Tarotscopes for March 8-14, 2015

Alice Tarot, Two of CupsWelcome to this week’s Tarotscopes. My goal is to help you find your joy and hang on to it. You can transform your existence by bringing joy back in on a regular basis. I’m here to be your joy guide.

My apologies for this being a day late. My body decided I needed a time out yesterday. As someone cleverly put it, I was going through a DNA upgrade on my birthday. Between you and me? I could have done with the fever, aching body and other physical manifestations.

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Hey you! Tired of being all out-of-sorts? Done with all the negativity in this world? Let’s work together to bring you back to the joy path. No time like the present to get started on your own joy seeker’s life. I’m ready to help. What’s holding you back?

I’m using my Alice Tarot for this week’s Tarotscopes. It’s such a fun deck–really lovely. You can get yours here.

Here’s a joy-seeker’s tip for you. When life gets shitty, take a time out. One of my favorite “this is my time, dammit” movies is the Rosalind Russell classic, “Auntie Mame”. What’s one of your favorite movies? Tell me in the comments.

Did you know you can hear your full monthly Tarotscope here? Get your March started right with an in-depth joy journey. You can get this month’s podcast in iTunes too. Just search for “TarotByArwen”.

CARD OF THE WEEK: TWO OF CUPS [inlinetweet prefix=”CARD OF THE WEEK” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Time for a tete-a-tete with a [/inlinetweet]heartfriend. Seek out those who bring you the most joy. Avoid those that bring too much mean. When you choose to fill your world with joy, you must leave no room for those who only seek to destroy. Join Alice and the Rabbit for a cuppa this week. Be open to meeting a new friend in a very unusual way. Smiling at strangers is a good way to start.

Alice Tarot, Knight of Wands
The Alice Tarot

AQUARIUS KNIGHT OF SWORDS[inlinetweet prefix=”AQUARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”] Pay attention to those who encourage you to take flights[/inlinetweet] of fancy. They are your champions even when you cannot visualize it. Let your mind soar to greater heights this week. Eschew those who would anchor you to an unyeilding earth. This week you are meant to fly. Let go of your worries and get your butt to the upper stratosphere this instant! You can send a postcard once you are there.

PISCES KNIGHT OF CUPS [inlinetweet prefix=”PISCES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”] Dream a little dream with me because[/inlinetweet] it’s a good week for an emotional coffee break. Create moments of silence for yourself so you can indulge in daydreams. They are good for your soul when you are trying to balance an overloaded life. Even five minutes a day can create a buffer in your noisy world. Let this be your week to chase unicorns, drink tea and just goof off a little.

ARIES THE MAGICIAN [inlinetweet prefix=”ARIES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”] Repeat after me. You are not[/inlinetweet] late. You are not going to fall apart if someone else is late. You have the creative power to fix whatever it is that needs fixing in your life–including yourself. Stop darting down rabbit holes, darling. Time to pick up the tools you already have. Create your safe space by understanding you are the magician in your own life. Not someone else. Stop waiting for them and live for you.

Alice Tarot, Nine of Cups
The Alice Tarot

TAURUS NINE OF CUPS[inlinetweet prefix=”TAURUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”] Don’t be surprised when someone pops up to tell you[/inlinetweet] how a dream of yours just might come true. Expect the unexpected this week, my Bullish friends. Other hands may seem to be open with offers of rewards. Don’t doubt the wish. Be sure to examine each gift carefully, but accept all that you want. This is not a week for you to be frugal. Accepting a gift with joy and gratitude enriches the giver. Don’t be stingy with your thanks.

GEMINI ACE OF CUPS [inlinetweet prefix=”GEMINI” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”] Hmmm, might be a good week to shout, “I’m[/inlinetweet] all in!” Someone wants to know how committed you are to something. Time to say yes or no. Quit dithering because it’s going to hurt them as well as you. You are a strong heart, Gemini. Don’t give yourself to someone who isn’t as strong.You are not here to save anyone. Opening up to love means being strong enough to recieve it as well as give it. I’ve got faith in you!

CANCER THE CHARIOT [inlinetweet prefix=”CANCER” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”] Well now, where will you go this week? I think[/inlinetweet] the possibilities are endless even though the traveling companions might be strange. When you focus your own will on where you want to be, you get there that much faster. Diverting your attention might be fun, but does it really get you where you need to be? My precious Crabs! Stop wasting your time and get back in the driver’s seat.

LEO THE TOWER [inlinetweet prefix=”LEO” tweeter=”@Tarotscopes” suffix=”..more #tarot”] Whoopsie! Something comes tumbling down this week. I fear[/inlinetweet] you may be asked to pick up the pieces. However, look closely to make sure you want to put this back together again. Maybe that fell apart for a good reason. You need to analyze why this exploded before you even think about starting over. A new tack may be in order if you want to get to the far shore.

VIRGO KING OF WANDS [inlinetweet prefix=”VIRGO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”] Hey little bat, let me tell you where it’s at. I know[/inlinetweet] you may not want to think about who and what’s gone, but time to clear your mind. By cluttering up your mental attic with old hurts, lost loves and forgotten enemies, you don’t leave room for joy, pleasure and gratitude. Which would you rather cart around in your fabulous top hat, m’dear? Dust out all those unpleasant thoughts. Then replace them with better ones.

