Successful spells+Dark Goddesses

During the working, the small Goddess statue (it’s of Ishtar) came to life. Yes, I know how strange that sounds, but there I was with the Goddess smiling at me and nodding Her head.

Dark Goddess, Four of Fire
Dark Goddess, Four of Fire

Today’s card is one of those moments when I have to whine, “Mom! The Tarot is mocking me again” but also when I must tell you a tale of true magic. Why? Because last night in a truly lovely sacred space created by Nancy Antenucci and Ellen Lorenzi-Price, a group of us all drew for the same reading. In those various posts, I kept seeing one particular card. I thought to myself, “Self! We need to look that Goddess up.” And looking her up reminded me of a spell that went really really well.

Today, I shuffled the Dark Goddess not even consciously thinking about last night. No, my thought was “Tell me what I need to know for today” and boom. There she was. Kamui Fuchi (Kamuy Fuchi) stared back at me. And y’all? I was just going to shuffle the cards one more time when I saw her.

The face that can’t be denied looked back at me. I’ve seen Her once before.

I read up on Her a bit this morning which is one of the reasons this post is a bit late. OOH SHINY and down the research hole I go. But back to Kamui Fuchi whose full name is Apemerukoyan-mat Unamerukoyan-mat said to mean Rising Fire Sparks Woman/Rising Cinder Sparks Woman according to the never-wrong Wikipedia. 😐

One thing I read is that She is so important that she never leaves her home. Another thing I learned is that the hearth is considered a gateway to communicate with the kamuy or Gods.

I love the image in this card. Her rising up from the fire. All of the others below Her. What a lovely thought to be able to sit before your own home fire to communicate with the Gods. That’s when I remembered my spell that went really really well.

I’ll tell you this story about this working. It seems apropos. This was back in…96 or so. I lived in Georgia. I’d quit a job that was sucking the life out of me. I needed a new one. So I did what any witch would do. I worked magic to call the right job to me.

I won’t go into how important it is to tell the Universe what you want and to be hope to what you get. The Universe doesn’t always see things the way you do so your pony might be a Mustang. 😀

During the working, the small Goddess statue (it’s of Ishtar) came to life. Yes, I know how strange that sounds, but there I was with the Goddess smiling at me and nodding Her head. No words, just movement. I remember thinking that maybe I’d fasted a little too long. Then I just asked Her to help me find the right job for me. She smiled and nodded again, then went back into statue form.

The next day I saw an ad for a job for a new company. I was in NO WAY qualified but it was something I wanted to do. So I sent in my email with resume attached.

Then I kicked myself for forgetting to turn off my tagline program. Anyone remember those? They randomly generated from lists you created? Yeah.

I’d just sent an email off for a technical job (again, not qualified for) with a tagline that said, “Hardware: That part of the computer you can kick”.

When I got the call for the interview, the woman mentioned that tagline. She said that was WHY she pulled my resume aside and WHY I got the interview.

I subsequently got the job. And it is still to this day one of my favorite jobs ever. I moved from rep to manager in six weeks and my office was the first satellite to achieve a 40k month.

But that all came from sitting in front of my candle flame and talking to the Gods. Now I know why Kamui Fuchi drew me so hard last night. I’d met Her before but not known Her name. In either this or another working in the same time period, I also met a Kitsune. But that’s a story for another day.

Journal prompt today is, “When have I asked for one thing and received another from the Universe? What was my lesson?”

If you choose to do a working, please remember to phrase it so it is open. Don’t ask for a pink party dress. Instead ask for the right outfit for you. [Tweet “The Universe isn’t keen on being told what it thinks…”]

Kamui Fuchi, Four of Fire, Dark Goddess Tarot, 2013

I highly recommend this deck.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.