Tarotscopes 1/19-1/25/14

I would love to help you find your joy. I use Tarot as a vehicle to explore ways to solidify your joy seeking practices and to guide you towards decisions that will be best for your life.

Hey y’all! Are you ready to start a new week of seeking joy? I want you to do something for yourself this week. Just a random nice thing for you. Maybe that means an extra five minutes in a hot tub. Perhaps it’s a new book you’ve been wanting. Or it could be something that just pops up!

I bought myself roses yesterday. Pretty pink roses that were five bucks at the grocery store. Then I put them in a white jug. The beauty was instant and easy. I looked at them in the store thinking, “I wish someone would buy me flowers.” Then I moved on to do my shopping. I went past the roses again and spent some time chatting with the florist about a really gorgeous bromeliad she had. It had pink and purple spiky flowers that were very striking. I didn’t buy myself roses. I went to get in line. But you know what?

I realized in that moment that five dollars wasn’t all that much in my budget. I realized that I really wanted those pretty pretty roses at my home. I went back to get the roses before I checked out. And grinned all the way home.

Do Something nice for you today.
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P. to the S. I’m doing them on the blog now because I can do a more in-depth reading without being limited by 140 characters. 😀

  • AQUARIUS THE HERMIT Look for joy by following your own light. Strike out on your own. Don’t worry that it might be “weird”. Hey! You are an Aquarius and weird is part of your astrological makeup. Seek knowledge for the sake of understanding. Ferret out why a clock works. Explore the essence of your left big toe. Don’t limit your seeking to what others say you “should” learn. Learn for your self. Indulge your encyclopedia reading habit this week.
  • PISCES DEATH Time to make some changes. You can mourn or you can grow. Of course, you can do both, but I recommend focusing on growth. Death means changes in your world. Be strong enough to make the right choices for yourself. Don’t keep something or someone just because you’ve always had that energy in your life. What you let go of this week can bring you joy this year. Make it happen.
  • ARIES PAGE OF CUPS Someone makes an overture of love this week. I suggest it be you to you. Write yourself a love letter. Buy yourself a cup of coffee. Open up communication with your self to repair bridges. The friend you need the very most may be the face in your mirror. Reach out to yourself to see what would be a good date night. Then do it. Don’t make excuses. Take yourself out.
  • TAURUS THREE OF WANDS Things are beginning to pay off. You can expect that your passion will bring you rewards. It’s been a long wait, I think, but this week is the start of you getting what you deserve. Make sure you’ve been working for the right things or what you deserve may not be what you want. The ship that is about to come in was pre-loaded by you. Be careful. Cargo may have shifted during transport and some contents may have settled. Don’t skimp on what you deserve.
  • GEMINI SEVEN OF COINS Growth happens. Make sure you are focused on the good growth. The more emphasis you put on the negative, the more you get. Same goes for the positive. Which will it be, my Gemini darlings? Do you need more negativity in your live? Or do you want to bring forth the good that you know you require? I checked your Universal balance. Looks like you are drawing more on the “what went wrong” rather than pulling out of the “Wow you’re amazing” accounts. Why?
  • CANCER TEN OF WANDS Okay. So you’ve got a lot to do. You can handle it. The only thing I need to remind you of today (and tomorrow and the day after that…) is you have permission to say no. You have my authority to say, “Thank you, but my plate is full.” Clear the to-do list before you add to it if you want to make it through without pulling out your hair AND theirs. No is okay to say. I promise!
  • LEO THE DEVIL So there’s some things you’ve been indulging in that aren’t the best for your precious lion heart. I need you to step away from the emotional excesses, the physical over-doings, the spiritual deprivations. Now pay attention. I’m not saying totally stop. I’m staying you need to be heedful of what you are doing that is simply avoiding the hard work. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can pretend it isn’t there. will you let your indulgences destroy all your past hard work? I didn’t think so. Get going, Leo.
  • VIRGO NINE OF COINS Nice week for you practical lovers. Wishes come true this week but you will have to put some effort forth for that. Expect to be noticed by someone in a position of power. They may offer you something that you think you don’t deserve. Put aside your humility. Shake their hand and thank them. Step into the place of recognition and be proud of what you have done.
  • LIBRA THREE OF CUPS Happiness and joy are your coin this week. Spend them freely. Share your joy with others to refill your own cups. This is an unending cycle once you realize that you are the font of all that is good. Trust the Universe wants you to be happy and be happy. It really is as simple as that, darlings. This is your week to step into your professional Joy Seeker shoes.
  • SCORPIO ACE OF CUPS Love letters can be trusted. Offers to make you the bombdiggity of someone else’s world are highly possible. Open your heart up to the beauty around you and within you. As you express your love for all, that is reflected back to you in ways you probably didn’t think were real. They are, my beautiful Scorpions, they are. You are a vessel overflowing with the beauty of the world. Let others share in that amazing joy.
  • SAGITTARIUS TWO OF WANDS Well, sugar, it’s time to poop or get off the pot. Your time to make THAT decision is here. Your moment to choose a different path is right in front of you. The good news is it is time. The bad news is it is time. If you are feeling pressure to choose, blame the Universe if you must. Or look in the mirror at the person seeking perfection and missing true joy that is in the palm of their hands already.
  • CAPRICORN FOUR OF SWORDS To make that project work, you need to set up some firm boundaries. Don’t rabbit trail this week. Stay on target. The more quiet time you can carve out, the better. You have something dangling just out of reach. Just for now, let it dangle while you focus on something more at hand. The key for you this week is time. Don’t accept social invitations. Nose to the grindstone and headphones on. You can do this.

