2009 November Tarotscopes

Welcome to the November 2009 Tarotscopes! If you enjoy these, I invite you to follow my weekly Tarotscopes on Twitter.com. I do brief Tarotscopes on Sundays.

I hope you had a fabulous October. Do tell me how your month went! Did you find joy in small things? Did you remember to smile at strangers?

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If you enjoy the books of Marilu Mann, we have a free read coming out on November 23. Details on the podcast!

July 2009 Tarotscopes

Well it is already July. The year is officially half-way done. I hope you have had a good first six months. Thanks for listening to my podcast!

In this month’s podcast, I announce the winner of June’s contest. And we also hear who has to bring in others to solve their on-going problem as well as who got the Death card for this month! (cue spooky music). You know that’s about change, right?

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Here are the cards for each sign. For the interpretations, Continue reading “July 2009 Tarotscopes”

Where’s Arwen? CONTEST!

I’ll be on Blogtalk Radio with Raven and George this coming Sunday.

I’m going to be talking about what I think a beginner needs to know about choosing a deck and how to get started with the Tarot. I will also be doing readings at the end of the hour.

You can join us on Sunday at 1pm EST. Call in or hang out in the chat room. I’ll stick around the chat afterwards to answer questions and maybe do a few readings as well.

Let’s do a promotional contest! You share this on your blog, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Then leave me the link here. I’ll put you in a contest for your choice of readings from me.

So the rules are:

1. One entry for each social media that you use.

2. You have to let me know here. I will not know otherwise.

3. You must post your social media post by no later than 8pm PST Saturday June 20.

In other news, Marilu Mann has a new novella coming out June 26th. Sweet Buns is a contemporary erotica guaranteed to leave you sweating. Learn more in the June 2009 newsletter.

June 2009 Tarotscopes

The June 2009 Tarotscopes podcast is now available. Who was this month’s “IT” kid? Who has to stop wallowing and ask for help? Who needs to stop and enjoy what they have? Who needs to share their love of  “ooh shiny” with others? It might be you! Check out the podcast to find out.

Here are the cards for each sign. For the interpretations, Continue reading “June 2009 Tarotscopes”

Character Reading: Alric (Fictional Character)

Today I am happy to share a reading I did for Alric. He’s a bit cranky but he has a right to be. He is the hero of JK Coi’s latest, Dark Immortal.

Blurb: Five years of happiness, erased in one vicious act of violence. Continue reading “Character Reading: Alric (Fictional Character)”

February 2009 Tarotscope Podcast

Do you love reading your daily horoscope? Give a listen to my monthly tarotscope. Each month I draw one card for each sign. This is a free podcast to you!

The deck I used for this month’s podcast is the The World Spirit Tarot. Continue reading “February 2009 Tarotscope Podcast”