Want A Free Reading?

This was 2013’s word. 😀

Want a free reading?

I’m doing it again. What am I doing again? The Leonie Dawson workbooks. You buy a workbook from this link. You email me. I do a one question reading for you via email. You can grab a physical workbook or a digital one. It’s up to you.

I really really believe in this workbook. It’s helped me reach goals. It’s not rocket science, right? And it worked because I worked. So I don’t want to blow sunshine up your skirt. You have to do the work.

However, if you do the work, I truly believe you will get amazing results.

What do you have to do?

All the planner goodness
All the planner goodness

Buy this workbook. The downloadable one. The physical one. I do not care which one. 😀 Both have advantages.

When you purchase this amazing workbook+planner that has galvanized me so much, I will cheer for you. AND I will read for you as well.

Here’s how this will work.

1. Buy any version of the 2017 Create Your Incredible Year workbook+planner (business, personal or combo edition. Physical or digital.) from Leonie Dawson by Monday 12:00 midnight PST 1/30/2017.
2. Email me and tell me what name you bought this under. Ask me your one question.
3. I will confirm the purchase and do your reading by no later than two weeks. You will get a confirmation email from me.

Why am I doing this? Three reasons, y’all.

  1. This workbook+planner has totally changed my world. I’m serious about this. It is deceptively simple yet I’ve made amazing changes in my world already as have other people who are working through this now.

  2. There’s a contest. I want to win. I was in the top 10 last year.

  3. I truly want y’all to have this tool that has so galvanized my life. In the first five days of 2013, I wrote down a goal–added steps and then did the steps {pssst! That’s the whole secret right there}. That goal? I achieved it. You can see it here. Second goal? I achieved it. You can see it here. Third goal? I blew it out of the water. I wanted to double my mailing list. I was at 96. After using the workbooks these years has shown me how to improve my offers. The results? A newsletter that is more than 10x that original number. And? I repeat? I didn’t even finish the planner. This thing works, y’all. You are in charge of setting goals, writing down steps and taking actions.

  4. (I know, four…I can’t count.) I’ve also increased my income every year due to the work I do with these books.

Here’s what Leonie says about this.

LeonieSuckies“The uber popular Create Your Shining Year planners + goal workbooks are back for the eighth year, readily anticipated by the 250,000+ people who use it each year to create their own amazing lives and businesses with HUGE results.
~~ Leonie Dawson

Oh! I forgot to tell you that if you get the workbook by 1/30, you also get a free set of ginsu knives.

Okay, not really. But really, could I sound more like an infomercial evangelist? It’s hard to bring it down a notch when I am soooo revved up about them.


1. When will I get the workbook+planner?

A. Depends on what version you get. Immediately if you get the download one! It’s a downloadable document that you print (in color or black & white to color yourself.) Great right? No shipping costs and instant gratification. If it’s the physical one, then shipping…shipping…omg shipping.

2. Dang it, Arwen! I already got this. Can I still get a reading? 

A. Yes, absolutely! If you bought it via my link, I can verify it easily. email me.

OR….Just buy a friend one as a gift (you can do the single version as gift too.)

3. What if I need my reading right away?

A. Sorry, you will have to let me do them in the order that I receive them. I promise you that I will be doing readings as fast as I can.

4. It’s already the end of January.  Isn’t it too late?

A. It is never ever never too late to start your incredible year, darling! But it is too late to get a reading if it is after 1/30/17.

5. Can I get this reading by phone?

A. I love doing phone/Skype readings but am limiting this to email only because of volume.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Caveats: This offer is only good for purchases made by January 30, 2017. You must Email me to let me know you purchased one (because I only see your name and not your email, sillies.)

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

P. to the S., this is an affiliate link. I want to be clear about that. I make money when you buy the planners via my link. 😀

TarotCopes for December 7-13, 2014

TarotCopes for December 7-13, 2014

Explorer of Water, Gaian Tarot Limited EditionWelcome to this week’s TarotCopes! I hope you enjoy them and share them. 😀 I am still looking for your opinions please. Take my survey about my new business model for 2015. 1 winner wins a full year’s subscription. Tarotscopes after the survey, darlings!

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Leave a comment if you get an error when submitting this survey, please!

