Mulch, Release & Inspiration

Today’s card isn’t a card at all. It isn’t even a picture that might be a card. SURPRISE! It’s a spread!

I read blogs. I love to read and blogs are my magazines. I saw a really interesting title go by at the beginning of May. Frankly, I’ve been so busy, I didn’t have time to read it. But I loved the title “The Mulch Spread” so I didn’t delete it from my RSS Feed. I got around to it today. I was so taken with this spread.

I hauled out my Bunny Rabbit Tarot because it seemed to fit this concept. Here’s my reading for myself. Freel free to chime in via the comments.

James Ricklef’s Mulch Spread

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Card 1: What is something in your life that you need to lay to rest? This may be a relationship, a belief, a feeling, etc. (If you came to this reading with something already in mind that you think you need to let go of, this card can be interpreted as a comment on how or why you need to do so.)

So I got the Moon. My first thought on seeing this pretty bunny lying on her back was, “Stop dreaming. Start doing.” I’ve been really focused on moving some of my “what if’s” to actual projects thanks to this course I’m taking. It’s helped me step away from feeling overwhelmed all the time to only feeling overwhelmed SOME of the time. But this bunny is not seeing clearly. He’s mesmerized by that moon. It’s cool to be into those dreams, but I need to let go of some so I can focus on others. One of those may be what I offer in terms of teaching Tarot. I think I need to retire my workshops or revamp them into something that is more self-serve. I’ve been thinking about posting the lectures for my Learning Intuitive Tarot as downloadable courses with videos and pdf files.

Card 2: How has it helped you become the person you are today?

Oh the dreaming answered by the 2 of Rods is perfect. It has helped me make some inroads into myself. I have been able to identify things about myself through this “mooning” around. I’ve been able to avoid (read: ignore) some emotional drama. This 2 of Sticks(Rods) is wonderful to see here!

Card 3: Why are you still holding on to it?

OUCH! The Fool? Really, Universe? You couldn’t soften that blow a little more? I have half a mind not to…oh never mind. You’re right. I’m holding on to all the dreams because I foolishly believe they are all equally important. I know they are not. I need to stop mousing (rabbiting?) around. I’m standing at the edge of something big but because I won’t let go of the moon/illusions, I’m holding myself back.

Card 4: What is waiting to sprout into your life as you bury this out-lived aspect of your life and let it mulch back into the soil of your life.

Wheeeeeeeeee! Imma gonna go go go! 🙂 Translation: I’m going to get in my Chariot and drive. I will be able to take control of my life and move forward once I let go of the mooning. I must make some lists now, y’all. See what dreams need to be set aside. Maybe I need to decide to only do Tarot for Writers or only do personal consultations on a limited basis. If I set it up so that I was only available one day a week or even a month…

I don’t know. Definitely something to consider.

The Chariot, to me is a promise that I will get things all moving in the same direction once I can let go of what must be let go of. I like the that the one “growth” card here is the only one showing the rabbit looking straight out at me. Powerful. Leaning forward. Happening to things rather than lolling on my back or trying to remember which branch goes up and which one goes down. And not super focused on how I look to other people which is something that is popping out at me from the Fool.

I do like this spread. A lot.

See the full post from James here.

I welcome your thoughts and input on this spread. What do you see/think/feel?

Rising, Fear & Focus

So today I see rising up and rising up which is interesting since today’s card on my Facebook business page was about rising above. Tarot and the Universe seem to be conspiring with me about my need to focus on my Pollyanna life which I’ve written about before.

Without knowing what ED (Elemental Dignity) the HPS was, I guessed at water. I looked it up and was right. Of course the Mary-El Tarot’s depiction of the HPS is a very watery one so that helped. With two cups, that makes this a very strong 7 of Cups day. In the class that I’m teaching, we have a discussion about different ways we saw the 7 of Cups so I’m amused that it shows up today.

For me, the 7 of Cups is about emotional choices and buying in. But Marie White doesn’t depict that with her dark wolf with the full moon behind. With my other job as a paranormal erotica writer (gasp, oh no! Arwen writes sexy books?), this card makes me think of werewolves.

I do lCypress Treesove the two cards on either side. The Six of Cups surges upwards from the water. He is a winged merman perhaps with lobster claws to pinch. The HPS rises up but she is connected to the water as she hovers in the air. It is almost as though this is the same figure in a way. Her hands are not hands so much as roots diving back into the water. She makes me think of a cypress tree with that imagery.

Other similarities between the 6 of Cups and our HPS card are the bubbles on his head and the water on hers. Almost a yin/yang thing here.

Turning to the incredibly detailed Mary El Tarot book, I find this about these three cards:

6 of Cups: Uriel solves challenges by reaching deep into the depths of the self for the answers, by trusting and helping the true self rise to the surface, by exposing that which was previously hidden,repressed or locked away. By Growing.

7 of Cups: Truth is wide, vision is narrow. Focus your vision on what you desire, not what you fear.

High Priestess: We have a darkness within us, places that we can’t easily see.

So all of these cards, strangely enough, have a theme of fear for me. Trust is the other side of fear in many cases which is what I think the 6 of Cups points to and the 7 of Cups emphasizes. Then the HPS reminds us that the darkness is natural and expected.

I see this as a reminder that I need to do as the 7 of Cups commands and focus on what I desire. Because when I focus on fear, that grows exponentially until I have no control over my emotions. I go from “situation normal” to “situation fubar” in about 0-60.


Clutter, Yoda & Drama

Continuing on with the Ostara spreads from the Tarot Blog Hop, I move to one that addresses Spring cleaning on a personal level. Donnaleigh’s Clutter Spread tackles not only what energetic clutter can do but also what you might be missing by hanging on to it. So I thought I would turn to the next deck in my stack of “those that need to be reviewed.” I still have to actually write reviews for the Mary-El and the Rosetta.

But now I need to delve into Continue reading “Clutter, Yoda & Drama”

Slapdowns, Nerves & Maps

So why am I nattering on about the 10 of Earth and the 9 of Fire so much? Well, you see…I’ve done something a bit crazy. I’ve joined with two other people to rent an office. It’s actually something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time but have never taken that Fool’s Leap. The Universe is delivering some unexpected blessings, that’s for sure.

What do I need to know about for tonight?

This was my focus. I tried to focus on what do I need to know for the day, but since I’m at work for eight hours, I pretty much know what the deal will be here. I don’t know what I need to focus on for this evening.

Why am I so interested in this evening? It’s my first Continue reading “Slapdowns, Nerves & Maps”

Like Lucy Says…

Lucy is a favorite blogger of mine. I found her on a search for crochet patterns. Her blog is a dazzling delight of color in words and pictures. I fell in love with her vibrant voice and endearing sense of humor.

She shares so much of her life via pictures and takes her blogging very seriously. I admire her efforts. I am unfailingly charmed by her entries.

Today, she reminded me of something. You see, Continue reading “Like Lucy Says…”

SPREAD: James Wells Bias Spread

Saturday I visited James Wells blog. I did not mention this spread because I wanted to do it and share it here. I found this on Evolutionary Tarot. He did his own and encouraged others to try it out for themselves as well. Here is my reading for myself.

I did this with the World Spirit Tarot. It was a very interesting spread. I am quivering at the edge Continue reading “SPREAD: James Wells Bias Spread”