Abundance, Money + Living

Too often we lock our focus on money as the only marker of abundance. We make that bank account our only hope to live abundantly. So we work diligently. We save every penny we can. We weep when the car or the fridge or the a/c robs us of our savings.

Joie_CoinsAceToday’s card is a reminder to me about abundance living. Not abundant living, but abundance. This woman holds her hands out because she knows she will have enough. She knows she will be given what she needs. She trusts the Universe to bring her to the place where abundance is.

It’s hard to remember to be open to abundance. Many of us live with the idea that we have to budget. That we must watch every penny.

And that’s not a wrong thing. It just may not be the best right thing. 😀

Too often we lock our focus on money as the only marker of abundance. We make that bank account our only hope to live abundantly. So we work diligently. We save every penny we can. We weep when the car or the fridge or the a/c robs us of our savings.

We close ourselves off to abundance living when we do that.

Abundance is a large quantity of something. So for me, my abundance living is marked by what I have. That includes my friends, my family, my pets. It includes the fact that I don’t walk through this world naked. It includes the fact that I have things to sit on, places to lie my head. It includes that I have the ability to drive (and pay for gas).

[Tweet “Abundance is so much more than money in the bank.”] It is opening my hands rather than closing my fists. It is appreciating what I have.

When I am open to the idea that I am blessed, I am always blessed more. Without fail, I am blessed more.

So today’s journal prompt is this. “How do I close myself off from being open to abundance? How can I stay open to the idea of abundance living?”

Ace of Coins, Joie de Vivre Tarot, U.S. Games 2011

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Redo, Revisit + Free Reading

JdV_4EmperorToday’s card is a do-over. See it’s 11:40pm Thursday night and I have to be at work at 7am tomorrow. So that means I have to write your daily post tonight.

This post is my Joy Seeker’s Spread. I’m feeling so happy tonight that I want to give away a reading today.

So, one person who shares this post via Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest will get a reading from me. Leave a comment telling me you shared it and you will be in the running. I’ll pick the winner and announce them on Saturday’s blog.

Points if you know why I chose the King of Pentacles Err, make that the Emperor, from the Joie de Vivre Tarot by US Games to use for this post.

Tarotscopes for 11/25-12/1/2012

Join me in manifesting your best year ever! Create an incredible year with me.

Today’s deck is the Joie de Vivre Tarot from U.S. Games Systems Inc, 2012. Whimsical characters share their worldview with you. Seek Joy y’all. Pass it on.

  • AQ 1Cns Creativity pays off. U can seed new projects. Grow new avenues of income. This is small starts w huge potential.
  • PIC 10S Lift the veil. Put yr mind back on track. Examine what U accept as true. Is it? Slow, steady practices save the day.
  • ARI Dev Be yr own puppet. Don’t dance to someone else’s tune. What are U really working for? And who? Cut those strings.
  • TAU 3Sw So many things are in front of U. Wasting time on what’s lost? If you release that pain, U make room for joy.
  • GEM 2Cps Being intertwined w someone isn’t bad as long as U know where yr own legs are. Share joy. Share love. Accept them.
  • CAN Herm Time to make yr own way. Home emphasized. Ok if U want to go within this wk. U can find yr own way. Follow yr own star.
  • LEO 4Cps That lonely feeling? GET OUT OF YR HEAD. Open up. Tell others. Share yr sad to find yr joy. Shutting them out won’t help.
  • VIR KgCps Mature emotional expression required if U want to grow. Rule yr emotional self. Compassion towards self necessary.
  • LIB Lov Partnership. Balance. Working as a team. Another day in paradise? If U stay focused on the other. Less me-me. More them.
  • SCO KgWnd Passion rules this wk. Let yr inner RAWR out. Lead w yr amazing heart. Leave fear behind as U forge new bonds.
  • SAG 1WND Set yr goals high. What U put out comes back, so make sure it’s joy-filled. Attitude is everything this wk.
  • CAP Chariot Forward motion may seem like U are in a runaway stagecoach but remember. U hold the reins. U are in charge.

Join me in manifesting your best year ever!  Create an incredible year with me.  This is the best investment I’ve EVER made.

Thanks for sharing these scopes via Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest. It brings me a lot of joy to know you like them enough to share. (Sally Fields moment…you like me, you really like me. Grin!)

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Blow, Shoes & Power

Today’s card reminds me that you blow. No really. YOU BLOW! And I’m going to tell you why if you will just keep reading. But really. Y’all all blow.

Just like this cheerful Page of Wands from Paulina Cassidy’s 2011 US Games Joie de Vivre Tarot. He has learned such a valuable lesson. Do you know what that is?

I’ll tell you. He’s learned that sometimes you have to blow your own horn. It’s okay to tell people how fabulous you are. One of the key rookie mistakes many new authors and new business owners make is that they are reluctant to tell someone how fab they are.

Consider this. Your shoe needs fixing. You go into two shops.

Shop Owner One: “Well, I can try. I mean I just opened my doors and I’m not sure I’m going to succeed.”

Show Owner Two: “Of course I can. I just opened my doors so I can show you how I think customers should be treated. You can pick it up tomorrow.”

Which one would you pick? I know which one I would pick.

It’s okay and even essential to blow your own horn a bit. And while you’re at it, help someone else blow theirs. I know…who thought I could tell you how much you blow on a Saturday, right?

But you must be your own publicist first. If you don’t believe in you, how can others be inspired to follow? If I told you, “I think you might want to find joy because, well, it’s pretty cool” instead of “Seek joy, y’all!”, which grabs you more? Which makes you believe that I really mean what I’m saying?


Here. I’ll demonstrate. 😀 I’m the life coach you want to work with when you must regain your personal power and you have to find your joy and hang on to it.

What about you? Tell me your own fabulousness! Share a link to your business page in the comments. Let others know how to find you.

Blow your own horn, darlings. I’m giving you a forum to do that today. Take advantage of it. Put your two pretty lips together and blow.

Oh, by the way? The spread in the Joie de Vivre LWB? That’s my renamed Joy Seeker spread (horn blowing).

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Page of Wands, Joie de Vivre Tarot, US Games 2011