Where Is Your Hidey Hole?

Starseed_SageCrystalsToday’s card reminds me of the peace I find when I am alone. I am a gregarious enough girl. I like going to dinner with friends, talking to my love on the phone, joining in the fun at pool parties. But there comes a point when enough is enough and alone is all I want.

Chatting with my honey on the phone yesterday, I blurted out, “I have to go. I’m done talking for now.” Just boom. No warning. Luckily, after nearly three years, he gets me. He just asked when we might be talking again.

I laugh now but I used to suffer through long conversations on the phone even when it was unpleasant.

Not the person I was talking to. Not the subject. Just the fact that I couldn’t find silence when I needed it. And I don’t just need silence. I require it. If you put me in a situation where it is constantly noisy, I will wear down. I get cranky. I’m like a napless toddler. Never a good thing, right?

So I’ve learned to make space for myself. Quiet times when I can do for me. This includes animals as well as people. Right now I’ve got the dogs out in the yard. 😀 Poor babies. Having to run around a well-fenced, grassy yard with water and plenty of shade. I know, right? Cruel!

But see this lovely Sage of Crystals (Sirian Starseed Tarot)? She’s taking in some me time by the edge of a lotus-filled pond. I imagine there are frogs and koi in the water while brightly colored dragonflies skip from pad to pad.

I imagine the only sounds she hears are the wind and the waterfall. And her own heartbeat.

When I was a girl, I would take the family canoe (truth be known, I considered it MINE) out on a nearly daily basis. Most often I was alone. Just me, some sandwiches, a book and some soda. I would paddle out to a spot that I knew and then just drift and read. I sometimes wish I could do that again. But that spot is now a subdivision so I’d have to find a new hidey hole.

Where is your hidey hole when you need it? Do you find silence offensive? Do you need music/sound/action to make you feel peaceful? Isn’t it brilliant of the Universe to make us different? So we can not all need the same place?

Your challenge today is to journal for 180 seconds on this thought, “When do I feel safest?”

Sage of Crystals, Sirian Starseed Tarot, North Atlantic Books, 2012 [aff]

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