Ready to rev up your 2015? I have two ways! One is to take a Joy Road Trip with me. The other is to grab your copy of Leonie Dawson’s 2015 Creating Your Shining Year. HINT! If you take the Joy Road Trip, I’ll be buying you a copy of Leonie’s workbook. 😀

CARD OF THE WEEK: NINE OF EARTH Time to make a list. Not at to-do, but a “ta-done”! Review your accomplishments. Pat yourself on the back. It all counts!

AQUARIUS LIGHTNING Expect something to get toppled but don’t worry. Making room for better things sometimes requires knocking walls down.

PISCES THREE OF FIRE Anticipation. Waiting. To heck with that! Make your own music. Write your own song. Create the energy you crave right now.

ARIES FIVE OF EARTH Sheltering yourself may feel like the safest choice but don’t deny yourself the comfort of family/friends. Reach out.

TAURUS BINDWEED If you are feeling trapped, check who said yes when they should’ve said no. Time to cut the ties that bind. Money isn’t king.

GEMINI EXPLORER OF WATER Get moving. Boat trips are favored. Cruise time? Let your heart lead this week. Follow deepest desires into joy. Go for it.

CANCER SEVEN OF WATER Dreams are great but isn’t it time you dove into one wholeheartedly? You waste time dithering about which one to choose.

LEO PAGE OF WATER Don’t be surprised if love shows up. Check the mirror first. Love for self must shine back at you. Then love from others!

VIRGO THREE OF CUPS Time to let your hair down, honey. No party to go to? Throw one! Let joy be your guiding call. Bake a plateful of joy!

LIBRA TWO OF FIRE Sometimes the one who winds you up the most, inspires you the most. Don’t let energy go to waste. Get passionate now!

SCORPIO TWO OF AIR Who are you listening to the most? What is their track record? Choose a better coach, darling. Information from left field!

SAGITTARIUS STRENGTH Something causes you to have to dig down deep but don’t worry. You’ve got this. Your strength comes from knowing right from wrong.

CAPRICORN SUN Celebrate you. Reaching out to family counts. You must let yourself shine so they can see how to follow your awesomeness.

The Explorer of Water is from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna P. Colbert.

New Year Magic

That bears repeating. ‘I had thought 2013 sucked until I sat down to do the closing ceremony

Ace of Bows, Wildwood Tarot
Wildwood Tarot

Today’s card reminds me of my word for this year. I guess that’s appropriate seeing as how this is the last day for that word–although not for the energy of the word.

The Wildwood Tarot‘s Ace of Bows has the title of Spark of Life. This is a deck I need to work with more. The cards are rich with imagery. My friend Louise Underhill of Priestess Tarot works with this deck as does a new friend, Ellen.

One of the treasures 2013 brought to me has been the new and renewed friendships. This year was truly a galvanizing one. Many small sparks have spread into warm fires of success for me. One unlooked for blessing was an offer to blog somewhere. I can’t say where just yet, but it was a pretty big deal for me. It’s a one time thing but still, it’s a big deal.

Add to that my blogging (which I must get back to more regularly) with Witches And Pagans plus the three books submitted in 2013? Yeah, that sums up a pretty fabulous year of writing. Here on this page I managed to post nearly ever day so go me and go Cai (the other half of Marilu Mann.) If you like to read paranormal (and contemporary), go you to http://www.greatmta.com lol! )

This card also points towards a new beginning. The Ace of Bows is new life, new energy and bright, fresh, shiny starts. I’m embarking on a new journey in one week. I’ll be saying “I do” to a special someone. What better way to kick off 2014, right?

I know that I still have things that need improvement. There’s always room for improvement, yes? Things like unburying my guest room/office so it can actually see use as an office. Continued work on my health. More focus on my lines of income. All of those things will be part of my work with the 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook + Planner.

I have to laugh here because I got an email last night. Here’s what K.C. had to say about this workbook.

“Hi, Arwen. While I’ll admit I got the Leonie Dawson workbook because of your 3-card mini read, I’ve sat down to do it and I am amazed. It is so wonderful. (Of course, you knew that already.) I had thought 2013 sucked until I sat down to do the closing ceremony. That in and of itself was a fabulous gift.

