Blow It Away

Blow it away. Sounds easy, right? Simple? Or maybe simplistic. Maybe ridiculous.

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Blow it away. Sounds easy, right? Simple? Or maybe simplistic. Maybe ridiculous.

Bear with me. I want you to try something. If you have a dandelion handy, fabulous. If not, use your imagination, darling.

Look at the dandelion. See all those little seeds ready to take off at a moment’s notice? What if each one of them was a game changer? A fate changer? A reality changer?

What if you blew into that center of seeds while making, not a wish, but a statement of purpose. A statement that defined your own desires to create space for joy in your life–whatever that joy might look like?

See, dandelions are weeds. Those seeds represent so many weeds. But change your perspective. Change your point of view. Change your attitude.

See them as the happy yellow flowers they will become. See them as the green leaves that can be used for medicine. See them as the white puffballs children delight in blowing away.

Blow it away. Change your fate.
Blow it away. Create space for joy.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Dandelion MeMe, Arwen Lynch, 2014
Original Image Purchased From Art of Crafts Designs

A Game Of Bluffs (not #tarot)

Back in 2005, when I was on LJ all the time, there were MeMe’s or Lemmings that went around. These were posts that everyone participated in. One of those that I did in January 7 years ago was a bluffing post.

I’m going to share that here. If you do this on your own blog, won’t you let me know so I can stop by and play? Just leave me a comment with your link!

Here’s how you play. I post twenty questions.  You answer by listing the number and your guess Truth or Bluff. 🙂

The first fifteen are my original questions. One of those has changed since 2005.

  1. I was interviewed by the New York Times.
  2. I am related to Cole Younger. Continue reading “A Game Of Bluffs (not #tarot)”

Tarot Tag

Sigh. I got tagged by the lovely Joanna Powell Colbert and resisted.

Now I’ve been not just tagged but called out by name and challenged by my handsome little brother, Linus.

JPC’s tag was to list 25 things about me.

Linus’s tag is to list 10 interesting things but honest things about myself and then find 7 other friends to do the same.

So by doing Joanna’s, I accomplish Linus’ and raise him fifteen. HA! A win-win situation for me.

But since this is a Tarot journal, I’m going to draw 25 cards and tell you something about myself via the cards. 🙂

There! I made it into a Tarot exercise. I can sleep the sleep of the innocent tonight. Ok, at least the sleep of the “whew didn’t get caught”.

Onward! Continue reading “Tarot Tag”