Cheese, Change & Exercise

Today’s card is a reminder that your cheese is going to get moved. Put on your running shoes. Get ready to act (not react). Be like a scout and be prepared.

It really doesn’t matter how much you dig in. Things will change. And, just like the seasons, it will change again. How often have you been trained for the next “biggest and greatest” innovation at work?

And how often has that been set aside within months for the next “biggest and greatest” innovation?

Yeah. Me too. Happens all the time.

So now that we have agreed it happens, can anyone explain to me why we waste even a millisecond whining/kvetching/railing/trying to change it back?

Ever tried to redirect a river? MMM HMMM, how did that go for you?

So for today, when faced with change that you can’t, well, change, try this.

Change your attitude. Embrace the change. Welcome it with open arms.

See how that works for you.

At the very least you will get some good upper arm exercises every few months.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Wheel (of Fortune), Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn, 2011

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Burned, Awake & Focused

Today’s card is a reminder about focusing. In yesterday’s weekly @Tarotscopes, focus seemed to be a theme. This could be because my own mind is on an upcoming trip. I just know that when I pulled today’s card, I sighed and laughed.

Look at this worker. He’s in charge of so much machinery here. All the dials and levers and cogs must be maintained. Yet he uses the brass telescope to scan the horizon. Why, I wonder. Is he so focused on his next project that he doesn’t realize the wand in his hand is thisclose to burning him?

The Buddhist teaching of being awake in the moment is deceptively simple, but I think it’s a good one for this card. How often do we forget the here and now for the what we have to do next.

Shoddy workmanship can hurt. He’s already got a bandage around his head. Who wants to bet he’s going to need one on his hand soon? And what happens when he DROPS the fiery wand? The whole place is going to go up.

He has to learn to focus on the task at hand. Otherwise he’s going to be doing the “two steps forward, one step back” dance.

What about you? Do you have something coming that you are excited about? Is it causing you to lose focus on the here and now? For today, try to let your monkey mind tackle what is in front of you. Don’t worry about what’s down the road. Just for now, do what you can do.

And for goodness sake, pay attention to the sharp, pointy things and burning things, darlings! No need to cause yourself more work just because you didn’t focus on the right things.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

9 of Wands, Steampunk Tarot, Llewellyn Publishing, 2012

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Tarotscopes for 9/9 – 9/15/2012

I hope you have an awesome week. Let me know how last week was. Thanks so much for sharing this as well.

AQ 10P Celebrate hard work. Success is in the bag. Future requires sunglasses. Dedicate yrslf to family/community for biggest reward.

PIC 8P Get to it. Stop procrastinating. Learn yr craft. Take that class. Each piece better than the last. Apprentice yrslf to life.

ARI 8W They’ll throw it all at U this wk. Remember U can (& should) delegate. Trip might be necessary. Fast & furious is the theme.

TAU Sun Embrace life. Let yrslf shine. Focus on home/hearth for best results. Health important so make that appt, procrastinator!

GEM 7Swd U steal from yr own joy when U overfocus on self-criticism. Mind yr own hula hoop. Don’t let others take away yr focus.

CAN KnSwd Be ready. Mental challenges coming yr way. Rise above petty quarrels. STAY OUT OF OFFICE POLITICS. Move yr thoughts higher.

LEO KP Ruler of yr castle. Focus on budget & making money grow. Yes, U can buy that 1 indulgence. Others ask for $. Just say no.

VIR KCps Enjoy yr moment. Indulge in a bit of libation. Accept what is brought to U. No time to be shy. Family & friends support you.

LIB QCps Emotions shouldn’t own U. Don’t allow anyone to upset yr equilibrium. ESPECIALLY U. Guide w/ love. Avoid manipulation.

SCO 3Wnd It will all come together. Have all the pieces in place. Use this time to prepare for what U really want. Focus forward.

SAG PCps Dreaming of getting away only works if U book a ticket. Don’t waste tears on those who don’t care. Lift a glass w/ friends.

CAP PSwd Where can yr thoughts take U? Sharpen yr focus to go higher. Dedicated attention will be rewarded. Up up & away is imminent. (featured image on today’s blog post)

Today’s deck? Steampunk Tarot from Llewellyn Books (2011) & Barbara Moore. Gears, bustles & magic! Seek Joy, y’all.

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Rules, Teachers & Parties

Today’s card is one that I have personally struggled with for a long time. When I first started studying the Tarot, I was told that this card traditionally held the meanings of rules, church, structure, government. The radical lesbian feminist that I was then balked hard at those ideas. I associated church and government with male power. Fist in the air! I was not going to be subjugated by the Man.


Yeah, I’ve mellowed a bit since then. I still see Church in its political role as something that does not fit my worldview. The government is an institution that could use a bit of change (and hope–WEG). But this card now has a more hopeful message. It can mean go back to what feeds your spirit. It can mean that it is time to play by the rules rather than waste energy trying to figure out how to break them.

In Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot, she’s renamed the Hierophant (aka the Pope) the Teacher. A laughing, older spirit holds out a very unlikely gift. Many of us would shake our heads at this old fool. That’s a weed, dude. A WEED.

But is it? Is the dandelion truly a weed? A plant with no redeeming values? I think most of us would know that it is not.

The same can be said for people thrust into our lives. There’s a quote by Kahlil Gibran that I was reminded of today. “I have learnt silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.”

And isn’t that the truth? I’m learning how not to be. I’m learning what not to say. I’m learning how to be the person I want to be by taking lessons from those I don’t want to emulate. Seems a bit negative to me but in this, I will have to embrace that negativity. A positivie approach has gotten me much further in my personal life than any amount of fist-shaking, tongue-lashing, ugliness.

