Bayou Tarot: Page of Pentacles

When is a waterfowl the Page of Pentacles? Arwen’s Bayou #Tarot explains.

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Bayou Tarot Page of Pentacles
Bayou Tarot Page of Pentacles

#affirmation Here’s another one from my Bayou Tarot since Storm Dancer asked so nicely. I’m not sure what kind of waterfowl this is. It might be what I know as a “pull-du” which are birds that kind of fold up to dive into the water.

I see this as the Page of Pentacles. He’s a seeker. He’s got a mission though so he’s not as dreamy as that Page of Cups. This bird knows where he is heading.

I love the reflection in this one as well. It makes me think thing my little Page of Pentacles knows his inner worth. He is learning the valuable lesson of not selling himself short. He can’t ignore his inner drive when it is right there looking back at him.

Sometimes my inner drive takes a holiday. Does yours? Today I’m fighting off illness. I have too much to do! I’ve already worked several hours of overtime. If I cave in to call in sick, I’ll lose those hours as over time. My inner self balks at that!

Today’s affirmation

I grit my teeth. I get through it. Whatever it is, I get through it. I drive forward following my personal goals. I focus on the end result to get myself through this day. Determined, focus, driven are my words for today.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Page of Pentacles, Bayou Tarot, Stephanie Arwen Lynch-Poe

Love Letter To Who?

Cats_CupsPageSo today’s card is one that reminds me of things even a child could do. The Page of Cups is that emotional young person who is all about hearts and flowers and youthful emotional expression. A traditional meaning is that someone is going to send you a love letter.

Do you ever write yourself love letters? I’m serious. Just consider it for a moment. Who better to tell you how marvelous you are than the person who spends the most time with you. YOU!

For today’s 180 second challenge, can you commit to dashing off a quick love letter? Maybe just a memo? A post-it note? How about just three words?

I love you.

Some of us will jump right in.
Some of us will drag our heels.
Some of us will refuse because it seems silly.
Some of us will refuse because it hurts to be the only one writing a love letter to ourselves.

And it’s okay. Just face your fears. No one else has to see this love letter. No one else has to know. This is some simple self-care you can do today.

C’mon, darlings! What’s 180 seconds out of your day? Just try it. That’s all I’m asking.

I cooked myself a love letter the other day. Yes, I can see you smiling. I can hear you giggling. But I did.

I had what you might term a trying day at work. My team was recalcitrant. They pushed back at every possible moment it seemed. Customers were particularly difficult with one even exerting the effort to yell at me for three minutes. So I needed some self-love. I needed some me time.

Food is one of my comforts. I was trying to decide if I was going to go to my favorite sushi show when it hit me.

Hamburger gravy over rice.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had that but it has to have been five to seven years easily. So I went to the grocery store and picked up what I needed. It was so yummy that I wanted to add it to my Tarot recipes collection.

Page of Cups Hamburger Gravy Love Letter

  • 1 lb hamburger
  • 1/2 lg onion (white sweet is my choice), chopped
  • 2 TB garlic (I use the jarred stuff so I can get some oil too)
  • 2-3 TB olive oil
  • 1 TB pepper
  • 1 TB Salt (I use sea salt)
  • 3 TB Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 Family-Sized can cream of mushroom soup (or 3 regular)
  • Cooked rice to serve it over (I am a brown rice fan)

In a large cast iron skillet, heat up 2-3 TB of olive oil. Sauté` the onions until gold (I let mine go a bit brown on the edges.) As you stir this, think about all the love and joy and happiness in your world.

Be happy.

Add the hamburger and brown thoroughly. Sometime in the middle of cooking the beef, add the garlic. Please note that I adore garlic and you may want to back off a titch. Do spoon in some of that yummy oil if you used the jarred variety. As the meat cooks and you stir it, open your soul to the unknown blessings already on their way.

Be joyful.

Add the salt and pepper and stir in well. Now add soup and Worcestershire sauce. Let it come to a simmer. This is a very thick dish so you can add a bit of milk here if you prefer it soupier. As it simmers, speak words of love to you.

Remember that you are a fabulous human being.

Oh! Don’t forget to cook the rice. 😀 I generally start it just after I start browning the hamburger so everything is done about the same time.

I know here is where I should say that I serve this with a green salad or some deliciously nutritious vegetable.

I didn’t. I ate two bowls of this and nothing else. HA! Oh, I do add soy sauce to the dish after serving. That’s me. You may just want to experiment with how much salt you like.

I hope you remember to write (or cook) yourself a love letter. You deserve love. You are loveable. I love you. Want some help finding your joy? Contact me. I can help.

Page of Cups, Cat’s Eye Tarot, U.S. Games
Seek Joy, Y’all! Pass it on!

Spirits, Dead People & Crazy

The moments in my life where I channeled someone’s dead relative have always startled me. But I’ve also come to know that I can’t not be the messenger. Who am I to judge what Spirit sends me?

