Bayou Tarot: Four of Cups

It is a comment on the loneliness we can all feel at one time or another.

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Bayou Tarot Four of Cups
Bayou Tarot

#affirmation Here is a picture from my Bayou Tarot (it’s not a real deck…it’s just a series of pictures from a Louisiana bayou that I love.)

I see the Four of Cups here. Four empty chairs. A table with nothing on it but the fallen cypress seeds. It is a comment on the loneliness we can all feel at one time or another.

But I also see this picture as a reminder. It is a reminder to feed friendships with love, with attention, with the gift of listening. It is about maintaining relationships.

Sometimes we need to invite people in. We need to brush off the table and chairs so they have a place to sit. We need to open back up.

As a Pisces, I can be very bad about this. I forget to reach out. I forget to check in. So this is my reminder to work on that.

Today’s affirmation

Today I reach out. Today I open up. Today I revisit connections with loved ones. I walk with the knowledge that I am loved and loving. This is enough for this moment.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Bayou Tarot Four of Cups, Stephanie Arwen Lynch-Poe

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Which Moments Are Important?

Which Moments Are Important? And why?

Bleu Cat Tarot Four Of Fishes
Bleu Cat Tarot

Sometimes we think more about what we want than about what we have. I am at the mercy of the advertising world as the next person. Instead of enjoying the phone I have, I think about the phone I want.

In the Four of Fishes in Beth Seilonen’s Bleu Cat Tarot from Schiffer Mind, Body, Spirit, we see a cat looking at the fish heads in the three bowls. He’s not thinking about all the meat left. He’s thinking about all the meat that’s gone. Nor does he pay attention to the incoming bowl full of fish.

I am a firm believer that we have power over our mood. There’s a great quote that says “There are seven billion people in this world. Don’t let one ruin your day.”

Now don’t get me wrong. There are going to be moments of sad, of angry, of disappointed. But don’t make your whole life about those moments. Let your life be about the moments in between those moments.

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Yeah, I get it. It’s not easy to do sometimes because it feels like those moments take over. But it comes back to choice. Which do you choose? Fight for your happy, your calm, your peace. Set up boundaries with signs that remind you that you are in charge of your own joy.

Be joy seekers y’all. Put that forward as the most important thing for each day. Professional joy seekers work at it. We make it our number one goal. Make it yours too. Together we can make it.

Today I choose joy. Today I accept that anger, sadness and fear pass as easily out of my life as they may into my life. Today I choose joy. I own my own happy. I am a professional joy seeker. Loved and loving, I am love.

Four of Fish, Bleu Cat Tarot, Schiffer Publishing


The YesBut Family Tree

Dreaming Way 4 CupsToday’s card is a hard one for me. I’ve been this person. The one overly focused on what I don’t have. What I can’t have. What is so lost to me. I’ve been stuck in the grief of the loss.

Here with her hands on her hips is the ‘s Four of Cups (USGames). Her bangs hide her eyes. Her hair swings forward to cut off her peripheral vision.

Oh if she would only lift her head up for just one moment. Then she might catch a glimpse of the cup behind her. The one being filled from a Universal well. The one that has everything she could want and more.

How do you get someone unstuck from that spot? I have known people who I call YesButs. The ones who listen to any encouragement, any pointing out of the small joys and goods and respond, “Yes, but…”

Then they list their litany of woes and sorrows and pains.

I am absolutely not saying that we don’t have woes and sorrows and pains. Not even!!!

I am saying that dwelling on them KEEPS us there. That the energy we give to things in our life is the food they need. I don’t just believe…I KNOW FOR A FACT that focusing on the small good, the little joys works.

If you’ve ever been a parent or a pet owner, consider the idea that you focus on the right behaviour and praise that. You don’t over focus on the wrong–that’s time for a simple, direct correction. Then you move on.

Then you move on, y’all.

Many of us aren’t moving on. Why? Is it fear that the cup we don’t see will be spilled too?

You know what? It’s okay if that happens because there is always more where that came from.


The Universe wants us to be happy. Happy children make the world better.

Be a happy child today. Don’t be a YesBut.

Your journal prompt is this. “Where do I get stuck? Where do I lose my peripheral vision?”

Four of Cups, , U.S. Games

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.