In fact, I loved it so much, I gave 2 as gifts using your link.”

[Tweet “That bears repeating. ‘I had thought 2013 sucked until I sat down to do the closing ceremony.'”]

I can so relate to that statement. I felt the same way about 2012! And of course there have been some sucktastic things about 2013, but the beautiful things (and all of the beautiful people) outweighed the suckage.

I’m thrilled to see someone else connect with the special magic of this workbook. It’s so much more than a calendar/planner. There’s magic waiting to happen. I’m looking forward to some time to work on this even more.

What magic do you want to happen in 2014. That’s your journal prompt, my darlings.

Ace of Bows, Wildwood Tarot, Sterling Ethos, 2011
Snag your copy of the 2014 Create Your Amazing Year workbook + Planner at http://bit.ly/TbAIncred . Besides an incredible tool, you will also score a three card Tarot reading from me. Just let me know you got the downloadable version.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

See you next year! (Yes, it amuses the heck out of me to say that. LOL)

Incredible, Amazing + Powerful

I wish y’all were sitting here with me so I could look you in the eye. Then you would know how much I believe in this.

2014 Incredible Workbook
I raved about this last year. I’m still raving about it. If there is one thing I would instantly repeat from last year, it would be this. And I didn’t even finish it!


It’s true. I skipped around and did what called to me. This is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever undertaken. This workbook is all it’s cracked up to be.

NOTE: That’s an affiliate link. If you buy the “download and print” version, I get money from it. If you buy the Amazon print version, I don’t get money from it.

Either way is fine by me. It’s that good. I’m a member of ABLA (Amazing Biz + Life Academy). I don’t use it all the time but when I do? The payoff is amazing.

My Tarot business increased 300% the first year and I only joined in June! This last year has been an increase on that increase. My mailing list went from under 100 to over 500.

Seriously this is a business tool that works. Don’t want to invest in the full ABLA? No worries. Get the workbook. Do the work. Watch your life and business change.

Yeah, I know…this is like a used car salesman’s pitch.

I wish y’all were sitting here with me so I could look you in the eye. Then you would know how much I believe in this.

It’s that good.

[Tweet “Journal prompt, “What would make me say my life is amazing? What steps can I take to get there?””]

Here’s the link again for the most incredible workbook/planner ever. Even if you don’t want that, go get the free stuff she gives away! You won’t be sorry. No really!

Okay, I’ll stop.

Did you… never mind.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Divine Mind, Right Intention + Journalling

Today’s post offers a journal prompt about exploring the idea of Divine Mind and Right Intention.

FifthTarot_1SwordsToday’s card speaks to me. It calls to my sense of purpose. Here we have the One of Feathers (Swords) from the Fifth Tarot. I really like this deck even though it adds a fifth suit. That threw me at first. 😀

Divine Mind. What does that mean to you? Does it mean think of God? Think like God? Think with God/

I see God as Many from Two from One from the Void. You may see God as part of a holy trinity. You may see God as a wise tree in a deep forest. It’s all good to me. Many paths to the same source as long as we are walking with Right Intention.

Right Intention. What does that mean to you?

I love how the eagle soars up on the thoughts of itself. The feather is the guide to push higher and higher to reach that Divine Mind of God.

In this beautiful card we have the lilacs and violets that remind me of the third eye chakra. I can’t help but see a spiritual enlightenment here.

But what does it mean when you want to live a spiritually enlightened life but must present your physical self in the here and now? I think some do this by being so avant garde that they can’t (or is it won’t) function in what we call the real world.

Many of us don’t have that luxury. And yes, it is a luxury to me.

So your journal prompt for today is, “How do I seek a Divine Mind self that walks with the Right Intention while maintaining my physical self?”

I’d love to hear your results.

I just heard that my favorite Amazing Life + Biz Academy is raising the prices of membership next month. Y’all, this is the one that I talk about all the time. It has made such a difference in my life. I hope you will take advantage of the lower prices now. If you get in on this price, you stay at this price as long as you are a member.

This IS an affiliate link meaning I do make money if you sign up. http://leoniedawson.com/affiliate-redirect/?p=Arwen&w=circle

Leonie offers a lot of free goodies too if you’d rather check those out first. Just don’t delay! If you like her style of heart-led entrepreneurship, then get in while the gettin’s good, darlings!

