Whose Old Tapes Are You Playing?

GratitudeCards_FaithToday’s card is not a Tarot card. It’s from Jodi Chapman’s Gratitude Cards. I’ve been fascinated by these for a while now. Jodi does a free reading on the first day of the month.

I finally got my own set. They are sweet! Perfectly purse sized and gorgeous. Each one uses the same format. A large font statement and then under that there are encouraging phrases.

I pulled “Have Faith” for this post. I laughed a bit because I thought I’d pull something like slow the heck down. Today’s been a busy day. I’ve been focused on walking 10K steps and am at 7300 or so as I write this. Of course it’s also nearly 7pm so I need to push it to hit those last 2700 or so steps.

I need to do this for me. I need to do it because I love myself and I want me to be healthy for a long time. This card plays into that because there’s this nagging undercurrent.

What if I’m not healthy? Will people abandon me?

What if I am suddenly gravely ill? Will I be alone?

I know in my heart that I won’t be abandoned, but my head keep worrying. That’s old tapes, baby.

Old tapes have been on parade this week for my clients. Literally every reading I’ve done has talked about old tapes playing. Tears have been shed in several cases.

And for me? Yes, there are some old tapes that I’m eradicating.

I am losing the one that says “Big girls can’t exercise” and “you aren’t healthy because you are fat” and other similar ones.

I’m reprogramming my mind to hear “you are beautiful”, “You are always loved” and “You are healthy.”

What old tapes do you have going on? How about this for your 180 second challenge today?

For three minutes, close your eyes and reprogram your mind for ONE negative thought pattern. Just one. That’s all.

Instead of “I’m never on time” try “I’m punctual.”

Instead of “No one loves a fat person” try “I am loved and loving.”

You can do it! Have faith.

Get your own set of these fun cards.

Have Faith, Gratitude Cards, Jodi Chapman

Seek Joy, Y’all. Pass it on.

Is This The Answer?

So the other day, Jodi Chapman’s blog turned two. She shared a video in which she asked three questions. So I turned those questions into a Tarot spread.

The Jodi Chapman Asks Spread

Click for larger
Click for larger

1. What does your soul want you to know?

This terrific Three of Cups tells me that my soul wants me to know that it is okay to trust and to love. It is more than okay. It is satisfying and fulfilling to have deeper, more meaningful relationships with others.

There’s a fear somewhere in the back of my heart still that I’m not enough. It’s one I fight every day. Do you? Some of the tricks I use are to face that fear squarely. I tell it out loud that I’m more than okay and that I’m more than good enough. I work on myself to stay positive.

It occurs to me that I don’t do that always. There’s a group of friends who like to trash talk one another–and I’m in the thick of it when it gets going. I have to decide if that is okay or if it is not working for me.

I love that the three characters here each have a different tool in front of them. Not your average three gals, are they?

2. What makes your soul sing?

Oh the Six of Swords and the fabulous flying machine! They are off on an adventure, aren’t they? I love this card of high-flying thoughts and focused forward movement.

It does make my soul sing when I look at my goals. When I review what dreams I’m working on bringing into fruition. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! The Create Your Incredible Year Workbook+Planner has galvanized my life, y’all.


I can see where I’m going and have steps on how to get there. Want to join me? You can. It’s never too late to start building, creating, .

3. What dream are you ready to leap into?

Now here’s an interesting response. Another Cup card (emotions rule the Cups) but one of the more morose ones, generally speaking. Yet I see this as truly one of my dreams.


Do you see his position? He’s relaxed. He’s settled back. True, his expression might be that of a pouty baby, but his feet are up. For me, I’ll forgo his facial whine and focus on his posture.

Those two books on the desk are very important as is the scroll to his far right. The books are the two I have in progress–both are non-fiction Tarot books. The scroll represents four letters I must write if I am to take the first step of one of my other Scary Big Dreams.

