How Selfless Do You Have To Be?

ZT56_6Today’s card is from one of those decks that I don’t have but think I might like…just for the sake of curiosity, you know. It’s only 56 cards so I believe it to be only the minor arcana. A traditional Tarot deck has 78 cards with 22 of those being the Major Arcana.

I do love the message on this. “This card greatly improves the fortune of the cards around it.” How selfless is that? It isn’t focused on what it can get but rather how it can help those other poor little cards around it.

No, I’m not being sarcastic although it might sound like it. I think it’s a pretty cool setting to be on. Instead of the Gimme cycle or the How can I spin this for me cycle, we have a card that improves the fortunes of others.

The hand holding the pentagram is very Rider-Waite-Smith. I love fullness of the clouds around the wrist as well. Beneath that is the very traditional gateway of green and flowers symbolizing growth. Beyond is a mountain promising all sorts of good things.

For your 180 seconds today will you be a promoter of someone else? Will you step aside from your own spotlight to shine it on another? Who do you know that might deserve a shout out? Feel free to list them here and tell us why.

While we may not greatly improve their fortune, I’ll bet we can at least increase the attention they get. And who doesn’t love that? An unexpected pat on the back is especially sweet.

That’s all I’m asking of you today. Just three minutes telling someone else about someone else.

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Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

The Tarot Train Is Pulling Out! Are You On Board?

Allllllll abooooaaarrrrd! The Tarot train is leaving the station. First stop, Imbolc.

Allllllll abooooaaarrrrd! The Tarot train is leaving the station. First stop, Imbolc. What can you expect? Continue reading “The Tarot Train Is Pulling Out! Are You On Board?”

Like Lucy Says…

Lucy is a favorite blogger of mine. I found her on a search for crochet patterns. Her blog is a dazzling delight of color in words and pictures. I fell in love with her vibrant voice and endearing sense of humor.

She shares so much of her life via pictures and takes her blogging very seriously. I admire her efforts. I am unfailingly charmed by her entries.

Today, she reminded me of something. You see, Continue reading “Like Lucy Says…”

Old, New, and Hope

I identify with that fingerling’s “do I have to go out there” expression. That water is so deep. I might go too far. I might get overwhelmed.

I am a member of the Gaian Tarot Circle. It is a lovely place where those of us who invested in Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot gather to study and talk. Joanna shared a spread from the book. It’s specifically for the New Year. I wanted to share that here. Continue reading “Old, New, and Hope”

Tarot&Food: Two Of Wands Dip

This past weekend was potluck-intensive, y’all. First I had a pre-Thanksgiving gathering with twenty friends. Then the next morning, we were back at that same house for a brunch of leftovers. I took food home from that! Then I went to another potluck Sunday evening. Do you know? That was my first non- Continue reading “Tarot&Food: Two Of Wands Dip”

Boats, Dr. Doolittle & Thresholds

I’m involved in an online community. I know. I hear the gasps of surprise and shock now. snort

This one is for those who have Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot. (There are copies left if you want to join us.) We have spent four weeks studying the Seeker and have just completed the first round on the Magician. One question that arose from the Seeker study was this:

“What threshold am I standing on?” Continue reading “Boats, Dr. Doolittle & Thresholds”


By becoming a conscious choice-maker, you begin to generate actions that are evolutionary for you and for those that are around you. And that’s all you need to do. ~ Deepak Chopra

Conscious choice-maker. What a concept. I have long known, and preached, that we all have the ability to make choices. Also that we are Continue reading “TIME “TWO” MAKE A CHOICE”

Musings: With Eight You Get?

So I’ve been thinking about eights more. I once learned that four is the number of stability and work. So for me, eight is the number of either a lot more stability or a lot of conflict. It is also about hard work. One thing that occurred to me is the shape. On its side it is an infinity symbol. If you consider that each half of the infinity symbol has four points, then when the two overlap, one point is doubled in the center.

If you put yourself as that center point, you can see that you are the fulcrum between those two circles. Depending on which way you go, the balance will be shifted. Of course you could stand in the center for ever I suppose. But I doubt any of us could. In the Major Arcana, eight is often Strength. It makes the most sense to me in that you have to be strong to make a choice. Even a bad choice still takes strength to make it–not to mention strength to fix it!

For me, all the eights can be seen as some type of Continue reading “Musings: With Eight You Get?”

Lenormand Musings: Arwen Gets Funky

ren-n-stimpyWhat do you do when you are in such a foul funk that no amount of “happy happy joy joy” (Thanks Ren and Stimpy) can really correct your attitude?

Lately I’ve been in a funky mood. I have been seeking joy but sometimes I feel cranky and angry and just kinda gross if you must know the whole of it. After my joy spread, I meant Continue reading “Lenormand Musings: Arwen Gets Funky”