Directions, Limits & Purposes

I was contemplating that list of one hundred things I want to do for 2013. Walking back from my break to my desk at my day job, it hit me.Tarot is not my life’s work.

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Today’s card is one I intentionally drew. I wanted a card to represent this big wow moment that I’ve been leading up to. I needed to demonstrate how this is going to change my life. Doing the work with the 2013 Your Incredible Year has been on my mind a lot.

Oh hush.

I can hear the lot of you gasping, “Noooooo, we hadn’t noticed.”

Don’t think I can’t hear you.)@( ANYWHO!

I was contemplating that list of one hundred things I want to do for 2013. Walking back from my break to my desk at my day job, it hit me.Tarot is not my life’s work.I know, right? I was pretty gob smacked. I would have told you at the beginning of the year that Tarot was it for me. But it’s not.

Tarot is a vehicle for my life’s work. My life’s work is showing you (and me) that you can change your world, recreate yourself by adding these two phrases.

1. You can only control what’s in your hula hoop.

2. Seek joy, y’all.

As Leonie says, “It’s all about aligning your actions with your intentions.” So I’m going to be focused next year on creating space for this new realization.

Don’t panic. I’m not going to walk away from Tarot consultations completely. I am going to be harder to book though because I’m going to limit my readings appointments to a set number per month. I’m still working on that number because I want to make sure I balance things.

One of those things is the book I’m wrapping up. If you want to hear about this book when it’s available, sign up here. This is completely separate from my monthly newsletter with the monthly tarotscopes podcast. I will use this list only to announce availability of this book (and the others that I’m working on like my Fairy Tales Spreads book and my 30 Days To Joy workbook.) So you can expect email ONLY when I have something pertinent to say about the book like “the book is ready.”

And that’s my big news. I’m changing my direction. I’m moving my chariot towards my life’s purpose rather than the vehicle of my life’s purpose. I still love Tarot. I am not abandoning Tarot. I’m just heading in the right direction now.

Chariot, Fradella Adventure Tarot, US Games,

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Speaking of joy! Congratulations to Frank Fradella and his wife. Their twin sons just arrived 12/10!

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Shake-ups, Releases & Changes

When I stopped lying to myself about things, my life got better. Not instantly. No, there was a lot of cleanup that had to be done…personal and professional. I had to own up to many ugly truths about my life and my choices.

Today’s card is a reminder that we can all change someone’s life. I know it may seem a bit odd to use that statement with this particular card, but stick with me. And no, I’m not picking the Death card even though that’s certainly about change. This is about that life-shaking, soul-shattering moment where you suddenly understand that nothing is ever going to be the same.

The Tower is one of those cards I call the Big,Bad,Behometh cards because people tend to get whacked out when they appear. But really, the best description of the Tower that I ever heard (and I so wish I could remember WHERE I hear this) is that the tower is built of lies we tell ourselves. So when those lies get blown apart, the resulting crash is damned painful. But it’s also something else.

It’s damned cleansing.

When I stopped lying to myself about things, my life got better. Not instantly. No, there was a lot of cleanup that had to be done…personal and professional. I had to own up to many ugly truths about my life and my choices. Particularly in the arena of personal relationships–I shudder to think about some of those. But they (and I) are what they are/were.

My sister is the one who told me “you can only control what’s in your hula hoop.” Talk about life-changing. Then when I added that to the philosophy I adopted in 2000 of seeking joy?


It was like lightning striking, y’all. Among other things, the spread I wrote here where I first mentioned something I’d said on Twitter has been published as part of the Joie de Vivre Tarot.

What I asked was,

What if your life’s purpose was simply “Seek Joy”? Would you have the courage? How hard is it to release the negativity? Seek joy, y’all!

So for nearly four years, that’s what I’ve been doing. May 2013 will be the beginning of my fifth year of steadily following that life’s purpose. So much has changed for me in that time. My personal tower came down hard but the recovery has been awesome.

Now I’m negotiating my life’s path using a new tool. I’ve even got a Facebook group doing it with me. If you have your copy of the 2013 Create Your Incredible Year, I hope you will let me know. Friend me and message me so I can add you to the group. One of the big things that has happened as been a radical change in how I view my work with Tarot. I know it surprised me.

And it came after doing the celebrating and releasing of 2012. It came during my thinking about the one hundred things I wanted to do in 2013.



