Kisses, Books & Infections

I get a daily email from The Universe. They are short and to the point. Today’s particularly appealed to me.

See everyone you meet, Stephanie Arwen, as a brand new invitation to fall in love with me.

Sneaky, huh?

Kiss, kiss –
The Universe

One reason this so appealed to me is Continue reading “Kisses, Books & Infections”

Musing: Negativity In The Tarot

I read an uncomplimentary discussion of the Queen of Cups as being a dreamy female who couldn’t grasp concrete thought? Well, I blew my top. Honestly, it made me personally angry to read that!

A new student of the Tarot asked me why there was so much negativity in the books she was reading. The deck she had been working with gave a gentler slant where other interpretations seemed much more doom and gloom. She and I exchanged a few emails that resulted in Continue reading “Musing: Negativity In The Tarot”