Arwen Gets Political–Again

five-fireToday’s card is in honor of #standwithwendy, #sb5 and the fall of section 3 of DOMA. Many things went right yesterday even as others went wrong. Me? I got fired up, y’all. I’m talking gloves off, finger up, head wagging fired up about a representative here in Texas. But first, let’s talk about the Five of Fire from the Gaian Tarot.

Here we see a man breathing fire. He’s doing it intentionally. He knows how to invigorate those watching. He knows how to put forth a call to action that can’t be missed. He is breathing fire.

In many decks, this card is depicted as the competition card. You will see figures in some field competition with long staves. But Joanna Powell Colbert re-interprets that into this solo man who is so intently focusing his passion.

Now breathing fire in any sense can be dangerous. I was breathing fire last night on my FB page. I was fired up about Wendy Davis’ amazing filibuster but I was incensed over David H. Dewhurst (R. Houston)’s idiocy. Among other things he said on his Twitter feed: “We will not stand for mob-rule politics in TX! The fight for what’s right resumes July 1st. #txlege #specialsession” To which I said, ‘Bring it.’

And I went off, y’all. I posted a picture of myself with “Operation Oh Hell No 2013 Has Commenced” along with pointedly sharp statements. Was I being a positive, joy-seeker then?

Welllllllllllll, that probably depends upon whom you ask. GOP fans would probably think I might want to sit down and shut up. Democrat fans might say the opposite.

But the lesson? Targeted spewing works best. If you must spew, and baby, I had to last night, then choose to do it where you can be supported or at least where you won’t be attacked for your views. Let it out. Don’t keep the heat internal like that.

When’s the last time you needed to let off steam? How did you do it?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Five of Fire, Gaian Tarot

Who Worries You?

three-fireToday’s card reminds me of a quote by Kempis. “Great tranquility of heart is his who cares for neither praise not blame.” Sometimes I worry that others won’t like me. I worry that they will like me and I won’t live up to the hype. The others really can’t win for losing with an attitude like that. I give them so much power in my life.

Yesterday during a consultation, I asked my client who paid their bills, fed their children, kept a roof of their family’s heads. of course the answer was that my client was in charge of all that. When I asked them why they worried so much about what others cared?

They couldn’t answer me.

I told them, and I’m telling you and me, that until these “others” are responsible for my safety, shelter and sustenance, THEN we should worry about them. I won’t look at myself in the mirror and question myself in their name.

Today’s affirmation:

I live today for me. I put my own hopes and joys first. I do breathe for myself. I set my feet on the ground knowing that I am capable. I breathe confidence in and mirror questions out. I acknowledge how much I have done to this date. I will get more done because I am capable. I am a beautiful human with a loving heart who is loved by beautiful humans. And that is enough. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Six of Fire, Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

Your To-Do List Needs Work

Today’s card reminds me that my to-do list isn’t always right. I mean it is right in that it has a lot of things I need to do but it isn’t right in that it doesn’t always have ALL the things I need to do. It’s my Queen of Wands mode. She’s that part of me that makes lists and tackles

Still with me?

Celestial_13WandsWho owns my to-do list? It’s my Queen of Wands self. She’s that part of me that makes lists and tackles
things. I know this is a bit convoluted, but stick with me here. I want to explain why my to-do list is not right.

A typical To-Do list for teh Arwen can read:

  1. Do laundry
  2. Buy dog food
  3. Call in prescription
  4. Prepare Tarot class ad
  5. Write blog post
  6. etc…

Now that’s not such a bad list, right? Solid, concrete things that need to be checked off. Each item is a tangible atta girl for me once I’ve done it. But it’s not right.

It’s missing so much.

Why isn’t my to-do list more like this:

  1. Do laundry
  2. Sing to cats in a loud voice
  3. Buy dog food
  4. Smile at three strangers
  5. Call in prescription
  6. Write myself a love letter
  7. Prepare Tarot class ad
  8. Seek Joy
  9. etc…

See what I mean? My to-do list needs more joy seeking tasks. Things that bring me joy. Things that bring others joy which brings me joy because I’m riffing of their joy. Ouch. My head! I have to stop with the loop-de-loop logic games. LOL

So! You probably saw this coming a mile away. Today’s 180 second challenge is to redo your to-do list (do one if you don’t have one to redo). EEP! There I go again with the loop-de-loop. Must be the Full Moon energy. But back to the challenge.

Can you commit to adding 2-4 things to your To-Do list that are more about joy than anything else? And no, my darling Cappies, you can’t say that you get joy from finishing your to-do’s. LOL C’mon! I know you can do this.

So tell me in the comments what you did today!

Queen of Wands,Celestial Tarot, U.S. Games, 2004

Seek Joy, Y’all. Pass it on.