Not the one hundred things that I was going to do in 2013. The one hundred things I wanted to do. No guilt. No pressure. No set up for failure. I can want a pony but it’s no failure if I don’t get one.

But I’ll tell you about that radical change tomorrow. It’s going to change many things in my life.

Want to join me on this planner journey I’m on? I have a Facebook group (it’s seeeekrit). Let me know you’ve got the workbook. I’ll give you the Sekrit code and, if you join by midnight two days ago, you’ll get the Sekrit Decoder Ring and the Super Sekrit Ranger Necktie too. (grin).

Here’s Leonie herself to tell you about this planner.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Lightning, Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert Limited Edition/Llewellyn Publishing

Tarotscopes 12/9-12/15/2012

  • AQ 2Air Listen. No, really. HUSH & LISTEN. Yr inner voice needs to have a chat. Stop all the extra. Focus on yr gut hunch only.
  • PIC HPS Secrets revealed IF U ask. Seek within what U would find outside yrslf. Answers are internal. Guidance offered IF U ask.
  • ARI Moon Phases. It’s all phases. What comes, goes. Ride the waves. Don’t get sucked into the drama storm. Phases. All phases.
  • TAU Magician What can U create? Anything U want. Active participation crucial if U want to change things. Feel life’s rhythm. Move.
  • GEM World Open arms. Open heart. Open yr soul. Universe is calling. Join the dance again. Expand horizons. Friends will help.
  • CAN 3F If U get asked 2 dance, shake yr butt. Move into what U want. No hesitating. This is U going for it. Write it down. GO FOR IT.

  • LEO 7Earth Time to rest. Review yr year. Celebrate wins. Acknowledge loss. Prepare yr inner self for new growth w/ self-care.
  • VIR ChAir Mental work highlighted. Write things down. Communicate. Project. Be a free-thinker this wk. Explore rabbit holes.
  • LIB ExAir Challenge yr self. Move beyond yr fears. High climbers get the best view. Don’t hold back. Explore yr thought process.
  • SCO Jdgmt The next level is here. Why are U still waiting? Shed yr bonds. Rise up if U would be free. This is the big time, honey.
  • SAG 5F Careful, darlings. U’re right but yr delivery can hurt. Temper yr words w/ kindness. Flying off the handle not recommended.
  • CAP Bindweed Tied down? Check who tied the knots. Yr hand was on the rope. Free yr mind. Free yrslf. Yr opinion counts most.

I’m going to cleanse my area for 2013. Create sacred space with me.

Seek Joy Zentangle, Arwen, 2012


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Hoops, Gratitudes & Magnets

Y’all, the two things that have literally saved me from being a crazy, neurotic, needs-to-be-saved woman are as follows:

Today’s card reminds me of something my therapist asked me today. Yes, I see a therapist regularly. I find it really helps to have her insight into my life. I’ve seen her for 3 or 4 years now. Highly recommend her as well if you are in Austin. 😀

Any who! I digress. She asked me what I was grateful for this year. I had to laugh when I said:

The stress at my job because I learned how to navigate it.

My relationship with all of its bumps and bounces along the way because it taught me what to value.

My family because I’ve learned what is really important.

And so many other things that might have taken me under just a few years ago.

Y’all, the two things that have literally saved me from being a crazy, neurotic, needs-to-be-saved woman are as follows:

1. I can only control what is in my hula hoop.

2. Seek joy, y’all.

Those two life philosophies turned me around. I’ve learned how to gently release negative people. I’ve become a joy magnet attracting other like-minded folk. I’ve made a difference in my own life. Others have told me I’ve made a difference in theirs as well. That makes me cry. Joyfully.

The 7 of Pentacles is traditionally a card of the gardener. We see someone in a garden or field usually at rest. They are reflecting on the work it took to get them to where they are now.

Take some time. Reflect on your year. What are you grateful for? It doesn’t have to be like mine. This is about you. I would love to know what your gratitudes are.

And as a side note, if you have gotten a copy of Your Incredible Year 2013, let me know. I’ll add you to the private Facebook group. If you want to be added that is. Let me know. 😀 Don’t know what that is? See my post about it here.

