Landscapes of Your Soul by Essence of Wild

My letter would tell me to listen to my heart, to heed my own inner wisdom, my intuition, and to spend more time on the land exploring my connections with nature.

Today I honored to host Day Seven of the Virtual Blog Tour for Landscapes of Your Soul by Essence of Wild. Yesterday Essence of Wild visited Karina’s Inner Space to chat about the healing spirit of the land. I hope you read that one as well.

Below is my interview with Essence of Wild on the topic of ancient wisdom in these lands as answered by Jason Smiley of Essence of Wild.

1. Jason, do you feel that your ancestors would approve of how you are seeking and teaching ancient wisdom through your Essence of Wild site?

I’m sure our ancestors would approve of any connection to ancient wisdom in our modern times. The main thing is that we practice it. Times do change, and with it our way of using ancient wisdom can also evolve so that we are better served by Mother Earth. Whilst it is good to connect physically with communities, an online presence allows us to reach out to a much wider audience and to bring our own particular essence of wild into their lives.

By making our Landscapes of Your Soul meditation pack available via the website we are enabling so many more to deepen into the process. Also, the actual cost to Mother Earth in materials is substantially less than if we made the pack available only as a physical product and in these times of great unsustainability this surely is important.

2. What wisdom would you give your 16 year old selves if you could get a letter to them?

This is an interesting one. I think when I was 16 my higher self knew exactly what I should be doing but I was distracted by life and didn?t have the courage to step up to what I needed to be doing. My letter would tell me to listen to my heart, to heed my own inner wisdom, my intuition, and to spend more time on the land exploring my connections with nature.

3. How do you see the world changing as more people embrace the concept of a sacred landscape as a vehicle for ancient wisdom, Jason?

The ancient wisdom of Mother Earth is all we need in many ways. Surely as more of humanity come to realize this we will begin to live more in harmony with her and recognise her needs are just as important as our own.

Land based communities would be much more sustainable and healthy as they would dip into the landscape for guidance rather than spending countless hours watching tv and reading newspapers in the hope of keeping up to date with what matters.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Essence of Wild and that it has inspired you to deepen your connection with the landscapes of YOUR soul. Click here to buy your own copy of Landscapes of Your Soul for instant download.

Visit the next stop on the tour at Moonlight & Hares where Essence of the Wild is talking about the magic of ancient lands. That’s happening today as well.

Editors, Critics & Friends

Today’s card is one of my Zentangles. These satisfying little things make me so happy to do. I’m rarely happy with them when I start, but by the time I’m finished? Oh yeah baby! I’m tickled pink.

Today is a short note because I want to hear from you instead. What have you done that you thought was a disaster until others looked at it with fresh eyes? Or what have you see from a friend that they thought SUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKEEEEDDDD but you knew better?

Internal editor.

Infernal critic.

Self doubt.

We all have it. What are your tools to fight it?

One of mine is Zentangling. The other is my 9Words poetry challenge. I take nine random words then turn them into a poem (rhythmic rather than rhyming). Then I have to post it in a group (it’s on a different site). It’s funny how often I will loathe something that others love. 😀

My friends help me beat that infernal critic back down. What about you?

Talk to “teh Arwen”. I want to know how you build yourself up. How you remind yourself every day about what an amazing human being you are.


Well you better tell me how you plan to start then.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Screams, Fear & Sleep

Today’s card asks an easy question but the answers are always hard. It is from a deck I got some years ago from someone I knew in Colorado. She’d made each one by hand. It’s very simple and very direct. Today’s card asks, “What are you afraid of?”

I snorted when I saw it. You see I woke up this morning thinking I’d had a breakthrough in my phobia of cockroaches. I don’t use phobia lightly. I break out in a sweat. I cry. I run past dead ones even. I want to kill them but I’m too afraid they will crawl on me. My muscles hurt after seeing one, okay?

Yeah. Phobic.

But last night the cat and dog (the younger ones) chased a cockroach. I was on my way to bed and saw something skitter down the hallway with Vinegar Kitteh hot on its heels (all six of them–shudder.) I went into the living room shoe in hand but it FELL from the wall. I shrieked and ran.

Then I breathed. I finished a tangle. I calmed my mind. Then I went to sleep.

I. Went. To. Sleep.

Knowing there was a live cockroach in my house. I live in Texas. The chances that there are roaches in my house are huge. They seek water and I have that in my pipes. So realistically, I know…I have bugs. I just do not want to see them, thankyouverymuch.

But I woke up and knew that I’d slept–nightmare free–with a live (but on it’s way to being dead given the rapt attention of my four-leggeds) in my house. This is nothing short of a minor miracle.

