The Arwen Remodeling Project (2/12/2008)

Some may blink at the date above. I am republishing this from 2/12/2008. I have edited it ONLY to remove two memes. The rest stands exactly as it was offered in 2008 when I was on LiveJournal. It has passed the test of time. I still believe this. It’s a struggle to live this way. I fail. But when I succeed? Oh. Yeah. Baby. It’s like one of those mind-blowing orgasms where you know everything is perfect in your world.

————-From 2/12/2008————–

What is your truth? guaranteed to be not about BF! lol

Tarot Roots

This isn’t a post about Tarot history. It’s not even a post about Tarot really. It’s a post about me and how I came to love the Tarot so much. This is sparked by Ginny Hunt‘s blog today where she talks about her own journey to Tarot.

In a case of weird synchronicity, one of the participants in my current Continue reading “Tarot Roots”