So gratitude. What does it look like to you for 2012?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

7 of Pentacles, Archeon Tarot Deck, U.S. Games 2005

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Planning, Creating & Joy

She’s a joy seeking missile, y’all. You will hear me raving about this book more as I work through it. Let’s do it together! 😀 I love it so much that I will give away one combo pack to one of my newsletter subscribers. I’ll pull a name and announce it in my December newsletter. So if you aren’t a subscriber, you might wanna do that now. 😀

Today’s card is a reminder of how to make things happen. So often I’ve sat wondering why I didn’t get that pony or that iPad or that promotion. I’ve spent time whining and wheedling (see example: Pony). I’ve lost hours dreaming about what I could do (see example: iPad). I’ve been crazy cranky with jealousy about others (see example: promotion).

The thing I didn’t do was focus on what I do have and set goals to get what I wanted. Okay, so maybe the pony was a bit out of my area of control (hula hoop, babies), but the others? Those are within my control.

I have just downloaded and begun working through a workbook. It is called Create Your Incredible Year. There are four parts to it–the personal workbook, the personal calendar, the business workbook and the business calendar. You can get either the personal or the business or both. I got both. I’m a member of this site so I can take any class or download any product. Get yours here.

Best money I’ve spent on myself all year, y’all. I truly mean that. I’ve raved about Goddess Circle before. It’s brought me to a whole new level of joy seeking and helped me in my business as well.

But you don’t have to sign up for the whole circle if you don’t want to take advantage of all the classes and workbooks. If you only do one thing, I want you to go get your copy of Create Your Incredible Year so we can do it together, please. And it’s not just Law of Attraction stuff. Here’s a bit from the creatrix:
Is this just hippy dippy affirmations and law of attraction stuff?

Gosh no.

I’m as happy a hippy as the next. I love the Law of Attraction.

But I’m also a hippy that gets shit done. You also have to use the Law of Action.

It’s using both sides of your brain – right and left!

There are two parts in creation – dreaming + action.

To use the analogy of a garden –

there are two parts in creation. One is in the seed of an idea, and the other is in tending to it, and giving it energy. To make a dream come true, we need to use both those ethereal spiritual tools & the grounding practical ones too.

I just did the first part which is a reflection and then release of this year. I am super excited about this (can you tell?) and I want y’all to join me on this journey.

So, are you in? Are you ready to create your incredible year with me? Get yours here!

You don’t have to join the Goddess Circle (although I urge you to consider it). You can get both sets for $17.90 or either one for $9.95. It’s in PDF format so you can print or not print. And I love what Leonie says about printing in black and white.

“If you need it done cheaply, it’s always cheaper to do it in black + white if you need to – but look on the bright side! That means you’ll get to colour it in yourself! Woop woop!”

She’s a joy seeking missile, y’all. You will hear me raving about this book more as I work through it. Let’s do it together! 😀

Get yours here. Let me know when you have yours. We can set up a private group if you like to support one another. We’ll plant our ideas then grow them with one another.

It’s going to be an incredible year, y’all. Join Team JoySeekers!

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

P. to the S. I love it so much that I will give away one combo pack to one of my newsletter subscribers. I’ll pull a name and announce it in my December newsletter. So if you aren’t a subscriber, you might wanna do that now. 😀

Glitter, Stick Ponies & Paint

In my secret heart, there’s an artist who wants to be let out in a room full of paper. There needs to be scissors and glue sticks and beads and glitter. Feathers would be nice too. She wants crayons and markers and colored pencils along with chalk. Maybe even paint.

That artist wants to make beautiful things. I see so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I weep Continue reading “Glitter, Stick Ponies & Paint”

Mulch, Release & Inspiration

Today’s card isn’t a card at all. It isn’t even a picture that might be a card. SURPRISE! It’s a spread!

I read blogs. I love to read and blogs are my magazines. I saw a really interesting title go by at the beginning of May. Frankly, I’ve been so busy, I didn’t have time to read it. But I loved the title “The Mulch Spread” so I didn’t delete it from my RSS Feed. I got around to it today. I was so taken with this spread.

I hauled out my Bunny Rabbit Tarot because it seemed to fit this concept. Here’s my reading for myself. Freel free to chime in via the comments.

James Ricklef’s Mulch Spread

Click for larger image

Card 1: What is something in your life that you need to lay to rest? This may be a relationship, a belief, a feeling, etc. (If you came to this reading with something already in mind that you think you need to let go of, this card can be interpreted as a comment on how or why you need to do so.)

