How Does It Stop You?

Today’s card isn’t an easy one. For one, it has a keyword that is a real trigger word for me. For two, I don’t really love decks that include keywords. In my opinion, they are limiting. They confine you to one thought or idea.

Unless you are like me and just leap off the cliff every time letting your intuition carry you.

Here we see a woman kneeling in the desert. A vulture hovers over her head. She is not sharing her water with that bird nor with the snake who coils up and around her arm. It’s all for her.

Sometimes I have these twinges of jealousy. I see another Tarot professional using a spread like one of mine. I see someone saying “Seek Joy” without the y’all and I want to fuss, “HEY! Say it right. That’s MINE.”

But it’s not, is it? The concept of seeking joy is as old as time itself. It is far larger than me.

So when I feel those twinges of jealousy, it might be better for me to think, “YAY! Someone else is on the joy hunt with me. The more the merrier!”

Jealous can ruin relationships. How many of us can raise our hand when asked if we’ve ever lost someone due to a jealous nature–theirs or ours.

Sucks, right?

So maybe the next time that ol’ green eyed monster starts nibbling on your ass, you can turn that around.

Just because my partner looks at other women, doesn’t mean I’m not enough.

Just because my colleague books a huge speaking date, doesn’t mean I won’t.

Just because a fellow author hits the NYTimes best seller list, doesn’t mean I can’t.

Stop letting jealous get in your way. We use it as a reason to stop doing what we love.

Well, if so-and-so is taking ALLLLL the speaking engagements, I’ll just go sulk.

Yeah, that’s useful. Right?

So let this Seven of Cups from the Daughters of the Moon Tarot by Ffiona Morgan et al remind us that we get further by sharing our resources. We empower ourselves when we celebrate the successes of others–sincerely. We grow when we stop seeing one another as threats to our happiness.

Seven of Cups, Daughters of the Moon, 1991

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on!

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Illuminate, Illustrate & Dream

I see this as a call to illuminate my heart more. To bring color and swirls in. Be more decorative. And that does tie into this lovely card from the Rumi Tarot.

Rumi_7CupsToday’s card reminds me that an illuminated heart is a lovely thing to own. It’s an even lovelier thing to share. Not because of the quote on the card, but because of the header on the back of the book that goes with this deck.

What does it mean to you to have an illuminated heart? For me, I read that word in two ways. One is the common “lit up” way but the other way is the idea that illuminating something is to decorate it. The Book of Kells (oooh look! One you can color on your own!) is an illuminated (and illuminating) book for me.

Another of those is this that I’m doing. We’ve just had a discussion about the 100 things we are each choosing. I’ve confessed that I’ve written down about eight. Someone else, who’s done this workbook in the past, shared that hers included fun, fanciful things like eat a purple cake with sprinkles. Her advice was to loosen up a bit–to play some more.

I see this as a call to illuminate my heart more. To bring color and swirls in. Be more decorative. And that does tie into this lovely card from the Rumi Tarot.

Here we are told

the present world is but a dream the sleeper imagines to be real.

Seems a bit chastising in a way, but what if the dream we are having is one where the present world is moving towards joy? What if we all focus on the same dream of good coming out on top? What then?

Wouldn’t that be a lovely reality as well as dream?

Illuminate your heart first. Then watch as the light spreads decoration and hope to the person you are closest to and then from them to the next.

We are strong human beings, y’all. Imagine how fierce and strong we are when we focus on the same thing. Just dream how marvelous that could be.

A whole world with illuminated hearts…

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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7 of Cups, Guide to the Rumi Tarot, Llewellyn Publications, 2009