This is also an affiliate link but everything on this link is free!

One of Feathers, Fifth Tarot

Did I Need Permission?

Leonie_PermissionToday’s card isn’t a card. It’s a lovely quote image from Leonie Dawson.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know I have a mad business girl crush on the fabulous Aussie mum and heart-led entrepreneur, Leonie Dawson. She’s made a difference in my life and I’ve never even met her. How crazy is that?

She wrote this amazing thing called You Have Permission. You can get a free download of it by signing up for her free goodies

It was enlightening for me. No, more than that, it was lightening. It freed me. It released some things I didn’t even realize I was holding on to. I want you to have that gift too.

Today is a short post because I want you to head over, sign up for the goodies and then your journal prompt for today is,

“What did I need permission for?”

Leonie Dawson poster, Leonie Dawson

#Seekjoy, y’all. Pass it on.

July 21-27 2013 Tarotscopes

Here is this week’s Tarotscopes. You bless me when you share them. Thank you.

    • AQUARIUS SEVEN OF PENTACLES Golden goose hunting? Do the work. Ethically. Relentlessly. Daily. Hard work pays off big! Stop hunting. Start doing.
    • PISCES THREE OF PENTACLES Do your own work. Build with others as long as they do their work. Carefully preparation now is key. Lay each brick solidly.
    • ARIES SEVEN OF WANDS Sneaky win? Okay. Sometimes it takes a plot twist to make a great story. Finish your current situation if you want to be free.
    • TAURUS TWO OF CUPS Sweet friendship blossoms. Explore personal relationships. Offer what you have. Share who you are. They are open to meeting.
    • GEMINI TWO OF PENTACLES Balance between what is best for you vs what is best for us challenges this wk. Give you some but save some for the family.
    • CANCER MAGICIAN Go on! Open up. You’ve got tools, will + need. Make things happen by focusing on what you can do. This is about willpower.


  • LEO EIGHT OF PENTACLES Believe in your ability. Don’t let anyone stop you from success. Learn from others’ mistakes. Success comes from trying!
  • VIRGO ACE OF PENTACLES Someone offers help. Part-time job, apprenticeship, intern. Keep your ears open. Accept aid when given. Growth promised.
  • LIBRA TWO OF WANDS Unusual partnership opens your mind to new ways of thinking. Allow others to share. Choices should be made in favor of both.
  • SCORPIO Sorceress(HPS) Listen to Higher Spirit. Whispers from self show you the way to lost joy. Intuitive journey only needs inner GPS.
  • SAGITTARIUS Chariot Magical journeys start with unusual gifts. By staying alert/in charge, you can guide spirit self into a higher realm. Go!
  • CAPRICORN SEVEN OF SWORDS Sometimes? You are your own troll. Stop teasing/baiting your self. Let go of need to win against yourself. Just be at peace.

Last year, in June, I signed up for an online group run by Leonie G Dawson. I had no questions about renewing this year. And? Everyone who signed up for it last year? Signed up again this year! I think that says something right there about this group. The courses alone are worth the membership. There’s a Raw Food one, a Creative Goddess one and the Business Goddess just to name a few. Some I didn’t take were focused on being Mama Goddesses. When I say it changed my life, I mean that. It took my ??seek joy? focus and amped it up. It’s for any woman who wants to explore her own amazing life. You don’t have to be a business owner (although that IS why I joined it.) The online networking and forums are fabulous even if I don’t take as much advantage of those. 😀 Check it out. See if it is a good fit for you.

Here’s Leonie in her own words about how she deals with fear. If you do nothing else today, take seven minutes to watch this video.  This is just ONE of the many videos she freely shares on Youtube.

The truth always lights you up.

Today’s deck is the lovely, and sadly out-of-print, Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt.

Tarotscopes for July 14-20, 2013

Click for larger
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  • AQUARIUS QUEEN OF PENTACLES Oh my! Time to let them see your beauty. Don’t hold back. Indulge in beautiful things, long soaks + good friends. Rule your world.
  • PISCES CHARIOT Juggernaut. Once you start, you can’t be stopped. Get in the driver’s seat. Your focus must be forward. They’ll have to move.
  • ARIES PAGE OF PENTACLES That adventure? It takes money. More importantly? It takes fierce determination. Each step forward is a goal accomplished.

