Musings on the Two of Water (Gaian Tarot)

It’s an emotional choice day for me. I laughed a bit when I pulled today’s Gaian Tarot card. My horoscope made mention of some emotional choices as well. And I’ve been struggling with my own ability to process and feel emotions again.

I’ve been single for a long time now–just over four years. My last relationship was a hot mess due to Continue reading “Musings on the Two of Water (Gaian Tarot)”

Musings on the Two Of Fire (Gaian Tarot)

OOH LALA! Today is a 2 of Fire day.Interesting to get a Fire card after yesterday. I felt like dog poop most of the day.  Then my back decided to flare up as well. Great! I was thinking about doing a free hooping class tomorrow. Guess that’s out. WHINE!

In most Tarot decks, the twos are about choices. In the Gaian Tarot, this seems Continue reading “Musings on the Two Of Fire (Gaian Tarot)”

Musings on Elder of Air (Gaian Tarot)

Last night I did my first reading for a client with the Gaian Tarot. The spread I used as my Chakra spread which tends to be a “low-blow, dirty deeds” kind of spread. By that I mean it doesn’t hold back from what it thinks you need to know. The Universe tends to send really clear messages. Last night’s reading kept hammering one particularly Continue reading “Musings on Elder of Air (Gaian Tarot)”

Musings on Death (Gaian Tarot)

Can Death be comforting? Beautiful? Do a wrecked boat and a dead bird bring peace in a meaningful way?

I feel like a part of me is dying.

So that was the song I hear when I was getting out of my car this morning. I am battling a stomach issue today that is a direct result of my eating a Whataburger with jalapenos last night. Late. Very very late. Ugh. I so know better, right? But I was hungry and nothing else was available. I didn’t want to take the time to cook a bowl of rice (which is what I should have done.) So instead, Continue reading “Musings on Death (Gaian Tarot)”

Musings on the Ace of Fire (Gaian Tarot)

Why is the Ace of Fire from Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot so terrifying? Did she make a wrong choice in this card?

This morning’s card is the Ace of Fire. Interestingly, when I pulled the very first card from this deck, I got this card.  It embodies a sense of curiosity even while it may cause some to shudder. Continue reading “Musings on the Ace of Fire (Gaian Tarot)”

Musings on the Priestess (Gaian Tarot)

I am doing daily draws (or as often as possible since I may not remember to do this) with my new Gaian Tarot deck. I will put up a review soon. In fact, I have a few outstanding reviews.

I am intentionally not sharing the card image. To see it, please click the link in the sources at the bottom of this post.

Today I drew the Priestess. She is the third card in the Major Arcana. Her image is the one on the front of the Gaian Tarot’s companion book. The background is water and air–ocean capped by sky. She seems to be in a place that is not Continue reading “Musings on the Priestess (Gaian Tarot)”

Interview: Joanna Powell Colbert & The Gaian Tarot

jpcToday, please welcome Joanna Powell Colbert and her Gaian Tarot. This interview is comprised of answers from both the author/artist (A) as well as the deck (D). I give the questions and then the deck is used to answer the questions. So what you read is what Joanna pulled for each answer.

My own JPC testimony Continue reading “Interview: Joanna Powell Colbert & The Gaian Tarot”