Yes, I will still state my political opinions. Yes, I will probably be a not-so-positive person in that arena. I’ll just do my best to curtail it. I’ll do my best to focus on seeking joy. I’ll do my best to let those teachers of what not to do not rule my world so much. It’s not easy but it’s my best defense in a world so warped by anger and hatred. I won’t shoot God no matter what party he votes for.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Teacher, Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn Publishing, 2011

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Grief, Windows & Curtains

Today’s card is a reminder that even in times of grief, there is hope. Here we see someone sobbing into their hands. He’s suffered an unimaginable loss. He is at the window and once he’s released that grief, he can look up and out.

When he looks up and out, he will see hope and possibility. He will remember that there are others who need him. He will be able to draw the curtain on this particular pain and move on.

Yesterday I learned of the death of someone I used to know. He was the son of someone who has become family to my family. I babysat for him while his dad dated my mom. That dating didn’t last, but the friendship did.

One thing I learned from my mother was how to maintain caring relationships past the point of being lovers. Not an easy thing to do when we grieve so hard over the loss. If you love and that love leaves (or you leave that love), it hurts. Even if it was the appropriate reaction–it still hurts.

When you find yourself in that position, remember that you can allow yourself to grieve because there is a window waiting for you. There will always be a window to show you hope and possibility. There will always be a curtain to draw over the grief so that it can fade into the past.

Be gentle with yourself and others today. Remind them that you love them–even if it makes the squirm with embarrassment. It’s important, y’all. You never know when that kind word will help ease some grief that they hold in secret.

I love you. Each of you. I’ve pulled the curtain over many a grief in my life as have each of you. Make sure the curtain stays down. Don’t keep peeking back into the dark, okay? Look out the window instead.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

3 of Swords, Rumi Tarot, Llewellyn, 2009

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Mermaids, Choices & Love

I think we have all had those uncomfortable loves where we made choices to not be ourselves. Where we lived with the pain of leaving huge pieces of our self unrealized so we could have someone else’s love.

Today’s card is a bit gruesome in some ways. It reminds me of something I wrote last night. Just a few lines about the mermaid’s choice. If you’ve read the original Little Mermaid, it is not a happy tail. In order to love the prince as a human girl, the little mermaid’s tail is split in two. Every step she takes is painful. She still likes to eat fish–raw. She’s seen as weird because of her tendencies to lie by the pool in the garden.

Her love caused her to make a hard choice. Eventually she is thrown back in the sea. Was it too late? You’ll have to read the story to learn that.

I think we have all had those uncomfortable loves where we made choices to not be ourselves. Where we lived with the pain of leaving huge pieces of our self unrealized so we could have someone else’s love.

Only to lose that love in one way or another.

How much better it is to find someone who loves us for us. Who loves us as we are. Who doesn’t cause us to feel apart from ourselves. And how much better when that person is our self.

It’s true. If we can’t love ourselves, we make poor partners in this world. So, for the sake of love and your loves, embrace who you are. Stop tearing yourself down. Celebrate your beauty.

See that you can grow your own way while your love grows there. The roots you put down will support the branching away. You will not lose them. As you allow yourself to grow, allow them.

Love. It’s a funny thing, y’all. Start with yourself for optimum results.

I tell people I love them all the time. I’ve had people tell me that it makes them feel I don’t value the word. Far from it. I value the word, the concept,the feeling enough to want to share it with everyone. Love, for me, is not finite. It is infinite.

Who said the more you love, the more you love? Probably no one since I don’t think that’s the right quote, but you catch my drift. Sharing is caring and you aren’t weak for loving others. We aren’t lessening the power of love.

No, we are increasing the power by immeasurable amounts. So I love you. And you. Yes, you too.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

2 of Cups, Shadowscapes Tarot, Llewellyn 2010

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Butterflies, Books & Pistols

Today’s card is one that makes me laugh but also makes me a bit sad. Here is the Princess of Swords from the Victoria Regina Tarot. It’s so me right now. The laughter part comes in from all her many interests–a weapon, a butterfly, a book.

The sad part comes Continue reading “Butterflies, Books & Pistols”

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Interview: Joanna Powell Colbert (#2)

“Writing is flying in dreams. When you remember. When you can. When it works. It’s that easy.” ? Neil Gaiman

Almost two years ago, I had the immense pleasure of doing an interview with Joanna Powell Colbert. I asked her to use her gorgeous deck, the Gaian Tarot, to answer each. Now that Llewellyn has released the mass-market edition, I wanted to revisit Joanna to ask her a few other questions. She is on a month long blog whirlwind tour in celebration of this release.

In full disclosure, I am a bonafide Gaian Tarot nut. I have three mass market editions and two limited editions. It’s an amazing deck that I highly recommend. I’m mad for gorgeous Tarot and Joanna’s deck constantly delivers.

Arwen: Your deck celebrates a connection with the natural world. Where is your favorite urban spot for reconnecting with nature? Continue reading “Interview: Joanna Powell Colbert (#2)”

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Interview: Teresa Michelsen

Teresaface2I am pleased to share an interview with the very talented Teresa Michelsen. Teresa is the owner/operator of a Tarot list I am on called Comparative Tarot. She inherited the list from Valerie Sims. It’s a great list if you like to really get into different aspects of the cards. Think of it as a large guided (albeit gently) study group.

Arwen: What was your first encounter with Tarot like?

Teresa: My Mom’s boyfriend, who lived with us, did tarot readings. When I was about 13, he did one for me that really impressed me and was very insightful. As it turned out, he was kind of like a reversed Continue reading “Interview: Teresa Michelsen”

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