Mabon Hopping: Getting Creative for the Tarot Blog Hop


Hey y’all. It’s Mabon today. In my tradition that’s the feast of the second harvest. Many of my fellow Wiccans think of it as our time to give thanks for what the year has brought us.

I wanted to do that now. I am in a place of amazing good right now. I have moved to New Mexico to live with my husband. We have a roof, food to feed ourselves and our pets. I have a husband who buys me things like bird feeders from garage sales because he knows how much I love watching the birds.

Right now I can look out my office window to see two house finches and a sparrow on one of those feeders. They are amusing me because they are squabbling over territory. I want to talk to them to remind them that there is food for all here at our home. The birds might not be as amused to find that we call their feeders “bird tv” since the cats love sitting in the windows to watch them.

Our TarotBlogHop wrangler is that lovely Utah harpist and poet, Aisling. Check out her poetry book here or her simply magical harp CD’s here.

She asked us to think about Mabon then create a card that spoke of the season. I was going to do the Empress but the Seven of Pentacles called to me. My card is created in GIMP using a photo I took of my own cherry tomato plant (2011). I reminds me that each blossom and small fruit is a supernova of energy. They represent the work we put in and the reward that will come.

I’d like to invite you to also join me on my YouTube channel where I am offering videos on how to read Tarot intuitively as well as other subjects. I also do deck reviews there. I am covering new decks and old as well.

Happy Mabon, everyone. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

7 of Pentacles, (c) Arwen Lynch
7 of Pentacles, (c) Arwen Lynch [click for larger]


Work, Work, Work

Yeah. You know. Just do what needs doing. Make it pleasant or make it fast, but get it done.

Art of Life Seven of Pentacles
Art of Life

Today’s card is the Seven of Pentacles from the Art of Life Tarot. This is a rather unusual deck. It takes famous pictures then combines them with meaningful quotes to invoke the traditional message of the card.

The Seven of Pentacles is the card I call the gardener’s card. It is a reminder that hard work is rewarded. In this particular interpretation I also come away with the meaning that we all work. Even the Empress of China is doing manual labor here. Okay, so it’s pretty easy labor. Probably it is some ceremonial labor, but nonetheless, she’s doing her work.

[Tweet “I am of the mind that you can do the work in one of two ways.”]

You can bitch, moan, kvetch, whine, snivel about how awful it is to have to work.


Yeah. You know. Just do what needs doing. Make it pleasant or make it fast, but get it done.

Today I work. Today I work with joy. Pleasure in the doing carries me through the day. I acknowledge my place in the world. I am blessed to be breathing. Pain reminds me that I am alive. I seek joy in all things and in all ways. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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