What Path Do You Take?

StarRoadMap_Back001Today’s card is not the front but the back of an intriguing oracle deck from Schiffer. I just got it. The pack really appeals to me for all the things to see.

This is from the Star Road Map cards. Look at all the paths and places to go on this. Just on the back. The cards themselves are quite different so I’ll be playing with them a bit as I learn them.

I wanted to show you some other paths to take as well. Here are just a few of the blogs I read on a regular basis.

are just four of my current favorites.

Where do you like to wander when you are on the web? Share your favorite blog in the comments. Feel free to leave other Tarot blogs. 🙂 I’m not so silly that I think I’m the only one.

And ask yourself this question today.

What if your life’s purpose were simply to seek joy?

How hard would that be?

Check out this Divine Dreaming Meditation.

And don’t forget! If you want my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads eBook, get this workbook to help create your most incredible year ever and then let me know so I can send you the link for the eBook.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Star Road Map, Schiffer, 2013

Other Blogs: Tarot Journey

You get the feeling you are reading someone’s private thoughts.

Only two months old, this blog shows great promise. Kathy, a New Jersey girl, starts off with the Fool. It’s a great card to start a Tarot blog with! As a new student of Tarot, I think she is doing an amazing job. Here is what she said in that first entry about drawing the Fool for her very first blog entry: Continue reading “Other Blogs: Tarot Journey”

Other Blogs: Tarot & Pendulum Practice

Here is a young blog but one I read frequently. I met Jen on Twitter (yes, I adore Twitter). When I saw her post about her blog, I went by. I told her then I loved her blog and hoped that she kept it up.

Normally I wait for a blog to have an established archive etc. I have to share this one though. Tarot & Pendulum Practice is unique in that Jenn combines a pendulum reading with her tarot readings. Not every time but often. Continue reading “Other Blogs: Tarot & Pendulum Practice”

Other Blogs: Aeclectic Tarot

AT is not a blog per se. Most people would call it a bulletin board if they are old like me or maybe a forum if they are more “with it.” I found AT in May of 2003 and never looked back. Can’t remember how I found it but I know it fit every thing I Continue reading “Other Blogs: Aeclectic Tarot”

Other Blogs: 78 Friends

Where can you find 78 friends to talk with about Tarot? Why would you even want 78 friends to talk to about Tarot when you have me? I mean really, y’all! Am I not enough?

Grin, okay. Okay! Today’s blog is not a blog. It’s a unique interactive reading site where you can do your own three card readings and then have others comment on them. It’s like no other site I’ve found in that you do a computer-generated reading. Then you can study and make your own notes.

One of the things that makes this site stand out from other computer-generated sites Continue reading “Other Blogs: 78 Friends”

Other Blogs: Phoenixoracle’s Weblog

The Fox
The Fox

Today we are going to visit another Lenormand blog. I am fascinated by these little cards and may need to delve into them more myself. In this blog, started January 2008, Phoenix lays out the cards then gives you the meanings. She interacts with her visitors in the comments (I really like that in a blogger). Continue reading “Other Blogs: Phoenixoracle’s Weblog”

Other Blogs: Stir The Cauldron

Stir The Cauldron got my attention because my personal webpage has the same title. So when I saw this blog I had to visit. Lady Rose and Mama Kelly create one of those fun blogs that combine readings along with so many other things. One of my favorites were the old postcards showing various readers. Be warned that some of these portray nudity so if you have an issue with that, don’t go. Me, myself and I loved it. While exploring, I discovered that they are both Continue reading “Other Blogs: Stir The Cauldron”

Other Blogs: Shuffle | The Tarot Reader’s Blog

Today we are off to visit popular author Corrine Kenner’s blog. Shuffle | The Tarot Reader’s Blog may not have a dazzling layout but it has superior information. You can find tips for writers as well as intriguing events that Kenner is involved in.

Kenner hosts her local Tarot meetup in Minnesota where she focuses on Continue reading “Other Blogs: Shuffle | The Tarot Reader’s Blog”