Universe February

“What does the Universe need President Obama to know about his February?” Join Arwen as she reads for the President of the United States.

I wanted to show you how I personally use the Universe method of question forming. I will do a card for myself and then, in a break from my “no 3rd party” readings, I will do one for President Obama.

What does the Universe need me to know about February? Continue reading “Universe February”

READING: What Kind Of Dog?

One of the hottest political debates seems to be what kind of dog will the Obamas get? President-elect Obama promised his girls on national television during his acceptance speech that they would get a puppy. Now everyone wants to tell them what kind of dog they should have. One of the girls is allergic, so there is a problem with getting a mixed breed.

I thought I’d throw cards based on the seven groups as dictated by the American Kennel Club. My thought is that I can predict Continue reading “READING: What Kind Of Dog?”