So today, I’m going to face my other fears. The ones about not being good enough. The ones about no body liking me. The ones about not being smart enough. The ones about not being really anything enough.

And I’m going to set my virtual pets on those fears. I’m going to walk away from those fears while my guardians chase them down, bite them into pieces, cause them to skitter back into the deepest, darkest holes to die.

That’s what I’m going to do. What are you going to do? What are you afraid of?

Seek joy, y’all. When you fill up on joy, there’s no room for fear. Pass it on.

Coasting, Losers & Excellence

Today’s card is a reminder that practice makes you, if not perfect, happy. Or so the concept of eudaimonia tells us. I ran across that word (which is very fun to say. Go ahead, try it. I’ll wait.) on a blog by Joanna Powell Colbert. She simply said that she was practicing eudaimonia that day.

Eudaimonia, according to Princeton, is a “contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.” Aristotle would tell you that it mean “striving toward excellence based on one’s unique talents and potential.” I even created a spread on this concept.

And get this, y’all. It isn’t about BEING perfect. It’s about striving towards excellence. And not just some uniform concept of excellence, either. It’s based on what you are good at. It’s based on making the most of you.

That really sings to me. It takes away the “only an A student is any good” shadow that so many of us hang over our own heads. We can’t coast through life because someone else tagged us as “Most Likely To Work For The Man For The Rest Of His Life” in high school.

Nope. We have to all sit up, take notice and, most importantly, take action.

Imagine a world where we were each striving towards excellence based on our own unique talents and potential. And where we were lending a hand (even if in wild applause) to those next to us. Imagine the chain of good we could weave across the Universe.

Practice Eudaimonia, y’all. It’s important.

Get your own reminders to practice Eudaimonia.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Hibiscus, taken by Arwen Lynch, 2011

Special notice for my blog readers. I’m teaching a one hour webinar on how to use the Tarot as a tool for fiction writing. Come join me August 12, 2012.

By the way? This card would be the 10 of Coins in my world. What about yours?

Dolphins, Stress & Doors

Arwen Lynch, professional psychic, discusses why a dolphin on your head is a good thing.

Today’s card brings me a valuable lesson. I saved a quote earlier this morning thinking it might come in handy for today’s card. Then I drew from my brand new first edition Steele Wizard Tarot (yes, I’m excited.)

Last night I drew a card for meditation and got the King of Swords. This morning, while shuffling, the King of Pentacles popped out. I poked him back in (oh yes I did!). Then I pulled the King of Cups.

Which begs the question Continue reading “Dolphins, Stress & Doors”

Goggles, Disbelief & Acceptance

Of course, we have to make choices at that point…do we keep them in our lives? Do we move on? Do we learn from them and change how *we* see the world?

Today’s card is from a more unusual deck in my collection. It is one that doesn’t use easily recognizable suits. That can be challenging to someone who has a set understanding of what goes with what. It can be a little Continue reading “Goggles, Disbelief & Acceptance”

Kittens, Competition & Ethics

That other is reaching up to engage, but what about the third kitten who is looking up? He or she looks scared to me.

Today’s card reminds me that taking a leap shouldn’t be done at the expense of those around me. Traditionally this card is about competition–particularly the type that pits us against others. It’s pretty natural in our species (and others) to want to be Continue reading “Kittens, Competition & Ethics”

Dolphins, Diving & Bliss

Chase Your Bliss (Click for larger image)
Today’s card is one of my own making. I see it as the Seven of Cups. Too often we see our dreams pass us by or never come to fruition. Sometimes, as Frank Sinatra tells us, that’s life.

But how often is it because we stopped to get ready? Saw our bliss and made preparations. We paused to put on our tennis shoes. We waited to properly stretch (learn) so we didn’t hurt ourselves. We warmed up.

And all that time, our bliss was headed thataway!

Chase your bliss, darlings. Don’t hesitate. Don’t check to see if your shoe is tied. Just go for it. Leap in the water. Swim with dolphins. Dive with the pelicans. Graze with the manatees. Ground feed with the catfish.

I don’t care what you liken it to–just do it. Chase your bliss. Even if you don’t catch that dream, you’ll be moving so fast that when the next one comes by, it will catch up to you.

Want help chasing that bliss and catching it? I can help. And if you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll get a free book on how to read Tarot for yourself.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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Publicity, Perception & Passion

I am over 51 years old and have spent a lifetime calling myself names — fat, inadequate, broken. You name it. I probably called myself worse.

I’m sharing my Facebook posts here as well.

Today’s card is not a card. I want you to ask yourself a question. Do you have a publicist for your life? For the person you are? Or do you have a frenemy? And I’m not talking about some outsider. I’m talking about Continue reading “Publicity, Perception & Passion”