JPCscythe-bowl-300x217There are two women whose online classes encouraged me to take an art class. I didn’t care what it was. I set my goal to take one art class. I actually thought I would take a watercolor class. Instead I took a Zentangle class with Ginny K, CZT. The two classes that I took are being offered again. I hope you will give yourself the gift of opening up new creative paths. Joanna P. Colbert’s Gaian Soul Practices for Lammas: Summer-Turning-to-Fall” is one. The other is Leonie Dawson’s Creative Goddess course [aff]. I’m retaking both because I just loved them so much. Join me?

  • TAURUS PAGE OF SWORDS Mental preparation done. Time to launch your shiny new self into the world. Time to put to use what you’ve learned.
  • GEMINI SIX OF PENTACLES Hang in there. What you need is coming. Don’t stop the flow by not giving. Give to get, darlings. Get to give.
  • CANCER TWO OF CUPS Put all of you in. Let it blend with them. Open to the idea that this partnership will create something new. Yin/Yang

Do you love fairy tales like me? I’ve taken ten world tales (I’ll be you aren’t familiar with all of them) and translated them into Tarot spreads. You can grab your copy here.

  • LEO FIVE OF CUPS Don’t indulge their need to wallow. Check your enabler license please. If they can’t see what you offer, offer elsewhere.
  • VIRGO NINE OF CUPS L’chaim! Celebrate life. Appreciate all your dreams already come true. Indulge a bit. Good week for making wishes come true.
  • LIBRA KING OF WANDS Get ready to make magic. Mental preparation puts you ahead of the pack. Don’t sit. Lead. The wheel is turned by you.
Click for larger
Click for larger

I invite you to answer this question with me. Will You Fly Or Will You Fall?

  • SCORPIO HANGED MAN Time out now will bring enlightenment. Give your some busy, monkey mind time for quiet meditation. BOOM. There it is.
  • SAGITTARIUS ACE OF SWORDS Go for it. That idea? That concept? It’s good. Sparks now create steam power. Mental preparation’s fine, but take action.
  • CAPRICORN TWO OF WANDS The hardest thing is to choose between tow good things. Choose or be stuck there forever. You can’t start until you choose. 😀

Oh yeah…the July newsletter is waaaaaaaaay delayed.:D That’s good news for you if you aren’t a subscriber. I pick a name from the subscriber list. That person wins a reading. This month I’m actually picking from those who leave comments on any of my review videos. So go leave a comment if you want to be in the running. Oh! I’m a tricksy tricksy hobbit, y’all! I only announce it in the newsletter so you’ll want to be subscribed. GRIN!

Today’s featured deck is the Steampunk Tarot. It’s a terrific interpretation of the Steampunk movement as translated through Tarot. Androgyny abounds as women dress like men to take on machines and magic. Men are not left out either. I love this deck a lot. Reads very well for me. Get you some gears, bustles and magic, y’all! Seek joy!

How Much Do You Bend?

MagicalTimesEmpowerment_Flexibility002Today’s card is the Universe’s way of teasing me, I think. I pulled from the gorgeous Magical Times Empowerment deck by Jody Bergsma (USGames) this morning. I didn’t focus. I didn’t meditate. Just grabbed the deck and pulled. And snorted when I saw the card title.

Flexibility. Gently flow through the turbulence. Life has the ability to shape you. Bend, don’t break.

This echoes a phrase I saw yesterday. It’s one I’ve heard (and said) a lot. The willow survives the storm because it bends.

Life throws a lot at us. We have to think on our feet. We have to negotiate seemingly endless bumps and turns. We have to actually live.

Life isn’t meant to be a straight line, y’all.

We set goals. We have to change those goals or alter how we get to them all the time.

That’s not failure. That’s life.

It goes back to that other saying about giving thanks for unanswered prayers. Our today selves aren’t fully cognizant of what our next year selves will need. We make goals based on today’s self so it’s okay that things change as we move through life.

Be flexible but more than that? Be gentle with yourself when you realize a goal needs to be moved or reshaped. It’s okay. That’s life.

