March 2013 Tarotscopes

In this month’s newsletter (slightly delayed), I’m announcing who got the free reading for March.

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In this month’s newsletter (slightly delayed), I’m announcing who got the free reading for March.

What? You didn’t know about the contest only for newsletter subscribers? Well you do now. Yes, you can still be in the drawing if you subscribe in time. Hurry up though. I’m working on the newsletter this weekend. I’m aiming to post it by Sunday.

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Image is from Dana Driscoll’s charming Tarot of Trees.

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Tarotscopes 1/27-2/2/2013

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  • AQ Death Don’t flinch! This is a great card asking U to shed things. Let go of what/who isn’t fueling U. Move on to better.
  • PIC Temp All energy simply is. What U make of it is important. What are U putting out? That’s what U are getting back. Balanced?
  • ARI Justice Protecting what’s yrs isn’t wrong as long as U understand U are simply the guardian not the owner. Be at peace.
  • TAU 7Earth What seeds are U planning/planting? Nurture yrslf. Water yr dreams w/ joyful tears. Radiate yr hopeful heart. Grow, baby.
  • GEM 1Wtr U only grow as big as yr heart. Open up. Trust the deep water. Trust yrslf. Love yrslf first/foremost. Swim out, darling.
  • CAN 7Fire Make it happen. Focus yr intent like fire in a forge. U will have to change things to create things. U’ll be okay. Focus.zentangle_seekjoy
  • LEO 3Fire Annnnnnnnnnd GO. That’s it. Just go. Get started. Stop waiting. Show them how fabulous U are. Make them notice U. Roar 😀
  • VIR 6Earth Community projects bring big rewards. Get involved. Time/energy payments bring abundance. Like the free section on CL!
  • LIB ChEarth Hard work pays off. Allow yrslf time to be curious. Explore surroundings. Job opportunity possible. Family joys.
  • SCO Emperor Good planning is in the details.Don’t skip the minutia this wk. Follow yr own rules. Boundaries may need reestablishing.
  • SAG 2Air Shhh. Time to talk is not now. U will gain more from silence. Listen w/ yr soul. Pay attention to signs. Important info.
  • CAP Lovers Partnerships may need attention. Seek support from those U know love U. Don’t waste energy on others. Make this intimate.

Character Reading: Cameron MacPherson

Today I read for Cameron MacPherson, the hero of Legend of the White Wolf by Terry Spear. Terry writes rich books full of stunning setting and detailed lore. You can’t read one of her books and not watch over your shoulder to see if you can catch a shifter on the run. She’s good, y’all.

And busy! This fellow Texas author (also a transplant) is a retired US Army  Reserves Light Bird  aka Lieutenant Colonel who likes to make bears when she’s not writing or teaching workshops.  Visit Terry at her site!

So here’s the reading! Don’t miss the contest at the end! Continue reading “Character Reading: Cameron MacPherson”