Why Hula Hoops Beat Procrastination

Thoughts on hula hoops helping beat a really bad habit.

Crystal Visions Tarot Ace of Pentacles
Crystal Visions Tarot

Today’s card reminds me that hula hoops are an important metaphor in my life. This goes back to something my sister told me. I can’t remember who told her but the saying goes like this.

I can only control what is in my own hula hoop.

So stand up. Now hold your arms out as if you were holding a hula hoop about yourself. Swing your arms to the front and back and to the sides. Get a feel for how much space that is.

You control everything inside that hula hoop area. It’s all yours. You are mistress or master of your domain. Anyone inside that circumference must bow to your wishes.

Anything outside of that circumference?

Repeat after me…not my circus, not my monekys.

If we all focused less on the trauma-drama of others, how much happier we would be. If we simply provided space to listen them and let go of trying to fix them, we could get to the real meat of our day.

Our own stuff.

Yep, it’s a really highly developed procrastination technique. The more I can worry about your shit, the less I have to work on my own.

[Tweet “So which will it be today? Useless worry or meaningful work? It’s your choice.”]

Today I focus on my own needs. Today I listen to others and let go of any misguided notion of fixing them. I am in charge of my own experience. I can only control what is in my own hula hoop. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Ace of Pentacles, Crystal Visions Tarot, U.S. Games 2011


Can You Really Hold On To It?

Today’s card isn’t a Tarot card. It isn’t one of my Zentangles. It’s from a rather unusual oracle deck. This deck depends on words rather than pictures. It doesn’t give me the out of letting my mind wander. I can’t trip over a meaningful interpretation the way I can on other decks. This one says, “Stop. Think. Consider.” So I will. Today I am told to hold my power.


Well, the haiku written by Rachel Marco-Havens, actually urges me to try. I like that gentleness. It’s inherently forgiving, isn’t it? Try to stay grounded. I really like the last line of this haiku.

And hold your power

What does that mean to you? What is it to hold your power?

For me, it means don’t waste my energy. I need to hold my power…use it for me…focus on that connection to the core.

It’s a good thought. One I really need right now as I am spending some time out of my own hula hoop wondering if someone else at work is doing the “right” thing.

Big quotes around right because my right isn’t their right. I am not privy to their life, their background, their ethics. What I see as “right” may not be their vision.

So I need to hold my power. I need to stop wasting so much energy wondering if they are doing as they should. I need to focus on doing as *I* should instead.

For your 180 seconds today, that three minute commitment, can you hold on to your own power? Can you commit to owning only what is yours? Can you let go of worrying about someone else?

Practice makes perfect, darlings.

And, grin, have you gotten your copy of my Fairy Tale Tarot spreads eBook yet? I hope you will.

Haiku for Thought, Rachel Marco-Havens, 2012 (a few decks from this amazing little pocket-sized gift are still available.)

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on. Remember that I love you.

Dumpsters, Hula Hoops and Fate

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