Past, Future & Perfect

Today’s card is from a deck I doubt many of you have ever heard about much less seen. It was created by a woman from Denver. Her name is Manea von Griffyn. This hand-drawn pen and ink deck is very interesting. It has a wide variety of phrases combined with images. I count myself fortunate to have bought a copy when she had them available.

Here we have a great reminder about what to focus on. Not the past, but the future.


And it’s a one way ticket forward (or, if you insist, backwards.)

If you had a great childhood, and I did, there could be a tendency to dwell on how things used to be. You might tempted to compare everything today to the glossy still life of what used to be.

Or you might be someone who had a crappy growing up experience. Then you might dwell on how awful things were and angst over how the here and now is sooooo like such-and-such.

Either way, we are denying the reality that right now is simply that. Right now. It will be the past tomorrow. Today, we need to focus on accepting it for what it is.

Be nice if we could do that without struggling, but, grin, we are humans. So when you get out of sync with today, this moment, the present…remember!


Art deck by Manea von Griffyn, Self-Published, 2003 maybe?

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Seek Joy, Y’all! Pass it on.