Pirates, Soothsayers + Insanity

WakingTheWildSpirit_14Cups001Today’s card made me look up a word. I wanted to know more about what it meant. One word in the first definition just rankled my cockles. Sorry, but it IS Talk Like A Pirate day. 😀 I’ll spare you from translating the whole thing, matey, but there will be bits as we go.


So as I was saying…there was a word in the definition of soothsayer that made me twitch. “Supposed” as in “a person supposed to be able to foresee the future.”

That makes it seem as if it is the reader’s fault if the currents they see today in your reading change tomorrow.

I’ve got two words for you.


Just because I see you getting that desired interview today doesn’t mean you won’t do something between now and then to change the outcome.

Patterns are in our lives for a reason. We create grooves, gouges, ruts that we stay in. We don’t move out of them.

Why? Because they are familiar. And darlings, I mean mateys, familiar isn’t always good. Just because you are making a killing on the bounding main today doesn’t mean you won’t need to put your self into dry dock tomorrow.

Don’t let anyone–not a doctor, not a teacher, not a parent, not a psychic–tell you that you can’t change your future.

Of course you can. That’s why my clients know a reading with me creates homework for them. They need to take stock of actions they are currently involved in. Sure they can continue as is, but, things will not change until they change.

Do you know who said this?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

My fellow Pisces Albert Einstein dropped that little gem.

So on this Pisces Full Moon, let’s use this as our journal prompt.

“What insanity in my life can I change and how?”

King of Cups,Waking The Wild Spirit, Poppy Palin

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Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on. Arrg!

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What Do You See?

gypsy-tarot-wharfSo today’s card isn’t a card. It’s a card reader. It’s a fanciful take on a beautiful Romany woman. She’s outside her caravan with the cards in her lap. There’s a fire off to her side with another caravan in the background. This is a detail from a larger piece, but I don’t know the name of it.

I have to wonder what others think when they hear I’m a professional psychic. That I read cards for a living. Just today I had to give my email out.

That’s readings like reading a book with an s on the end.


I’ll spell it out. t-a-r-o-t-b-y-a-r-w-e-n dot com.

So that’s [email protected]?

Yes, but it is Tarohhhh not Tarott.

The blank look on the other end of the phone was probably my imagination, right?

But still, what do you think they saw? Pretty Romany girl? Wizened old crone? Evil witch in a black corset? Wizened old pretty witch in a corset?

I look at me and see, well, me. Glasses. Middle-aged. Curly hair. Green eyes. Friendly smile. Great skin.

I don’t see ooky spooky psychic.

Now I can dress the part for sure! I have what I call my Traveller Drag. It’s floaty skirts etc.

And I love it because I look pretty darn good in it. 😀 I have always leaned towards the South Austin Bohemian Yoga Vegan Hooper Hippie style anyway.

There are days when I worry that I will disappoint my clients. Not because of how I read. No, I’m solid there. More because I won’t be their dream reader when I show up in leggings and a shirt. 😀 Do you think they expect this dreamy Romany girl?

What about you? Do you ever think you don’t look the part of whatever it is you are called to be today or tomorrow?

How do you deal with it?

Today’s journal prompt is: How do I present myself to the world?

Romany Reader, Unknown,

#SeekJoy, y’all. Pass it on.

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Spirits, Dead People & Crazy

The moments in my life where I channeled someone’s dead relative have always startled me. But I’ve also come to know that I can’t not be the messenger. Who am I to judge what Spirit sends me?

Today’s card is an unusual take on the Page category. In this self-published deck, the artist renames her Courts. The Pages become Muses. Here we see a nod to the woman in the moon image. But this one, for me, seems active. She isn’t going to stay on that moon for long. She’s got a sword to take up. There’s action that needs to happen.

Pages are often the card for messages. Rather than taking a message, it looks to me like our Muse of Swords is having a message brought to her. Perhaps she is simply the go-between.

I often feel like that. As though the messages I bring to my clients were coming from something Other. I’ve called that Other many things finally landing on Universe as the best word to encompass what that is.

Another reader and I swapped readings. She told me that I was being called to be more open about my connection with Spirit. I told her that scared the poop out of me. I have been doing this work since 1980 when I first picked up the cards for real (I had a brief flirtation with divination tools when I was 11). I’m 51 now.

The moments in my life where I channeled someone’s dead relative have always startled me. But I’ve also come to know that I can’t not be the messenger. Who am I to judge what Spirit sends me?

My first incident of mediumship was pretty spontaneous. I was doing a phone reading (yes, I used to be a 1-900 psychic). The deep past showed Chariot Reversed. I blurted out that she’d lost someone in a car wreck on a mountain road early in the morning. He wanted her to know….

And she started to cry when I gave her the message. But it didn’t stop there. I described him along with her front room and patio area to her. I told her he had two messages. The one I didn’t understand was “Don’t move the big pots.”

Then she started laughing while she continued to cry. She told me that’s when she knew I was real. And she told me why.

Since then, I’ve lost track of the times I’ve gotten messages from the Other Side. It’s humbling really as much as it is scary. I mean, really, seeing people who aren’t there is the stuff they make movies out of. I really do see dead people–just not as often as the Ghost Whisperer.

But what about you? Do you get messages that you are supposed to pass along? Do you ignore them because you think you might be thought bonkers?

Yeah, I get it. It’s not easy. But think of the joy you will bring to that one person the message was meant for. Isn’t that worth it?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Muse of Swords, Rainbow Traveller, Carmen Waterman, 2012

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Psychics, Shoulders & Fears

Today’s card is a question for you to answer. How psychic are your friends? Not how psychic are you, but how psychic are they? Do they know your every thought? Can they read your mind? Do they know when you need a hug or a helping hand?

What? Only a few and not all the time? No way! Get out of town.


You mean to tell me that when you are lonely or sad or scared, your friends don’t pick up the phone or come right over unless you tell them? What kind of friends are they? I mean, really. Right?


Now turn that around. Are you that psychic? Do you know when they need you?

What? They have to let you know? You sometimes know but it’s better when they just say, “Hey, I really need a friend right now”?

No way! Get out of town.


Soooooo, I think maybe you are seeing the point by now, yes?

If you are sad or scared or lonely, tell your friends. Let them know. Maybe the first three will be too busy or have their own shit to deal with, but check out number four or five. You will get that shoulder or ear that you need. I promise.

And you will be that shoulder or ear they need. I promise that too.

The Universe is whispering in my ear. Tell them, Arwen. Tell them I am here for them. Tell them I dwell in them, in their friends, in every living thing. I am here for them.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Five of Water, Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn 2011

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Psychics, Scams & the Police

If you do a Google search on “psychic” and “con artist”, you will find far too many hits for my liking. I think they should all be thrown in jail for life for preying on people’s fears and tears. Read more…

Lightning Gaian TarotLook out. Arwen’s on the rampage again. Is it a copyright issue? Is it that someone hurt someone she loves? What button got pushed this time?

No copyright issues.
No family being hurt.

Nope, this one is due to a client reading I just did. Continue reading “Psychics, Scams & the Police”

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May 2011 Tarotscopes

Three of Fire Gaian TarotI’m talking about love, passion, tarot books and bumping the uglies this month.

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January 2011 Tarotscopes

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March 2010 Tarotscopes

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2009 November Tarotscopes

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September 2009 Tarotscopes

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