What Are Your Dreams?

But the big dreams? The ones that are so scary I might as well say I am going to run for President? Those dreams? Yeah, those.

WakingWildSpirit_3FireToday’s card has so much to love. It’s a very unusual interpretation of this card. Normally you see someone standing waiting on something to happen. But in the Waking The Wild Spirit (Poppy Palin, Llewellyn, 2002) we are offered a different scenario.

The fairy could be born of the sun behind him. He holds a lantern with a candle (makes me think of the Hermit and his lamp). He launches a moth from his finger. A hedgehog waits beneath the mushroom…and is that angel’s cap to the bottom right?

For a card of waiting, there is a lot happening here. I like that for this card. If you follow the numbers, the ace of fire is about the potential of passion while the two is about a passionate partnership. It could be said this is the results of that passion. 😀

He’s come together with someone else to create something magical. Now he must pause for the results.

What about you? It’s nearly the end of February. For those of you working through Leonie Dawson’s workbook with me (and it’s not too late!), where are you in your exploration of your Incredible Year? From our Facebook group, I know some of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed. The biggest sticking point seems to be the “100 Things” list.

I admit that I haven’t written down 100 things I want do do this year. And, grin, some of my list has been written down AFTER I have done it. But it is helping me remember that there are things I want to do.

Do you know that these things are not great earth-shattering events? They are small, nurturing things mostly. I think the biggest one on that list is “fly a kite on the beach.” Not going to change the world with that one, am I?

But the big dreams? The ones that are so scary I might as well say I am going to run for President? Those dreams? Yeah, those.

I have written two of those down along with steps to get there. One is already a done deal. I just got the final illustrations from Lisa Hunt and will be adding them to my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads eBoook. Those of you who got the non-illustrated version will get the new version free. And I’ve made the decision to beef up the verbiage just a bit as well as shuffle a few things around.

What are your dreams? What do you want to do this year?

Want to know what my other dream is? The scary, big one? I want to hear one of three people say, “Seek Joy, Y’all” to an international audience. No, I won’t tell you who they are other than they are all female and very famous.

So what’s holding me back?

All I need to do is write three letters and mail them. Then I have to wait to see what happens.

Of course, while I’m waiting, I’ll be launching another moth into the air because I am not willing to pause this year. It’s too important. I’m creating my incredible year.

Are you? It’s not too late.

Can you commit to 180 seconds today to write down your dreams? You don’t have to show a soul. Just write them down and then list the steps to get there.

Three of Fire, Waking The Wild Spirit, Llewellyn 2002

Seek Joy, Y’all. Pass it on.

How Do You Get Turned On?

This card represents that force in us all when we get TURNED ON and TUNED IN to our lives–when we are truly connected to our soul. How do you make that connection?

DOTMc_1AceToday’s card is from a very interesting deck. It is a group artist effort that was produced in the 80’s. It’s full of feminist energies and images because it is one of the first (and perhaps only) lesbian designed Tarot decks. One of the unique things about this deck is that it is round.

I pulled the Ace of Wands this morning and had to laugh. I’d been on my iPhone pulling daily cards and had gotten the Queen of Wands not once but twice. So no surprise to me to see another Wand. With all the fire energy I’m pulling due to my word of the year, it’s going to happen.

Look at this card. Baby leaping out of the egg. Joy happening. The child is the spark. She is the fuel feeding all of that energy surrounding her. It’s not feeding her. She’s not seeking sustenance. She is sustenance. She is energy.

This card represents that force in us all when we get TURNED ON and TUNED IN to our lives–when we are truly connected to our soul. How do you make that connection?

A blogger I love, Jodi Chapman, talked about her soul-connecting playlist. While I’m not much of a music person (I prefer silence), I do have some songs that just reconnect me.

One of those is a new one on a very recently released album by Anna Fritz. It is the title track and was the thing that hooked me into participating in her fundraiser. The Gospel of Tree Bark moves me in ways I can’t explain. I sometimes listen to it when I just need to get back to myself.

What about you? How do you reconnect with yourself when you feel disconnected? Is it music? Art? Literature? Nature? What reconnects you?

Ace of Fire, Daughters of the Moon (color), Ffiona Morgan 1981

YAY! I just found out that they’ve brought the B&W version back! 😀

Seek Joy, Y’all! Pass it on!

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Walking, Meditating & Practices

Can’t remember who I first heard of this from, but I’m going to share it here in case there’s another “crappy meditation candidate” out here.

Today’s card is a reminder that what is balanced and restful for me may not be for you. I like peace and quiet. I am not one to leave the radio or TV on just for noise. I rarely listen to music in the car. I prefer audiobooks.

For years, I thought I was a crappy meditation candidate because lying still and focusing on nothing made me twitchy. I fall asleep if left to lie quietly for too long (these days too long can be about five minutes–hee.)