Today’s card is an unusual take on the Page category. In this self-published deck, the artist renames her Courts. The Pages become Muses. Here we see a nod to the woman in the moon image. But this one, for me, seems active. She isn’t going to stay on that moon for long. She’s got a sword to take up. There’s action that needs to happen.

Pages are often the card for messages. Rather than taking a message, it looks to me like our Muse of Swords is having a message brought to her. Perhaps she is simply the go-between.

I often feel like that. As though the messages I bring to my clients were coming from something Other. I’ve called that Other many things finally landing on Universe as the best word to encompass what that is.

Another reader and I swapped readings. She told me that I was being called to be more open about my connection with Spirit. I told her that scared the poop out of me. I have been doing this work since 1980 when I first picked up the cards for real (I had a brief flirtation with divination tools when I was 11). I’m 51 now.

The moments in my life where I channeled someone’s dead relative have always startled me. But I’ve also come to know that I can’t not be the messenger. Who am I to judge what Spirit sends me?

My first incident of mediumship was pretty spontaneous. I was doing a phone reading (yes, I used to be a 1-900 psychic). The deep past showed Chariot Reversed. I blurted out that she’d lost someone in a car wreck on a mountain road early in the morning. He wanted her to know….

And she started to cry when I gave her the message. But it didn’t stop there. I described him along with her front room and patio area to her. I told her he had two messages. The one I didn’t understand was “Don’t move the big pots.”

Then she started laughing while she continued to cry. She told me that’s when she knew I was real. And she told me why.

Since then, I’ve lost track of the times I’ve gotten messages from the Other Side. It’s humbling really as much as it is scary. I mean, really, seeing people who aren’t there is the stuff they make movies out of. I really do see dead people–just not as often as the Ghost Whisperer.

But what about you? Do you get messages that you are supposed to pass along? Do you ignore them because you think you might be thought bonkers?

Yeah, I get it. It’s not easy. But think of the joy you will bring to that one person the message was meant for. Isn’t that worth it?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Muse of Swords, Rainbow Traveller, Carmen Waterman, 2012

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Blow, Shoes & Power

Today’s card reminds me that you blow. No really. YOU BLOW! And I’m going to tell you why if you will just keep reading. But really. Y’all all blow.

Just like this cheerful Page of Wands from Paulina Cassidy’s 2011 US Games Joie de Vivre Tarot. He has learned such a valuable lesson. Do you know what that is?

I’ll tell you. He’s learned that sometimes you have to blow your own horn. It’s okay to tell people how fabulous you are. One of the key rookie mistakes many new authors and new business owners make is that they are reluctant to tell someone how fab they are.

Consider this. Your shoe needs fixing. You go into two shops.

Shop Owner One: “Well, I can try. I mean I just opened my doors and I’m not sure I’m going to succeed.”

Show Owner Two: “Of course I can. I just opened my doors so I can show you how I think customers should be treated. You can pick it up tomorrow.”

Which one would you pick? I know which one I would pick.

It’s okay and even essential to blow your own horn a bit. And while you’re at it, help someone else blow theirs. I know…who thought I could tell you how much you blow on a Saturday, right?

But you must be your own publicist first. If you don’t believe in you, how can others be inspired to follow? If I told you, “I think you might want to find joy because, well, it’s pretty cool” instead of “Seek joy, y’all!”, which grabs you more? Which makes you believe that I really mean what I’m saying?


Here. I’ll demonstrate. 😀 I’m the life coach you want to work with when you must regain your personal power and you have to find your joy and hang on to it.

What about you? Tell me your own fabulousness! Share a link to your business page in the comments. Let others know how to find you.

Blow your own horn, darlings. I’m giving you a forum to do that today. Take advantage of it. Put your two pretty lips together and blow.

Oh, by the way? The spread in the Joie de Vivre LWB? That’s my renamed Joy Seeker spread (horn blowing).

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Page of Wands, Joie de Vivre Tarot, US Games 2011

Focus, Butterflies and MP3’s

It’s been a busy May for me. I’ve been running and gunning more than sitting and knitting. (Yes, I like rhymes.) I was mentioned on Theresa Reed aka the Tarot Lady’s blog as one of her top 10 Tarot blogs. It was a lovely thing from a Tarotist that I greatly admire. If you don’t read her blog regularly, you really must.

I realized I needed to get back to this a bit more. I am going to continue with my study of the Gaian Tarot as that is still pulling me strongly. And today’s card really targets my energy today. 🙂 It’s one of the Continue reading “Focus, Butterflies and MP3’s”

Tarot & Food: Page of Pentacles Chips Are Down Pork Chops

Seer Of Pentacles (World Spirit Tarot)
Seer Of Pentacles (World Spirit Tarot)

This recipe came about one night when I was scrambling for something to make. I found the last 1/8th of a bag of potato chips and decided to make some variety of oven-baked chops.

This meal is something I can see a busy single person throwing together. For me, I put this for the Page of Coins because of his/her need for something slightly Continue reading “Tarot & Food: Page of Pentacles Chips Are Down Pork Chops”