So I got the Moon. My first thought on seeing this pretty bunny lying on her back was, “Stop dreaming. Start doing.” I’ve been really focused on moving some of my “what if’s” to actual projects thanks to this course I’m taking. It’s helped me step away from feeling overwhelmed all the time to only feeling overwhelmed SOME of the time. But this bunny is not seeing clearly. He’s mesmerized by that moon. It’s cool to be into those dreams, but I need to let go of some so I can focus on others. One of those may be what I offer in terms of teaching Tarot. I think I need to retire my workshops or revamp them into something that is more self-serve. I’ve been thinking about posting the lectures for my Learning Intuitive Tarot as downloadable courses with videos and pdf files.

Card 2: How has it helped you become the person you are today?

Oh the dreaming answered by the 2 of Rods is perfect. It has helped me make some inroads into myself. I have been able to identify things about myself through this “mooning” around. I’ve been able to avoid (read: ignore) some emotional drama. This 2 of Sticks(Rods) is wonderful to see here!

Card 3: Why are you still holding on to it?

OUCH! The Fool? Really, Universe? You couldn’t soften that blow a little more? I have half a mind not to…oh never mind. You’re right. I’m holding on to all the dreams because I foolishly believe they are all equally important. I know they are not. I need to stop mousing (rabbiting?) around. I’m standing at the edge of something big but because I won’t let go of the moon/illusions, I’m holding myself back.

Card 4: What is waiting to sprout into your life as you bury this out-lived aspect of your life and let it mulch back into the soil of your life.

Wheeeeeeeeee! Imma gonna go go go! 🙂 Translation: I’m going to get in my Chariot and drive. I will be able to take control of my life and move forward once I let go of the mooning. I must make some lists now, y’all. See what dreams need to be set aside. Maybe I need to decide to only do Tarot for Writers or only do personal consultations on a limited basis. If I set it up so that I was only available one day a week or even a month…

I don’t know. Definitely something to consider.

The Chariot, to me is a promise that I will get things all moving in the same direction once I can let go of what must be let go of. I like the that the one “growth” card here is the only one showing the rabbit looking straight out at me. Powerful. Leaning forward. Happening to things rather than lolling on my back or trying to remember which branch goes up and which one goes down. And not super focused on how I look to other people which is something that is popping out at me from the Fool.

I do like this spread. A lot.

See the full post from James here.

I welcome your thoughts and input on this spread. What do you see/think/feel?

Otters, Pollyanna & Lucy Van Pelt

A lesson on where I was and where I am now. This involves otters, mirrors and unicorns pooping rainbows…

PollyannaSo if you are a regular reader here, you know I’m all about the joy. Back in 2005 or so, I started on what I jokingly called the Arwen Remodeling Project. People who have known me through the years will tell you I was a much different person back then.

  • Darker
  • Angrier
  • More inclined to bitterness
  • A bitch, really

I would happily engage in online battles. In fact, I was a proud member of both WitchWars and WitchWarsII where it was common to shred someone verbally. I gave as good as I got. I ganged up on people with others. I cut them down. I was praised for my cruelty, my sarcastic wit. I enjoyed it. Then something changed.

Lucy Van Pelt Not My FriendI can’t tell you what that was. I’m really not sure. I can’t pinpoint when I decided that the rage was not just making me a very unhappy, unpleasant woman. Worse. It was killing me. I realized I truly didn’t like myself. As in, I was not a woman I’d be friends with. I was Lucy Van Pelt. Ouch.

During that really dark time, I went through a lot. I not only broke up with a male partner but got stuck with a house that got repossessed. My mother died from cancer after a long battle. I went to a horrible place when I lost her. She was one of my best friends. I got into a relationship that fed my unhealthy behaviour. Again, I got complimented for being a really gross human being. I was doing poorly at a job I had excelled at (and been at for nearly five years.) I nosedived.

I went from dark, angry, bitter to far worse. I pulled away from my spiritual group and in fact self-sabotaged there as well. I was an amazingly talented self-saboteur. There are friends from that time that I have begun to rebuild friendships with but there are others who will never allow me that close again.

I don’t blame them. I was, as one friend put it, toxic. I poisoned nearly everything I was involved in.