Flexibility, Magical Times Empowerment Cards, Jody Bergsma, USGames (aff)

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

And do yourself a favor! Sign up for free goodies from Leonie Dawson. Her Business Goddess course changed how I do business but, more importantly, how I VIEW business. Mind-altering stuff. [aff]

Tarotscopes June 30 – July 6, 2013

Hey, y’all! Are you like me? I mean, do you believe, deep in your heart, that you can have a soul-full life, a success-full biz, and do a lot of good for the world in the process? Your weekly Tarotscopes are just below, but please let me take a moment of your time to share why I think Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy really is amazing. Yeah, marketing, but honestly, it’s something I truly believe in. 🙂

  1. It’s a year’s subscription.
  2. You can take a course when it is offered or you can take it when you like.
  3. You do it all on your schedule.
  4. The already-in-place community will welcome you with open arms.
  5. You will meet women who’ve been where you are and will help you get where you want to be.

My friend Leonie Dawson has created something that’s changing the lives and businesses of SO many women around the world in a way that’s never been seen before. Or maybe just not acknowledged. Anywho..read on! 🙂

leoniehandwritingfaceLeonie, mom-artist-wife-dazzling-spirit, created the Amazing Biz and Life Academy, which gives you over $3800 (!!!!) of business and marketing programs to create a powerful and profitable business, zen-your-mind meditations, creativity, spirituality, home and health e-courses to help you live your best life yet. It is a complete toolkit for transforming whatever part of your biz or life you want to focus on.

I’ve been a member since May 2012. It’s worth it to me!

There’s a ton of info about the Academy and Leonie available at the link above. I hope you’ll check it out.

P.S. Investing in education and learning from someone who’s done what you want to do is the best way to make your dreams come true. Leonie is one of those women who can really teach you how to make it happen, in a completely heart-centered, open-book, “let’s change the world for real” kind of way.

She’s changed my world, y’all. She’s one of the reasons my message of “Seek joy, y’all” has gone international. Now here are your Tarotscopes. But do click that link! It will open in a new page so you won’t lose your ‘scopes! And at the very least, sign up for the free goodies. Her newsletter bring me joy!

Seek joy, y’all

Click for larger
Click for larger

June 30-July 6, 2013 Tarotscopes

  • AQUARIUS LOVERS Sometimes, it’s okay to let go + let love. Allowing spiritual connection brings a deeper understanding of self. Union.
  • PISCES FIVE OF SWORDS Let go of thoughts that don’t serve. Let go of those who enforce such thoughts. Clean cuts heal. Mental health week.
  • ARIES DEVILSometimes the devil you don’t know is the one to choose. Don’t let bad choices become bad habits. Mistakes can be corrected.
  • TAURUS TEMPERANCE Balance is key. Overdoing inner or outer isn’t working. Energy renewed when you honor both sides of self.
  • GEMINI THREE OF PENTACLES Committee work. Growth comes if you stick to the plan as laid out. Deviation may be more fun, but less productive.
  • CANCER QUEEN OF CUPS They may need sheltering arms. Give comfort when asked. Do the same for yourself. Good week for personal indulgence.
  • LEO ACE OF WANDS Might as well start. Passion entices you. Open your spirit. Get going. Life’s not waiting so why are you? Start the fire.
  • VIRGO FIVE OF WANDS A little friendly competition comes your way. “Take the bet. They’re gonna regret because you’re the best there is.” 🙂
  • LIBRA THREE OF SWORDS Leaving what you love isn’t easy. Necessary next step. Hold on to forward movement. Think yourself clear of painful thoughts.
  • SCORPIO MOON A path calls. Hard to see the way but follow your heart. Change inevitable. It’s a cycle. Watch mood swings please. Not pretty.
  • SAGITTARIUS NINE OF WANDS Success is hard-won but don’t stop scrambling for it. Feed your personal fires. Stoke your passion. More battles coming, winner.
  • CAPRICORN NINE OF CUPS Heart’s desire. Right here. Right now. Don’t make a wish. Make a plan. Achievable goal to reach those stars you want.

Today’s deck was the Faerie Tarot from U.S. Games. This is a charming colorful deck. Love it! 😀