Crap, Change + Truth

That’s like touching a paper cut over and over to remember that it hurt. Of course it hurts if you keep touching it, honey. You poke and prod so much you re-injure yourself.

MagicalTimesEmpowerment_ChangeToday’s card is one I love. First, I love the way the artist has chosen to depict it as if we are looking through a lens. Some parts are fuzzy, can’t-be-seen-clearly bits. Others are crystal clear.

Facing Change (big C, y’all) is like that. Often we can easily see the big pieces. It’s the small, out-of-focus ones that escape us.

Letting go of the past–pain, hurt, sadness?

Then do it. Don’t dwell on it. Don’t revisit it by saying, “Oh I’m working on getting over that breakup.”

That’s like touching a paper cut over and over to remember that it hurt. Of course it hurts if you keep touching it, honey. You poke and prod so much you re-injure yourself.

Yeah. You. Not anyone else. YOU RE-INJURE YOURSELF.

Ouch, right? But it’s the truth. Big ugly events happen. They bring pain and suffering and a whole host of other craptastic things.

Time moves us past those events.

Our minds hold us there.

You are transforming. Let go of the past. Embrace the light and joy of this new day. ~Jody Bergsma

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

#NaNoWriMo folks, how’s it going? Day six is here. Don’t worry if you aren’t far enough or whatever enough. Days one through five are in the past. Let them go. Embrace today by writing forward. Write with joy, y’all. Holly Lisle signs her emails that way. Write with joy.

So let’s do it! Change happens. Shit happens. We move forward. We transform.

Change, Magical Times Empowerment cards, U.S. Games Systems Inc

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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How Much Do You Bend?

MagicalTimesEmpowerment_Flexibility002Today’s card is the Universe’s way of teasing me, I think. I pulled from the gorgeous Magical Times Empowerment deck by Jody Bergsma (USGames) this morning. I didn’t focus. I didn’t meditate. Just grabbed the deck and pulled. And snorted when I saw the card title.

Flexibility. Gently flow through the turbulence. Life has the ability to shape you. Bend, don’t break.

This echoes a phrase I saw yesterday. It’s one I’ve heard (and said) a lot. The willow survives the storm because it bends.

Life throws a lot at us. We have to think on our feet. We have to negotiate seemingly endless bumps and turns. We have to actually live.

Life isn’t meant to be a straight line, y’all.

We set goals. We have to change those goals or alter how we get to them all the time.

That’s not failure. That’s life.

It goes back to that other saying about giving thanks for unanswered prayers. Our today selves aren’t fully cognizant of what our next year selves will need. We make goals based on today’s self so it’s okay that things change as we move through life.

Be flexible but more than that? Be gentle with yourself when you realize a goal needs to be moved or reshaped. It’s okay. That’s life.

Flexibility, Magical Times Empowerment Cards, Jody Bergsma, USGames (aff)

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

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How Do I Add To My Burdens?

SpiritoftheWheel_29Cleansing001Today’s card is from an oracle deck by an artist I love. Her work is so lovely. She has a new oracle out that I reviewed a week or so ago. This is from an older deck that I have only recently gotten.

Bears are power animals to me (and many others). I love that the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation deck (by Linda Ewashina, illustrated by Jody Bergsma) use Bear here for the card called Cleansing. It’s an important message for me personally as well.

I’ve recently had a personal upset. I’ve been let down in the financial arena by someone I trusted. I’ve been let down in the friendship arena by someone I asked to be honest with me.

Both those things weigh heavily on my mind. The first in several ways since the money helps me pay my bills. The second hits my heart very hard.

But this card tells me that I need to work on releasing burdens. I should detoxify my world. I need to let my energy flow in clean, pure channels.

When I over think things such as “why would X screw me this way,” I bring my own angst into it. I color it. I, if you will, stir the energy with a shit-coated stick. Yeah, that’s a lovely image, isn’t it. Sorry ’bout that.

But stick with me. (I hear you groaning from here!) Burdens in life are inevitable. How much crap I toss in is on me. If I simply see this sizable debt as someone else’s burden, it helps. I step back and acknowledge that, while it does affect me, in the long run, it is weighing the debtor down far more than me.

Same with the friend who lied to my face. That is their burden to carry. That is their knowledge to live with. That they were given a chance to come clean…to tell the truth and they chose to lie. That I found out about the lie within an hour is chance. Or is it? Do all lies get uncovered? Can you live with lies? Can you live with liars?

Truth is something sacred in my world. Now, don’t get me wrong. I get that not everyone will always tell me the truth. I get that I will be the fool some of the time (thanks President Lincoln.)

But when I find out that I am the fool? Then I get to make choices about how I react. What energy I add to that burden. You feel me?

I am culpable in the burden when I jump into it. When I don’t step back and think, “Okay. That was shitty. I need to make room in my life for those that will tell me the truth.” I need to let go of my need to figure out why someone would not pay an agreed to debt, tell me the truth when asked.

Cleansing. I need to do some.

Today I release the burden of needing to know why. I detoxify my life by letting go of those who choose to live lives that don’t match my own paths. I open up the channels. I allow pure,clean energy and people into my life. I seek joy to replace the pain. I cleanse myself with the Spirit Bear of the North today.

Cleansing 29, Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck, U.S. Games, 2007 [aff]

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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