Today’s deck was the Ukiyoe Tarot that has been rereleased by U.S. Games Systems Inc. It’s a graceful deck that uses the Japanese style of art known as “floating world”.

I would love to help you find your joy. I use Tarot as a vehicle to explore ways to solidify your joy seeking practices and to guide you towards decisions that will be best for your life.

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Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Free Readings + December 2013 Tarotscopes

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Make it a great end of the year. I wish you all the joy in the world to round out your 2013 twelfth month.

Wait. WHAT? You want to know the link to the Tarotscopes? Well, you can get them in the player at the bottom of this page. No, the real bottom. The  bottom bottom. Waaaaay down there!

Or you can click here. 😀

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Tarotscopes for 3/17-3/23/2013 + Free Readings Today

explorer-earthWelcome to your free weekly Tarotscopes. These are for the week of March 17 through March 23, 2013. Don’t miss how to get your free reading at the end!

    • AQUARIUS Guardian (Queen) of Fire Nurture the things that make you sing. Focus on feeding what builds you up. Burn out what reduces you. Guardianship of your heart.
    • PISCES SUN Great week to be you! Don’t burn out though as you dance yourself through this amazing energy. Spread your arms. Welcome the joy.
    • ARIES Elder (King) of Fire Passion rules you or do you rule it? Careful not to let it dictate your actions. Controlled passion is your best bet this week.

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    • Taurus Seeker/Fool Do horizons beckon you? Scared? Don’t be. Take that first step into your new world. Cross the threshold with your heart open.
    • GEMINI Six of Air Others must be included if you want to succeed. You must create partnerships. You have to work with committees. You will win if you do.
    • CANCER Six of Earth Healthy foods in. Unhealthy attitudes out. Balance giving with receiving to get the most out of life. Connect with community.

So I’m getting great feedback on my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads book. I think it’s because of the gorgeous artwork from Lisa Hunt. Others tell me that it’s because of the Tarot spreads I’ve created. You can learn more here and get your copy for only $4.99 as well.

    • LEO Judgment Rise up. Awakening to the next journey you must take. Seize this moment to make the most of it. Spirit transcends.
    • VIRGO Two of Fire Partnership emphasized. May have some fiery moments. Work through them. Heads butt for a reason. Do you need to control more?
    • LIBRA Explorer (Knight) of Earth Time to work. Nose to the grindstone. Teach by doing. Less talk more action for true forward movement. Take care of you.

Are you a writer? Are you stuck with a sagging middle? Got characters who have turned into talking heads? Need a hand negotiating a twisting, turning plot? I specialize in helping you focus in on your creative projects. I can help you finish the damned book.

    • SCORPIO Elder (King) of Earth You’ll know when the project is ready. Put your heart and soul into the work to be nourished. Dedication & loyalty pay off.
    • SAGITTARIUS Child (Page) of Earth Be more curious. Investigate new paths to prosperity. Open your mind to new sources of income. Examine any job offers intensely.
    • CAPRICORN Three of Water All work + no play? No way! Find time to relax. Carve out moments of joy. Work can be fun too. Focus on finding the fun.

I do these weekly tarotscopes along with my monthly podcast free because it brings me great joy to give back to the community. I also, like many of us, love to see others enjoy my work. So today until midnight, I’m going to pull a card for anyone who shares this post. Because I might miss your share, I have to ask that you leave a comment that includes your sharing link. So if you Tweet this, come back and leave a comment that shares your tweet link. (Click on the time and date on your tweet to get that link.) Same with Facebook and Pinterest. Just leave me a comment with your share.

And, yes, if you share more than one place, you can leave me all the links in one comment. I’ll pull a card for each share. These will be one card mini readings. If you want to have a longer Tarot conversation with me, contact me using the Contact Me button over there to the right.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Today’s deck is the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. It’s my primary reading deck.

Redo, Revisit + Free Reading

JdV_4EmperorToday’s card is a do-over. See it’s 11:40pm Thursday night and I have to be at work at 7am tomorrow. So that means I have to write your daily post tonight.

This post is my Joy Seeker’s Spread. I’m feeling so happy tonight that I want to give away a reading today.

