November 2011 Tarotscopes

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This month we see a lot of interesting cards but some of the Major Arcana that show up? WOW. Just wow!

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Slapdowns, Nerves & Maps

So why am I nattering on about the 10 of Earth and the 9 of Fire so much? Well, you see…I’ve done something a bit crazy. I’ve joined with two other people to rent an office. It’s actually something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time but have never taken that Fool’s Leap. The Universe is delivering some unexpected blessings, that’s for sure.

What do I need to know about for tonight?

This was my focus. I tried to focus on what do I need to know for the day, but since I’m at work for eight hours, I pretty much know what the deal will be here. I don’t know what I need to focus on for this evening.

Why am I so interested in this evening? It’s my first Continue reading “Slapdowns, Nerves & Maps”

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June 2011 Tarotscopes

Of the big three, the Tower is the only card that didn’t show up. So, which sign got the Devil? Which got Death? Who needs to let their temper out in a controlled way?

Death Gaian Tarot Joanna Powell ColbertWelcome to the June 2011 Tarotscopes. Of the big three, the Tower is the only card that didn’t show up. So, which sign got the Devil? Which got Death? Who needs to let their temper out in a controlled way? Listen for this month’s reading specials as well. You can review my available Tarot for Writers reading. Or you can check out my available personal consultations.

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If you want to know who got what cards and to get to the podcast, peek past this cut. Continue reading “June 2011 Tarotscopes”

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December 2010 Tarotscopes

Happy holidays, everyone! This month’s reading was a lot of fun for me. There’s a very special offer hidden in this podcast that is available only to those who listen to this month’s episode. Here are the cards for this month as well. Continue reading “December 2010 Tarotscopes”

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Character Reading: William of Ravenglas

This reading today is for Keena Kincaid’s hero, William of Ravenglas. William is a medieval hero. His story, ENTHRALLED, has some light paranormal elements. Keena writes for The Wild Rose Press.

From Keena’s bio:

When not working or writing romance, Keena regales her niece and nephews with stories of quick-thinking ladies, mathematically challenged knights, and ill-mannered dragons that chew with their mouths open.

Now come see what William has to say about his reading. I think he gave good, strong answers as well. Continue reading “Character Reading: William of Ravenglas”

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Character Reading: Mick Burns

Today I want to celebrate the release of a new book in a promising new Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy series by Allyson James. I’ve read a lot of her books. One of my favorites is Howlin’ . Because of that and other books by her like the fabulous Dragon Series, she’s become one of my automatic buys. But don’t tell her that! Grin!

A bit about Allyson from her own bio:

Allyson writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and erotic romance for Berkeley and Ellora’s Cave. She published her first book as Jennifer Ashley in 2002, and since then has published about thirty novels and a dozen novellas under several pseudonyms. Her Jennifer Ashley novels have hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. Allyson lives with her soul mate, an avid reader himself, in the beautiful Southwest in a houseful of books.

Do visit Allyson’s web site.

Now come meet Mick Burns. He’s got a bit of a problem that maybe you can help him out with? And don’t miss Continue reading “Character Reading: Mick Burns”

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Rescue Me! Take Me In Your Arms!


And it’s official. I’m going to be adopting a 4 year old Basenji female named Nayru. I’ve signed the contract for her but don’t know when I’m picking her up yet. Maybe as soon as tomorrow.

In honor of Nayru, I’m going to Continue reading “Rescue Me! Take Me In Your Arms!”

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Art Of The Lie, by Delphine DrydenToday, I do a reading for Delphine Dryden‘s contemporary hero, Richard. Richard and Lindy are her characters from her Truth And Lies series. These contemporary erotic romances will tickle your fancy. Make sure you look for The Art Of The Lie available now from Ellora’s Cave.

From her bio:

After earning two graduate degrees, practicing law awhile, and then working for the public school system for over ten years, Delphine finally got a clue. She tossed all that aside and started doing what she should have been doing all along, writing novels! In hindsight she could see the decision was a no-brainer. Because which sounds like more fun? Being a lawyer/special educator/reading specialist/educational diagnostician…or Continue reading “CHARACTER READING: Richard”

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