Then, as they say, I hit rock-bottom. I remember it clearly. I was taking a two week break in Louisiana. My sister had given me free run of her guest house. I spent a lot of time there crying, journaling and reading Tarot. Tarot was like a life line for me at that point. I didn’t think my Gods had abandoned me. I knew I’d abandoned Them. I feared They wouldn’t want me back.

As hard as that two weeks was, I survived it. Even knowing I was going back to a crumbling marriage. Even knowing I was going back to quit my job. Even knowing I was going back to move out of my home and potentially losing my step-kids forever. I survived.

Why? I realized I had to change. Not for them. For me. I had to become someone I wanted to be with. Y’all, I had to like myself enough to fall in love with me again.

So I quit my job and got another one where I excelled. Still I wasn’t happy in Denver. I needed a change of scenery because the only person I saw in my mirror was that sad, tired, bitter woman struggling to become someone else. So I moved to Austin. I owe a debt of gratitude to a man named Conner that I will never ever be able to repay. He’s my hero because he gave me a way out.

When I got there, there was a person that I greatly admired and even loved. I wanted to be just like her. Then we had a falling out. I found out that her outside did not match her inside. I nearly fell apart again. I thought about moving–running away. My sister challenged me to stick it out. Others did too. Thank you to everyone who did.

Instead of running, I adopted a saying from my sister.

I can only control what is in my hula hoop.

I also realized that the person I had so wanted to emulate was like I used to be. Candy on the outside. Shitty on the inside. I set up boundaries to make sure I kept her as far away as possible. And, yes, it hurt.

Doesn’t it always hurt when you find out that someone you’ve so admired has been trashing you behind your back? Sadly, it wasn’t only me that this happened to. I practiced focusing joy on her then. My friends began to see why I’d distanced myself from her. They have done the same in the following years. It was hard damned work. Still is as even after all these years, I sometimes check in on her public self to see how she is. It’s like picking at an old scab.

Three of Water Gaian Tarot Joanna Powell ColbertDuring that time with her, I blurted out on Twitter, “Seek joy, y’all.” And it stuck. So she gave me something invaluable actually. That’s become my thing. My motto. I even have a pendant with that on it. The pendant features the 3 of Water from the Gaian Tarot. In this card, there are two otters on top who are kicked back. They are enjoying the sun, the water, the food. But the third otter is the one I identify with. He or she is diving into the water beneath the other two. Her whiskers are slicked back from the water sluicing along her nose as she seeks her joy.

That otter is me now.

I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was to transition from that other woman to this one. The hours of therapy, writing, crying, talking it out with friends are immeasurable. The value of all of that sustains me even now. So when I get comments like this from people I respect and admire…it means so much to me.

You are inspiring me in a bigger way than you can ever know. I have adapted your philosophy. Thank you.

I responded with

You can’t imagine how happy this makes me. Thank you. I am grateful to have your reflection in my joy mirror.

Pretty Handheld Mirror

Each of you reading this are in my joy mirror. Now whether that is as a reminder or a lesson? That’s up to you. Seeking joy is not easy. It’s a struggle many days. I have to verbally remind myself. I have to smack myself upside my own head when I wake up cranky. Sometimes I wish I could just stop seeking joy for a bit. Some days I fail miserably at being happy.

But you know what? When I look in the mirror, I like who I see. I’m in love with the woman I see. That keeps me on the straight and joyful. Even when I fall off the joy wagon, I know it’s far better to make the hard climb back up. Laying in the bitter gutter is no longer an option.

Seek joy, Y’all. Always. Especially on the “woke up late, everyone is driving slow intentionally, hungry, need more coffee, the whole world is stupid” days. Especially on those days.

So if you think I’m being a rose-colored glasses-wearing Pollyanna who poops rainbows and farts unicorns?

You’re right. 🙂Rainbow My Pretty Pony Unicorn

And I invite you to join me on that journey. It’s been six years since I wrote the above post. I’ve moved out of Austin, TX. I still come back to this post routinely. It’s still as urgent to me to seek joy today as it was then. I do thank all those who taught me (positively or negatively) how to be a better joy seeker. I take other people on Joy Journeys and help them re-calibrate their joy. I consider it my joy to help others bring joy back into focus in their lives. Let’s get you started today.

(updated 1/7/2017 from the original 06/25/2011 edition)