Spread: Meadow Musings

I walk the dogs a lot. One of them is a puppy who likes to go out frequently. I try to indulge him. We have a small field next to us. Well, okay, so it’s the front sloping lawn of the church. Still it’s lush and green right now. Sort of like life I’ve decided.

Life is a green field dotted with flowers of several types. There are some weeds as well. And, if you live where I live, every now and again, there is a sharp prickly ball of cactus waiting to stab the unwary. I’ve been thinking about a spread that would take on this metaphor of life as a meadow. Laying out cards in my head. Naming positions. None of them really fit what I wanted to say. Continue reading “Spread: Meadow Musings”

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SPREAD: Killing My Muse

Recently I responded to another author’s journal about “Why Do YOU Write?. She responded. I responded back. One of the things that came out of that back and forth was this

Sometimes I wonder… if we have muses, if we don’t also have enemies of our muse. Those thought patterns that continually try to tear us down. In Tarot reading, I call these “old tapes” and they seem to be related to our own feelings of inadequacies that are usually (not always, but usually) fed by our own dark selves.

Then I said, Continue reading “SPREAD: Killing My Muse”

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SPREAD: Finding The Warrior Within

I have been creating my own Tarot spreads for nearly seven years. I take a psychological approach to Tarot rather than a predictive one. I am far more interested in how things will make me feel and change me than I am in how things will turn out.

In our lives we take on battles nearly every day. Some are small battles while others are large ideological wars that take up a lot of our energy. That energy is a precious resource. I have found Continue reading “SPREAD: Finding The Warrior Within”

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