Ostara & The Court of Cups

In the Wiccan religion, many of us associate directions and elements and even tarot suits with certain times of the year. Ostara is a holiday of spring and life and joy. Its direction is East. Its element is Air. There is a sense of youth and fun and birth happening at Ostara.

In Tarot the suit of Cups points to the West. It’s about water. The time of year is Autumn. Here we have a season associated with aging and quiet introspection and death. It is the polar opposite of the rites of Spring. So what do the two have in common? Continue reading “Ostara & The Court of Cups”

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Other Blogs: Beth Owl’s Daughter

Beth Owl's Daughter
While Beth Owl’s Daughter’s blog is not just a Tarot blog, I visit it every day she posts (and she is a very diligent poster thank goodness.) From how to work with the Good Folk to lore on various herbs, Beth shares her deep pools of knowledge with her readers. In fact she tells you herself what she does with her blog. Continue reading “Other Blogs: Beth Owl’s Daughter”

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