Tapping, Anxiety + Ice

arwenwhitetreesSo while I was out walking the dogs I was thinking about this morning’s post. It was incredibly brisk but not so cold I didn’t want to be outside. The dogs however were quite happy to come inside once they were done.

My main thought was about the tapping I did last night. My guest on You Never Know showed me how tapping works. Susan Franklin of Groundwater Wellness LLC was a lot of fun. You can tell that she is passionate about her work.

What I took away from the tapping was a hands-on way of dealing with anxiety and fear. Others in the show’s chat room said they really got immediate benefit from it as well.

See the show here including my own tapping experience.

It’s a lovely age we live in when we can set up an appointment with a counselor who lives halfway across the country. Susan is available for sessions if you are interested. Her modalities include traditional talk therapy as well as tapping, Reiki, and energy work.

The picture on today’s post is from a recent trip I took. The winter storm had left behind some beautiful sights.

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This weekend I am going to start working on my . I am so ready for this. As you know, this workbook+planner helped me achieve some pretty major goals for myself this year including my . That is getting some rave reviews which makes me very joyful! Want to write a book? I can help.

So your journal prompt for today is, “How can I proactively address my fears and anxieties?”

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.