And see the fourth cup? Up on the shelf behind him? That one is so beautiful compared to the plain ones on the desk. I am ready to grab that cup and fill it up with even more joy. That’s the dream I’m ready to leap into.

To show you how to seek your own joy using Tarot as a tool.

Do you want to have a conversation with me about how to seek your joy? About how to find your bliss? Are you ready to get honest with yourself and do the work?

I’m here when you need me. Contact me and let’s set up a time to spread the cards to see where you need to correct your own course.

If you join my newsletter, you will be able to take advantage of the newsletter-only discounts I sometimes offer.

I really think Jodi asked some great questions, don’t you? Check out her Coming Back to Life eCourse here.

Now tell me what your dream are you ready to leap into?

Steampunk Tarot, Llewellyn Tarot, 2012

Seek Joy Y’all, Pass it on!

Thoughts, Swords & Purviews

The Universe frequently knocks my noggin, yanks the rug out from under me feet, or yanks my pigtails then runs.

Today’s card was pulled at a perfect time for me. See, I am furious right now. Just sick with anger about a news story that I read. I’ve already kneejerked about it on my personal page. I’ll spare you that here.

What I will say is that the 8 of Swords (Fenestra Tarot, US Games) is the perfect knock upside my noggin from the Universe. The Universe frequently knocks my noggin, yanks the rug out from under me feet, or yanks my pigtails then runs. (FWIW, I don’t have pigtails… :D)

When I looked at this, I didn’t see swords so much as bindings held by others that locked this woman into place. Of course, those are swords but not for me, not now. My fuzzy eyes have locked onto that idea that she’s held captive by others.

Swords are thoughts. Swords are mental actions. Swords are controlled by…????


Our thoughts are completely within our own purview. So those swords in this card? Not in someone else’s hands. They are emanating from her and being PUT into the hands of others.

Yep, she’s giving them control of her thoughts. I do that. I forget to stay fierce about my joy. I forget to deny outside input into my interior landscape. I plant thorns when I should be planting tulips.

I can’t control others.
I can control myself.

Yep, it’s that simple. If, and only if, I keep fiercely focused on that finding. (Yes, you can assume adore alliteration.)

So today, my job is to reset my mind, to reroute my thoughts, to restore my inner landscape. Yes, the newsstory was horrific. Yes, there is something I can do about it (educate others on what I think the cause is). But no, there is no reason to walk around jacked up about it all day. What good will that do?

And, in a lovely bit of synchronicity–Thanks, Universe– I read Jodi Chapman‘s blog today.

Yes. Be nice to myself. This is what I must do. And I shall!

Will you?

8 of Swords,Fenestra Tarot, US Games, 2005

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Still plenty of time to join the gang who are going to be using C to make 2013 the best ever.

Life, Souls & Reconnections

That’s such an intriguing name, isn’t it? What does it mean to come back to life? Does it make your spirit sit up and take notice? Do you feel the overwhelming need to get back to the you you really are?

Today’s card is not a card but a course I’d like to share with you. I’ve been following Jodi Chapman’s blog for a while. She’s offering an e-course that I think will be fabulous. I love the title of it too. “Coming Back To Life

That’s such an intriguing name, isn’t it? What does it mean to come back to life? Does it make your spirit sit up and take notice? Do you feel the overwhelming need to get back to the you you really are?

Jodi’s newsletters and blog posts are always insightful but more than that, they promote a joyful way of being. Of course, I love that, right! I hope you will check out her information on this amazing course.

“Soul Speak: What does your soul want you to know” is one of those sites I can recommend without any reservation. It’s just good stuff, y’all!

Here’s a bit from the page about the course.

“Throughout this journey, we will begin to reconnect with our soul – the wise essence inside of us that always has the answers.

We will get to know this part of ourselves intimately – possibly for the first time in our lives. We will begin to trust this part of ourselves and remember that it is this part that always connects us to the entire universe. And we will begin to feel truly alive!”

Wise essence reconnections. What’s not to love about that?

Now hurry up and go check Jodi’s page out.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!