Have You Researched Your Fate?

GreenOracle_Ash002Today’s card is from a brand-new oracle from Schiffer Books. The deck is called the Green World Oracle. As with most decks, I opened the box and flipped through the cards. The names are associate with, wait for it, plants.

The art work works for me. A lot. It is unusual and there is a lot to be seen in every card. This one caught my eye on the first run through. Then I shuffled and drew.

And out popped Ash. That made me smile. One of my dear friends is called Ash. He’s my Thursday husband. I wasn’t sure about the women in this card. I thought they were a tri-Goddess but they didn’t fit the normal Maiden, Mother, Crone. That along with the deer in the tree (although I thought they looked like Duk Duks), I grabbed the book.

Not Duk Duk (not even sure I have that name right) but stags representing the four winds. The woman are the Norns or the Fates. The tree represents Yggdrasil which is a tree I associate with the Hanged Man (Odin hanging from Yggdrasil).

So there is a lot in this book for each card. I mean, a lot.
The mythology, the botany, the meaning of the card and then there are footnotes. No, I’m not kidding. In the seven pages dedicated to this one card, there are twenty-three footnotes.

This is in-depth, y’all. Based on this one card alone, I would recommend this deck to those interested in the magic of our natural world. It’s only got thirty-three (now there’s a magical number) cards but it ranges from the Greeks to the Norse to the African to the Japanese. I’d say it covers the world from my cursory look.

These three women remind me that those heroes of old were the ones who were fated to do something and did it their own way. Many of them “beat Fate” as it were.

How do you live your life? As if your Fate were already sealed or as if you were captain of your own ship? How would your life change if you knew someone else was driving?

I think the truly brave are those crazy enough to understand that we were each given lives/ships to take our journey in but where we go is up to us.

So where will you go today? Will you tempt the Fates by doing things your way? Will you please the Universe by living a well-lived life?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Ash, Green World Oracle, Schiffer Books 2013 [aff]