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How the Five of Swords is like a reality tv show.

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Dreaming Way Tarot Five of Swords
Dreaming Way Tarot

#affirmation Today’s card is one of the mental cards. The Five of Swords can often indicate mental battles. These battles may not be real but we give them power by paying attention.

What are we paying attention to?

Other people’s opinions. They are entitled to their thoughts just as we are entitled to ours. Ours should have no more weight in their world than theirs in ours.

By acknowledging that our thoughts are powerful for ourselves rather than others, maybe we can stop wasting time worrying about what others do with their lives.

And likewise.

How much time do we waste watching shows about other people’s lives? Reading articles about other people’s lives? Discussing what other people are doing with their lives?

Me? I’d rather eat bugs than talk about housewives of any town or spoiled children or (fill in the reality show of your choice).

So turn your thoughts to your own doings. Focus on you. Bring your attention back to the one person you do have control over. Make changes. Celebrate differences. Explore your own wonderful self.

Here is your affirmation for today:

I carry my own thoughts. I release others to theirs. My world is made better by focusing on what I can do. I embrace others then release them to their own work. I am a strong, capable human being. My work is good. My life is good. My place in the web is good. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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What would you like to change back and why?

DreamingWay_18Moon19SunToday’s cards are from US Games’ Dreaming Way Tarot. I really love this deck. It’s quirky with images that often make me turn my head this way and that.

Here are the Sun and the Moon. What I particularly like here is the small child crawling out for a lollipop. She’s bare and free of worry. Her future is bright.

Then we see the same girl (perhaps) more mature. She has learned to cover her body–from shame or peer pressure or even personal taste, we can’t know. She gingerly holds the lobster. Again, this is something she wants, but she has also learned that she has to deal with the consequences of her emotional choices.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon is a fairy tale that always makes me think of a favorite book by Pearl S. Buck. I know…my mind…it’s a weird synaptic journey.

But the book is East Wind: West Wind: The Saga of a Chinese Family (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck) and is about a very traditional Chinese bride married to a very modern Chinese man. It’s a clash of cultures but more than that, really. It’s about blending. It’s said to be one of Buck’s very best. I’d be torn between that and Imperial Woman. I simply adore Imperial Woman.

But back to the Sun and the Moon. Today I’m asking you to tell me something. What do you think has changed drastically from your child self to your adult self?

What would you like to change back and why?

Journal time! 😀

And if you feel like it, I’d really like to know.

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