Alice Tarot, The Magician
The Alice Tarot

LIBRA THREE OF WANDS[inlinetweet prefix=”Libra” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”] Don’t blame me if you miss out on things because you[/inlinetweet] insist on waiting in the wings. Life is going to give you an open invitation to join in. Whether you take it or not, is on you. Examine why you feel left out. Is it because you refuse to join in? Have they stopped inviting you? Maybe it’s because you said no too many times. Turn it around, honey! Start inviting them. Live, Agnes. LIVE! Time’s a wastin’ so get out there this week. You are amazing!

SCORPIO EIGHT OF WANDS [inlinetweet prefix=”SCORPIO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”] Uh oh, sweeties! Don’t be taken in by a pretty face[/inlinetweet], please. This is a good week to examine what is being said to you. Mental manipulation comes in many forms–flattery, guilt are just two. Be strong in the face of those who would try to trick you with shame and blame. You may be a bit more vulnerable to that this week. This is your call to stand up for yourself. Redrawn boundaries are a very good thing.

SAGITTARIUS KING OF CUPS [inlinetweet prefix=”SAGITTARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”] Who rules your emotions, Archers? You may say[/inlinetweet] it is you, but doublecheck that, please. If you are reacting to other people’s drama, it could be that their llamas are in charge, not you. Don’t make others small to make yourself feel large. Conversely, if someone is doing that to you, please walk away. Don’t engage them. It’s simply not worth it. Let them sink in their own drama without you. Be brave!

CAPRICORN THE MOON [inlinetweet prefix=”CAPRICORN” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”… more #tarot”] Dreams may be disturbing this week simply because[/inlinetweet] you have a lot on your mind. Remember to write down what stresses you out. Examine it from all sides. Don’t own anything that isn’t yours to own. And don’t let someone else’s illusions or expectation own you. You can indulge in a little fantasy, but do try not to fall down any holes this week. I think it’s a good week to follow your intuition. Practicality matters.

Remember to seek joy, y’all. Pass it on! I want to hear from you if you are ready to kick the negativity habit in the tender bits. Let’s get started today to create a plan for you that takes you from feeling alone to feeling alive.

The Alice Tarot, Magic Realist Press, 2014

Trees, Danglies & Counting

But back to blessings and gratitudes. I focused on the idea of wanting a card that would communicate counting blessings then drew.

The Magician? WHAT THE HECK, UNIVERSE? I said COUNTING not creating. sigh.

TarotofTrees_1MagicianToday’s card comes from a deck that has utterly charmed me. I don’t reach for it often enough so I think I’ll tuck it into one of my Baba bags so it can rattle around in my purse a bit.

I woke up today thinking, “I need to do a post on gratitude.” I’m in a Facebook group where all we do is post a daily gratitude. So simple. And so effective. It reminds me how to find joy in so many ways. So then my mind wander off to the idea that gratitude is counting your blessings.

Of course, this made me remember this song from White Christmas. Which I just realized I missed this holiday season. Grin, good thing they run it a lot late at night. 😀

But back to blessings and gratitudes. I focused on the idea of wanting a card that would communicate counting blessings then drew.

The Magician? WHAT THE HECK, UNIVERSE? I said COUNTING not creating. sigh.

Then I looked again. The magician’s tools dangle from his limbs. He has what he needs right there with him. And beneath him are a bevy of beautiful flowers.

Um, Universe?

Yeah. Sorry about that outburst. I guess this card is perfect.

The first place to start with gratitude, with counting blessings, with finding the WOW!Moment is myself. I don’t need to look further than my nose to realize that I am grateful for the ability to see my nose. I’m grateful for my fingers that type this post. I’m grateful for my tastebuds that tell me how yummy that cup of coffee tastes.

Then I expand out. I’m grateful to a son who asked me if I wanted coffee this morning. Then made some and brought me a cup.

And I could keep going. Keep tying the knots of things from one to the other to create (yeah, I hear you laughing, Universe) a net of gratitude that casts so far and so wide.

I may be a simple Pollyanna girl, but little joys that pile up into bigger ones are what sustain me.

What’s your most immediate gratitude? What does it tie to for you? Let’s make some knots together to create a worldwide joy net, shall we?

And did you know you can help me do one of my 100 Things for 2013? That’s one of the things from my workbook+planner that I’m so involved in right now. You can do a short video of yourself saying, “Seek Joy, Y’all” for me. I would love to have folks saying this in every language of the world. I know “y’all” is a Southern thing, but it translates into “all of you” basically. So how would you say “Seek Joy, Y’all” in your way? Philadelphians might say, “Seek Joy, Y’ens” while Michiganders might say, “Seek Joy, You Guys.” How would you say it in England? or France? Or Paraguay? Or India? I want to hear you/see you say it. Message me here if you can help.