So, one person who shares this post via Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest will get a reading from me. Leave a comment telling me you shared it and you will be in the running. I’ll pick the winner and announce them on Saturday’s blog.

Points if you know why I chose the King of Pentacles Err, make that the Emperor, from the Joie de Vivre Tarot by US Games to use for this post.

Tarotscopes 1/27-2/2/2013

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  • AQ Death Don’t flinch! This is a great card asking U to shed things. Let go of what/who isn’t fueling U. Move on to better.
  • PIC Temp All energy simply is. What U make of it is important. What are U putting out? That’s what U are getting back. Balanced?
  • ARI Justice Protecting what’s yrs isn’t wrong as long as U understand U are simply the guardian not the owner. Be at peace.
  • TAU 7Earth What seeds are U planning/planting? Nurture yrslf. Water yr dreams w/ joyful tears. Radiate yr hopeful heart. Grow, baby.
  • GEM 1Wtr U only grow as big as yr heart. Open up. Trust the deep water. Trust yrslf. Love yrslf first/foremost. Swim out, darling.
  • CAN 7Fire Make it happen. Focus yr intent like fire in a forge. U will have to change things to create things. U’ll be okay. Focus.zentangle_seekjoy
  • LEO 3Fire Annnnnnnnnnd GO. That’s it. Just go. Get started. Stop waiting. Show them how fabulous U are. Make them notice U. Roar 😀
  • VIR 6Earth Community projects bring big rewards. Get involved. Time/energy payments bring abundance. Like the free section on CL!
  • LIB ChEarth Hard work pays off. Allow yrslf time to be curious. Explore surroundings. Job opportunity possible. Family joys.
  • SCO Emperor Good planning is in the details.Don’t skip the minutia this wk. Follow yr own rules. Boundaries may need reestablishing.
  • SAG 2Air Shhh. Time to talk is not now. U will gain more from silence. Listen w/ yr soul. Pay attention to signs. Important info.
  • CAP Lovers Partnerships may need attention. Seek support from those U know love U. Don’t waste energy on others. Make this intimate.

Tarotscopes 10/14 – 10/20

Today’s deck? Dreaming Way Tarot from US Games. t I love this deck, y’all!

Feel free to share these. And I love hearing from you so let me know what you think of them. How is your week looking for you? How was last week?

  • AQ PgPent Study harder. Learn more. Work on written projects. Don’t wander too far. Stick to the subject for best results.
  • PIC 10P Successful outcome. Others approve. Ask U to share yr wealth/knowledge. Business grows. Expect success. Listen to advice.
  • ARI PW Sometimes U have to wander to learn. Write a letter to your self for 10 yrs later about where U expect to be. Get in the game.
  • TAU World Knowledge is power. Use that knowledge to move to the next thing. Understanding yr success leads to more. Accomplishment.
  • CAN 5C U have plenty left. Yr joy is in yr hands not theirs. Focus on what U have. Yr hula hoop, darling. Not theirs. Let them go.
  • GEM 6Cp Emotional responses w/o thought are for children. Revisit old friends. Learn from their success. Value what they offer.
  • LEO KnS Where are U rushing off to? Stop. Time to get a plan of action BEFORE charging in. Is it really yr battle to fight? Really?
  • VIR 4S Rest is recommended. More mental projects coming soon. Take this much needed respite. Allow yr mind space to rejuvenate.
  • LIB 4Wnds Partnerships need boundaries. Commitment requires stability. Celebrate yr hearthstone by focusing on others this wk.
  • SCO 1Wnd Growth starts at the bottom. Passion fuels it. Seed energy for starting something fun & new. Make it happen now. Fast wk.
  • SAG QSw Speak w/ authority. May have to be sharper than U like but they must listen this wk. U will need to take charge of your life.
  • CAP 5Wnd Don’t let others control U. Play by rules U know & understand. When U are pawn 4 others, it’s wrong. Games are likely.

Three of Cups, Dreaming Way Tarot, US Games, 2012

October 2011 Tarotscopes

HEADS UP! The audio on this is bad. Apparently I didn’t have the microphone plugged in all the way so the external mic was working. You will have to adjust your speakers.

This month’s specials are the Bagua Map for $35 and/or the Pen & Paper for $35. As always, I live off your comments!

Hear the podcast here.

March 2011 Tarotscopes

Cunning Man Waking the Wild SpiritHey it’s March and you know what that means, right? It’s my BIRTHDAY! I turn 50 this year. To celebrate, I’m offering 25% off any reading for the entire month. Just email me. Tell me which reading you want. I’ll invoice you at the 25% off amount. Pricing is good until 3/31 and you have until May 1 to redeem your reading. Fair?

I’m reading with a very unusual deck this month. It’s the Waking The Wild Spirit Tarot. I love the fey energy of this deck.

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Image: Cunning Man by Poppy Palin

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February 2011 Tarotscopes

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