Firm Trouble + Panic

Then comes the email from our editor that says, “Firm Trouble has a publish date of 8/22. Now while that is exciting, it also translates into a lot of work.

Firm Trouble by Marilu MannToday is a big day in the Arwen world. I just got word that book twelve will be out August 22.

Now while that is exciting, it also translates into a lot of work. Because writing the book is only half the battle. In fact, in some ways, writing the book is the easy part. Well, I can say that once the darn thing has been written, submitted, accepted, edited and put into the publish queue.

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Scramble the jets!
Call out GI JOE!


That’s pretty much my internal reaction. My external is less dramatic. I think.

Folks always ask me if I’m excited to write a book. Yes and no. It’s very fulfilling to be able to tell my stories (our stories, since I write with the world’s best writing partner, Cai. She also happens to be my life-long best friend.) I write as Marilu Mann

The real pay-off for me is when people read my book. I love reading reviews. Even the bad ones give me a charge because someone took the time to express their opinion. Okay, so sometimes I stick my tongue out at the bad reviews. Hey! I’m human.

So here’s a list of just my shifter series books. They are all available for Kindle, Nook, and PC as well as other reading devices.

1. Changing Times (Lusting Wild 1) Antique shop owner, Tony Pantera, falls for Dr. Carly Chambers. This sexy panther shifter resists his primal need for the human doctor, but a shifter war means he has to protect her.

2. Changing Hearts (Lusting Wild 2) Malcolm has abandoned his Pack. Joie finds an injured wolf in the swamp. Little does she know that her healing touch is going to have to soothe not only a wolf but also a man. When she finds out the man is a wolf, can she love both?

3. Changing Focus (Lusting Wild 3)Micah doesn’t want to be Alpha. He also doesn’t know what to do with the photojournalist at his Wisconsin lodge. There’s something different about Olivia. Can he convince her to embrace her wild side?

4. Changing Paths (Lusting Wild 4) Harmony returns to her Pack. She can’t answer the call of the moon but her daughter shows all the signs of being Moon-Called. When Gareth shows up, Harmony has to deal with her own hormones. The scarred handyman is everything she wants as well as everything she can’t have–a Moon-Called male.

You can see all the books available from Marilu Mann here. You can also visit our Amazon author page or find us at Goodreads. And thanks so much for taking the time to read, rate and review.

Today’s affirmation!

I am creative. I am whole in my self. I am beautiful, strong and kind. Compassion is my first reaction. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Firm Trouble, Marilu Mann, created by Ellora’s Cave art department


Changing Times On Amazon!

Changing Times by Marilu Mann

I so thrilled to let y’all know that Changing Times (co-written with my best friend, Cai Smith) is now on Amazon. I’m so happy. Thanks for all of your support. I really appreciate it. Isn’t it wild that it feels even more real to see it on Amazon?

P. to the S. I totally wiped out the earlier groovy post with all the reviews and excerpt. SIGH. Head here for all the fancy-schmancy stuff including the reviews, etc. 🙂