Pirates, Soothsayers + Insanity

WakingTheWildSpirit_14Cups001Today’s card made me look up a word. I wanted to know more about what it meant. One word in the first definition just rankled my cockles. Sorry, but it IS Talk Like A Pirate day. 😀 I’ll spare you from translating the whole thing, matey, but there will be bits as we go.


So as I was saying…there was a word in the definition of soothsayer that made me twitch. “Supposed” as in “a person supposed to be able to foresee the future.”

That makes it seem as if it is the reader’s fault if the currents they see today in your reading change tomorrow.

I’ve got two words for you.


Just because I see you getting that desired interview today doesn’t mean you won’t do something between now and then to change the outcome.

Patterns are in our lives for a reason. We create grooves, gouges, ruts that we stay in. We don’t move out of them.

Why? Because they are familiar. And darlings, I mean mateys, familiar isn’t always good. Just because you are making a killing on the bounding main today doesn’t mean you won’t need to put your self into dry dock tomorrow.

Don’t let anyone–not a doctor, not a teacher, not a parent, not a psychic–tell you that you can’t change your future.

Of course you can. That’s why my clients know a reading with me creates homework for them. They need to take stock of actions they are currently involved in. Sure they can continue as is, but, things will not change until they change.

Do you know who said this?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

My fellow Pisces Albert Einstein dropped that little gem.

So on this Pisces Full Moon, let’s use this as our journal prompt.

“What insanity in my life can I change and how?”

King of Cups,Waking The Wild Spirit, Poppy Palin

I hope you are enjoying the Tarot Telesummit. I’ve gained so much from the talks so far. Remember this is free to listen to at the time of the talk + 48 hours. If you want to hear the whole thing whenever you like, you can buy the package. I’m talking about Judgment on 9/30.  (That be an affiliate link, me buckos.)

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on. Arrg!

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How To Have A King of Cups Day

CatsEye_14CupsToday’s card reminds me to indulge myself every now and again. This comfortably plump (okay, fat and happy) King of Cups from the Cat’s Eye Tarot has nothing but love for you. He exists to be petted. He wants nothing more than to lie in your lap purring all day.

But that’s not really the best thing for very day, is it? Of course not, but you and I know that. But what we may forget is that every now and again it is not just okay, it’s mandatory.

Here’s how to have a King of Cups day (with or without large purring cat).

Don’t set the alarm. Wake up when you wake up and be happy you don’t have to fly out of bed.

Loll about. Here’s where a large purring cat or snuggling dog might come in handy. Don’t get up immediately. Just lay there for a bit. Use that time to do some active day dreaming.

When you are ready, go have something you really love for breakfast. Pancakes? Tuna melt? Shrimp etoufee? Eggs Benedict? This is your day of indulgence so eat what you like.

Now you have a few choices.

One. Go for a walk just to wander. Not for exercise. Not to get any where. Just to go see what’s out there.

Two. Curl up with a good book in a comfy chair. Here’s another spot where a fat cat might come in handy.

Three. Curl up on the couch to watch a new movie or an old favorite.

This day is for you so do what you like.

I find that it rejuvenates me. You?

Now I’m ready to tackle some spiritual stuff using my Sacred Space Clearing Kit. Love this!

Here is my own fat cat and his favorite dog pal. They sleep together all the time.

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Ostara & The Court of Cups

In the Wiccan religion, many of us associate directions and elements and even tarot suits with certain times of the year. Ostara is a holiday of spring and life and joy. Its direction is East. Its element is Air. There is a sense of youth and fun and birth happening at Ostara.

In Tarot the suit of Cups points to the West. It’s about water. The time of year is Autumn. Here we have a season associated with aging and quiet introspection and death. It is the polar opposite of the rites of Spring. So what do the two have in common? Continue reading “Ostara & The Court of Cups”

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Universe February

“What does the Universe need President Obama to know about his February?” Join Arwen as she reads for the President of the United States.

I wanted to show you how I personally use the Universe method of question forming. I will do a card for myself and then, in a break from my “no 3rd party” readings, I will do one for President Obama.

What does the Universe need me to know about February? Continue reading “Universe February”

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Tarot & Food: King Of Cups Layered Stew

Waldherr's Goddess Tarot

The King of Cups is my secrets keeper. I see him as a very Scorpio man. Some assign him to Cancer, but for me, he’s just far better as a Scorpio. He is an emotional King who can see to the heart of the problems you bring to him. Of course, like Scorpio, sometimes he can be a bit sharper than most would like, but if you go to him for advice, expect him to strike with laser-precision at the truth of the matter.

For me, I think he would like a meal that Continue reading “Tarot & Food: King Of Cups Layered Stew”

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