompt for today is, “What’s the hardest compliment for you to hear? Why?”

6 of Coins, Efflorescent Tarot, Katie Rose Pipkin, self-published

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Which Is Better?

EfflorescentTarot_6CoinsToday’s card makes me a bit sad. It’s generally a card I like in decks, but here there is such a sense of despair. The giver holds a scale with such small bowls that you wonder if she or he can fit even one coin in. Both the receivers are blindfolded so they can’t see what they are getting.And look at the mouths on all three. Turned down.

I wonder if any of them will get anything out of this exchange. The giver almost looks as if it is a duty or a chore that he’s been sent to do. The claw like hands of the receivers seem almost grasping.

Have you ever been on either side of an exchange like this? Where giving to the less fortunate felt like an obligation? Where receiving wasn’t satisfying?

How would this story change if the blindfolds came off and the scales went away. How would all the characters here react then? If the giver could give as it pleased him and not as it balanced the scale. If the receivers could receive with joy rather than sad expectation.

I’ve been on both sides. I know that for me I give better than I receive. It’s easier because our society teaches us to be self-reliant. We chastise and rail against the less fortunate. We mock those who are perceived as less than us.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Until you’ve been in the shoes of the person who only has ill-fitting pants and a dirty shirt and just enough money to buy the cheapest foods at Wal-Mart, only then can you understand that feeling of helplessness–of deadened resignation to your place in the world.

Have I been there? No, I haven’t, but I’ve been close. But I have seen the death of hope in someone else’s face. The understanding that they can’t get out of where they are because others keep them there.

Yes, there are shelters. Yes, there are programs. But until we as a world look at one another with love and understanding and acceptance, we diminish ourselves.

I’m no better than most. There are times I am disgusted by the homeless I see. I wonder why they aren’t letting someone else take care of them.

And I’m wrenched back to that thought…that thing we are all taught.

Don’t take handouts.
Do it yourself.

I wonder how much we’ve wounded ourselves by not including other teachings.

Ask for help when you need it.
Receive with gratitude so you can give with joy.

How would our world be different then?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Don’t forget that May Tarotscopes are out.

6 of Coins, Efflorescent Tarot, Katie Rose Pipkin

What Will You Dream Today?

One of the things I have done with this (and I’m still working on it and will be because that’s how it works) it to write down goals. Then steps to those goals. And these goals are actually HUGE dreams.

GhostsSpirits_6PentaclesToday’s card was intentionally picked. I wanted to share some of Lisa Hunt’s recent deck with you. This card really jumped out at me as I went through the deck. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First is the man’s face. He looks wise to me but also wary. There is a sense of wildness in him. The polar bear next to him seems to emerge from his fur hood. I instantly thought of the native peoples of the north–what many of us call Eskimos even though that’s not truly the tribal name. That’s like labeling all aboriginal Americans Indians. We know there are many tribes.

But I’m not here to lecture on names. I want to talk about generosity and community. When I first began reading Tarot, I was drawn to those who wrote books about it and those who created art with it. I wanted to do the former and was just blown away by the latter.

One of my lifelong goals has been to write a book about Tarot. I’m three spreads away from completing my Tarot for Writers book which thrills me. But there’s another smaller book that will be released very soon.

And it will be professionally illustrated by Lisa Hunt. I’m here to tell you I would have never thought to even ask her (or another much-loved artist) about working on my book even a year ago. But the workbook+planner I got changed that.

One of the things I have done with this (and I’m still working on it and will be because that’s how it works) it to write down goals. Then steps to those goals. And these goals are actually HUGE dreams.

Step one of “get my book illustrated by a well known Tarot artist” was “ask.”

Simple, right? But so scary! Really. What if they laughed at me?

Now I am friendly with more than a few Tarot artists online. But I only asked two about this project. I have another project that I’ve asked someone else about–that’s on the back burner just now due to my writing projects. Grin. It’s going to be an incredible year!

Back to this dream though. This card is about community and generosity. Now this is a paid job but Lisa has been so generous with her work. I wanted pencil for this book because I love the look of it. So there’s no color like in this card.

I’m rambling, aren’t I? Forgive me. 😀 I just wanted to ask you about your dreams. What do you dream about when you see your prosperous life and generous community surrounding you? Take your three minutes today, those precious 180 seconds, and let your mind create that dream.

Then write it down. What would it take to get there? I believe you can do it. I see you living in abundance and joy.

Want to get a free copy of my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads eBook? It’s yours when you buy this workbook+planner via this link.

The catch is that you have to get the workbook+planner by midnight tonight (1/31/2013) PST. Then contact me. I’ll send you the link.

6 of Pentacles, Ghosts And Spirits Tarot, US Games, 2011

Seek Joy, Y’all. Pass it on.

Image used with permission by U.S. Games Systems Inc

P. to the S. A little Lisa Hunt-shaped bird tells me that she may be featuring some of the work she’s been doing for my book on her blog today. Keep your eyes peeled.