Magician, Tarot of Trees, Dana Driscoll http://tarotoftrees.com/

Beliefs, Ceremonies & Secrets

One of the questions in this closing ceremony was “What dreams came true during 2012?” I came up with four of them right off the bat. The first and second were the most important to me. They were the two that really were the biggest.

Today’s card reminds me to believe in myself. When I listen to what old me says I can’t do, new me gets shut down. That’s no fun! The 8 of Coins is the card of the craftsman. I see it as the cycle of apprentice/journeyman/master. We are all at some point on that scale. Often it depends on what it is we are doing. For instance, I consider myself to be a master at the craft of Tarot reading but an apprentice when it comes to Astrology. It’s all good too. As long as I’m still learning, I’m succeeding. This is a fun representation of this mix of learner and learned in the Fantastic Menagerie’s Eight of Pentacles. Musicians are another form of artist who have an almost continuous learning curve.

My learning curve this past year is not something I really paid that much attention to until I got this planner for next year. If you’ve been paying attention, you know where I’m heading with this post. I’m going to go on and on about the 2013 Create Your Incredible Year some more, y’all. There’s so much here. I’m not even a quarter of the way through but already, I’ve had an epiphany. I’ll tell you about that epiphany on Wednesday.

The planner begins with an exercise that states as the very first line:

Here’s the place where we muck it up.

My first reaction? “Well that’s just not very nice, Leonie!” But, I’ve been a member of her site since June so I thought I might want to read on for one more sentence or so. Then I saw phrases like “taking stock” and “celebration + release” and “closing ceremony.” My fears were assuaged.

One of the questions in this closing ceremony was “What dreams came true during 2012?” I came up with four of them right off the bat. The first and second were the most important to me. They were the two that really were the biggest.

1. I created art.
2. I changed people’s lives.

Now those may seem fairly disparate or maybe even super out of balance in terms of importance. I suppose I could have lied to y’all and said that the second was the first and the first was the second, but well, that’s not true. That first one is a doozy for me.

I’ve shared some of my Zentangles here and there. The responses I’ve gotten have fed my soul in a myriad of ways. I get a bit choked up when I try to verbalize those ways. Art is one of those things I always thought wasn’t in the cards for me. I figured I was good to be able to write poetry and stories. My writing partner is an artist. She’s so talented that sometimes I felt a wee bit jealous of her.

Then two things happened. One was the Leonie Dawson Creative Goddess course. The other was Joanna Powell Colbert’s seasonal practice (I took the Lammas one). Both are online courses. Neither forces you to a strict “do it or you suck” time table. Both had these amazingly supportive souls on the same journey with me. Many of them were already visual artists. I was so intimidated when I saw their first pages of THEIR art journals. Mine looked like something a child (a really untalented one) might do. Goddess. It was excruciating to share my pages. But I did.

Then while I was doing that, I heard about, stumbled over, ran across Zentangle. And boom. I took a class (had to set multiple reminders on my phone that basically said “You paid $35 for this. Don’t back out.” And other *ahem* self-motivational admonishments. When that Sunday came, I was still looking for a way out including a mild wish to be hit by a bus. What was I thinking? Me? Doing art. HA to the HELL NO.

But I did. And I did. I mean…I did! I created things that were pretty. I showed my best friend who immediately dove in as well. She’s doing them as well. Zentangles, for me, have been a way to quiet my mind which helps my creativity.

Then there’s that second piece. That big, ballsy phrase about me changing people’s lives. I hesitated before I put that one down. It’s not one of those throwaway statements. But I’m going to talk more about that tomorrow.

Want to join me on this planner journey I’m on? I have a Facebook group (it’s seeeekrit). Let me know you’ve got the workbook. I’ll give you the Seeeekrit code and, if you join by midnight yesterday, you’ll get the Seeeekrit Decoder Ring and the Super Seeeekrit Ranger Necktie too. (grin).

Seek Joy, Y’all! Pass it on.

8 of Coins, Fantastical Menagerie Tarot, The Magic Realist Press

Living, Dying & Dieting

The large mirror she gazes into forms the trompe l’oeil of the skull while her two reflections are the eye sockets. A row of bottles of this and that range at the base of the mirror forming the teeth. A cloth drapes from the vanity to create the chin. A chilling image of beauty facing real self in the mirror.

I love to visit other blogs of others who study the Tarot. I learn so much from what they share. Recently, I visited Chloe of Inner Whispers. She had the most amazing post up. The subject was about dieting. I urge you to read her post (her whole blog actually). I can’t reiterate what she said so well.

From that post, she developed some questions. She didn’t name this spread. So I’m calling it: Continue reading “Living, Dying & Dieting”

Deck Review: The Fairytale Tarot

fairytale_mrp_10_coinsThe Fairytale Tarot: For a Happy Ever After
Karen Mahony & Alex Ukolov
Irena Triskova (Illustrator)
Publisher: Magic Realist Press; 1 edition (December 5, 2005)
ISBN-10: 095450075X

Here is a simply gorgeous deck. I ran across this one when I read something Karen Mahony said on Aeclectic Tarot. I viewed the images and feel in love. I have been an aficionado of fairy tales from a very young age. Continue reading “Deck Review: The Fairytale Tarot”