Don’t Call Me Sister, Sister

Then they call me sister. And that’s when my fur goes right up. Don’t call me sister, sister.

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Gaian Tarot Six of Water
Gaian Tarot

Today’s blog challenge is about meeting spiritual people. I take that to mean people of a like mind. And I have a problem with that.

I often meet sweet, loving, well-intentioned people who are just beautiful souls. Then they call me sister. And that’s when my fur goes right up.

I understand they mean it on a spiritual, “we are all one” level, but it is a huge button for me. I have a sister. I have two in fact–one by blood and one by my mother’s marriage. They are the only people I call sister.

My best friend is my best friend. We are as close as sisters–closer actually if it comes down to it. But I don’t think of her when I think of my sisters. Her role in my life has been set since we were both sixteen years old. Best. Friend.

Forever, even.

I have had covensibs, but I called them my sibs not my brothers or my sisters. Siblings. Now don’t get me wrong. I totally get that that is just me playing at semantics.

This is MY hang up. My hard limit. My boundary line. In the Gaian Tarot’s Six of Water, Joanna uses the image of her Mermaid sisters in the water. They are joined hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart. I get that they are sisters.

Maybe it is the way I was raised. I have a huge family when it comes to cousins and other relations. We are tight for the most part. By tight, I mean we are all up in each others business.

When I meet another person who is on the same path as I am or a parallel path, I rejoice. I want to know them. I want to meet them. I want to stand in sacred space with them honoring our journeys.

I don’t want to call them brother or sister. For me to give that honorific to someone is to make them family on a level that surpasses spirituality for me.

So if I don’t call you sister or brother, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. It doesn’t mean that I don’t value your friendship, your path, your journey, you.

It just means that I have a different word for you. I want you to be my friend, my compatriot, my co-seeker. One day I may call you brother or sister, but that day will need to have many yesterdays in its wake. I hope you understand.

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Childish Things

Childish Things

Six of Water, Gaian Tarot
Six of Water, Gaian Tarot

I do love this card. The traditional meaning has always appealed to me. I think Joanna P. Colbert’s interpretation really soars. Most often you see children in the Six of Cups. This is because one primary meaning is reminiscing. So since childhood is often a thing we think on…the Six of Cups shows littles.

But in the Gaian Tarot, Joanna shows her Mermaid sisters gathered in the water. They hold hands becoming a circle of sisters and friends once again. They swim skyclad because when one is that close, clothes become useless.

I’ll be doing some reminiscing this week. You’ll see your Tarotscopes here tomorrow then a week’s worth of posts I’ve titled Revisiting. Each one is one of my recipe posts. I hope you enjoy them.

I’m off to say “I do” to a pretty fabulous man. He’s been my partner and my friend for three years now. We decided we might as well add husband to that mix. It’s been fun being texted as W2B. Makes my heart do one of those slow rolls.

I know we will make some memories this week. I hope you do as well. Remember to find the joy in life especially when it’s hard. Sometimes remembered joy is the only joy to be had but you can have it!

So…seek joy, y’all. Pass it on. I’ll be back next week. And I will catch up on all the three card readings. These workbooks are flying out the door. Are you ready to Create Your Amazing Year? If you are, download the workbook then let me know. I’ll set you up with your free three card reading too.

Six of Water, Gaian Tarot

Chickens, Mama + Joy

When I came in, I’d decided that I wanted eggs but I wanted them a specific way. I wanted them the way Mama made them.

HerbalTarot_6Cups001Today’s card is because of my breakfast. Strange, I know, but oh so true. I have today off due to swapping shifts with someone at work. Instead of my mad dash out the door, I made myself breakfast after walking the dogs and after a soak in the hot tub.

I know, right? Decadent.

When I came in, I’d decided that I wanted eggs but I wanted them a specific way. I wanted them the way Mama made them.

Now, I have to confess that my mother was no amazing cook when I was growing up. She was a single mother who worked her ass off so breakfast was haphazard some days. I tended to want rice and soy sauce for breakfast.

I’ll pause while you mull that one over.


But on those rare days when the three of us didn’t have to dashing off hither and yon, she might ask if we wanted hens in a basket. That was pretty much always a yes from me.

I’ve found myself missing my mama lately. Strange since she’s been gone 11.5 years. I’ll always know how long she’s been gone since my niece was nine months old when she passed. I’m happy she got to have those precious few months with AM.

So I decided to indulge my nostalgia and my belly by making hens in a basket. This is such an easy dish and has many different names. But because it is tied so tightly to a memory of my mama, I’m assigning it to the nostalgic Six of Cups.

I should also point out that this was my first working deck. The first one that I truly studied. Did my first paid for reading with this deck. So yeah, nostalgia all around.

Six of Cups Hens In A Basket

1 Sandwich Round
2 Eggs
2 TBS butter

Take a wine glass and cut out the center of each side of the sandwich round. If you like more bread, use regular slices.

Melt the butter in a skillet. I prefer cast iron. Just make sure you don’t burn the butter.

Put the bread in the skillet. Don’t forget the centers you cut out. What do you mean you already ate one? LOL

Let that cook just a minute or so–not too long. Then crack an egg into the center of each piece of bread.

Salt/pepper to taste.

When the edges of the eggs start curling up a bit, carefully turn the egg and bread over. Let it cook to your preference. I’m an over-easy gal (HEY! I heard that snicker. RUDE!) so I don’t let it sit for very long.

Serve it up and dig in!

I told you it was super easy. And there are dozens if not hundreds of variations on this one.

Six of Cups, Herbal Tarot, U.S. Games

Your journal prompt today is, “What food makes me nostalgic? Who does it make me nostalgic for? How can I best remember them today?”

See the index for this ongoing Tarot&Food project here.

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Bayous, Drifting + Dreaming

She’s moved so I won’t ever see this particular scene again. But it’s okay. I’ll always have the memory and there are other spots just like this one on so many bayous.

BlackBayou2011_WaterColor1352x1015Today’s card is not from any particular deck. It is from my childhood memories. This was taken just a few years ago (2011) from my sister’s home on the bayou. She’s moved so I won’t ever see this particular scene again. But it’s okay. I’ll always have the memory and there are other spots just like this one on so many bayous.

I grew up in Louisiana. When I as in my teens, my mother’s boyfriend made a two-wheeled cart so I could get our 17′ Delhi aluminum canoe down to the bayou. That bayou was about a block from our home at that time. I spent so many days paddling back to a quiet area where I could read and dream. While I had good friends, I was a fairly solitary human being.

Still am actually. I yearn for quiet times filled with nothing more than a breeze and the sounds of birds. Maybe a fish hitting the surface or turtles plop plop plopping into the water. Where I paddled to then is now a subdivision of stately homes and old money. Back then, it was a young girl’s fairy land where animals and trees alike spoke to me.

I still like to go out in nature now although I don’t do it quite as much. When I do, I take pictures. I want to have these reminders.

Because this reminds me of my childhood, if I were going to do a Bayou Tarot this would be the Six of Cups. No regrets, just fond reminiscences of days I drifted down a north Louisiana bayou dreaming.

What will you allow yourself to dream today? Can you commit to 180 seconds today to do nothing but dream?

Seek Joy, Y’all. Pass it on.

Black Bayou Cypress & Knees, 2011, photo by Stephanie Arwen Lynch, all rights reserved.