October 2012 Tarotscope Podcast Is Ready

This month brings you messages from the amazing Ghosts & Spirits Tarot(USGames 2011) by Lisa Hunt. Join me as I interpret the cards for your signs to give you some guidance for your month. What suit showed up the most this month?
Swords! Was your sign one that received a sharp-edged message or did you get a thump from the Major Arcana?

This podcast is 24 minutes and 32 seconds in length. Don’t forget to follow @Tarotscopes for your weekly tarotscopes as well. And if you like a daily message, join me on Facebook for my daily message about seeking joy and chasing bliss.

I do love hearing from you so I’m going to bait the trap. Leave a message here to be in the running for an hour reading for only $40. That’s right! You could win an $80 reading for half off just by leaving a comment.

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