Sticks, Guns & Knives

Today’s card is from a very unique deck. I heard about it when the creator said that one of my favorite television shows had requested to use it for an episode. So I hurried off to look at it. The art work is primitive, raw and passionate. I bought it.

I went through the cards today and three called to me but I could only choose one. I chose the Warrior (Knight) of Sticks because I liked the message I got from the card. Caveat: I didn’t read the book. I usually don’t read the book of a new deck until I’ve worked with the deck a bit. I know, right? Crazy!

So here we have a dude holding a stick. But look at his weapon. It’s got flowers, y’all. FLOWERS. Who’s he going to injure with that?

Then it hit me. He’s not the warrior who wants to kill. He’s the protector who wants to transform those who come against him. He wants to show them the beauty he sees.

I like that. I think he is seeking joy in a new and different way. I don’t doubt that he will cosh anyone on the head who doesn’t see the beauty way, but I’m sure he will give them at least two chances to get it.

How do you go into a fight? When you know an argument is brewing. When you know you are going to be a loggerheads with someone.

Do you take a gun to a knife fight (yes, I know that’s not the saying.) Or, like our Warrior of Sticks from Hazelmoon’s Hawaiian Tarot, do you go in hoping to change hearts and minds without blows (physical or verbal).

What do you take into a fight?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Warrior of Sticks, Hazelmoon’s Hawaiian Tarot, 2010