Saturday, Whoops & Creativity

Whew! It’s Saturday and I’m still on vacation. Enjoy my interview with Marie L. White. Which reminds me! I haven’t done that review. Whoops!

I asked Marie L. White, the creative mind behind both the book and art of the Mary-El Tarot, a few questions. For the answers she had to draw from her own deck and interpret the cards for us. I will have a review of this deck up eventually. I’m just having so much fun learning it right now.

Read the interview.

Kerfuffles, Llamas & Calm

I’ve adopted a “drama is for llamas” attitude and tend to stay out of political kerfuffles or at least backchannel as much as possible. In a way, this is questioning that. But is it questioning my strength of resolve or my choice…

I decided to do a reading on a current situation occurring in my life. It involves another human being trying to cause a kerfuffle with me. At this time, I’ve taken the Continue reading “Kerfuffles, Llamas & Calm”