Then I discovered walking meditation. Can’t remember who I first heard of this from, but I’m going to share it here in case there’s another “crappy meditation candidate” out here.

Take a walk. Have a thought you want to hold on to like “seek joy, y’all” or “inner peace”. Then let that thought go as you focus on the business of moving. Feel the sun on your body or the cool wind against your face. Just let your body fall into a rhythm of feet moving with arms swinging.

Observe. See what you see. Don’t worry about the meeting later or the bills on the desk. Just walk and observe. Be in that specific moment aware of your own body.

When you get home, if you are like me, you may feel more alert and refreshed.

If you are not like me, may I suggest a nice bed and some soft music? 😀

How do you meditate? Do you think it’s an important spiritual practice?

9 of Fire, Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn 2011

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

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Frida, Beverly & Passion

You want to bring your voice into the story. It’s really the only reason to tell a story to me. So others can see things how I see them if only for a few hundred pages at a time.

Oh darlings! Sorry for the lateness of today’s thought. I did a reading with a beautiful soul then dove into my book, Mapping The Hero’s Journey. I will just share a bit of that with you today as I am consumed with the passion of this.
Fire, like all the elements has both good and bad inherent. You can’t cook a decent steak without a flame, but you can also burn Chicago down if you aren’t careful. A lot of fire showing in a story arc always makes me think of a passionately lived life like that of Frida Kahlo or Beverly Sills. How does fire make you feel? It’s important to take your own slant into consideration when working with the Tarot—especially as a writer. You want to bring your voice into the story. It’s really the only reason to tell a story to me. So others can see things how I see them if only for a few hundred pages at a time.

So what is your story that you want to tell? What burns you up until you weep with joy when you can finally share it? Is it a story? A song? A ceramic pot? A well-groomed dog? A successful child? Your passion isn’t my passion as mine isn’t yours. We have different fires within us that urge us forward to make a difference in our worlds.

Go out today and make that change. Burn with passion. Let yourself dream huge. The Universe and I both are here to cheer you on. You go, girl. You go, boy. Go. Burn. Be the it kid. I love you and I know you can do this.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Dolphins April 2012, personal collection of Arwen Lynch

Whoa. I think this is a picture by the professional photographer. I took a bunch but I also got some from him via my company. Not sure this is mine

Cobras, Choice & Levels

Today’s card is a reminder that we can all rise up. Each and everyone of us has the ability to rise. Some of us make that choice. Others have the choice forced on is. Some turn their faces away.

Today’s card is a reminder that we can all rise up. Each and everyone of us has the ability to rise. Some of us make that choice. Others have the choice forced on is. Some turn their faces away.

I was very shocked and saddened to learn of a tragedy in the life of someone I know. I don’t know her well, but it struck me hard about how fast life can change. I was so focused on that as I shuffled this morning.

But instead of a card of grief or loss, I get this. The One of Fire from the Fifth Tarot. A cobra rising up. Kundalini activated. Passion. Energy. Power.

If we are all capable of this creative explosive uprising, why do we not do it? Is it because it is scary to be completely activated? Is it because we don’t know what will be on the next level?

I know that’s part of it for me.

But look at this snake. See how her (or his) eye is angled up? She, Nagini, knows a secret. She understands that when she gets to that next level…when she is activated…when she has transformed?

There’s another level.

It’s a good thing, this rising up. It’s a wonderful thing to know that there is more after this. And maybe this was the perfect card after all.

One of Fire, The Fifth Tarot: Restoring the Fifth Element: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Ether, Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2008

Candles, Torches & Flames

So I realized that my flame is on all the time. I’m always lighting other candles only sometimes they aren’t candles so much as torches for other angry villagers.

Today’s card is a reminder of a favorite quote. This whole thing today was sparked by my good friend, Jee. Jee’s been on a similar journey to me. Life-changing events brought about by simply focusing on the positive. I mean Jee went from a job worrying every day if not every hour about the next dollar to one with so much potential for growth that it’s astounding. Now. Had my friend focused on the negative, well, I don’t know what could have happened but I do think Jee would be unhappy and possibly unemployed. Instead, because Jee focused on that unicorn that poops rainbows, success!

And today, Jee said, “So I love seeing all the ”thankful” posts in my feed, but I am wondering why y’all cant do that year round from time to time. Dont cram all your thankfullness in to 30 days…there are 335 other days you could be posting positive, fun to read updates. 🙂 I love you all…..and am grateful for all the love you let me share with you! Make your day great!!”

Don’t cram all your thankfulness into 30 days. THis reminded me of that favorite quote of mine.

“A candle loses nothing lighting another candle.” Father James Keller

Look at this gorgeous card from the Sirian Starseed Tarot. She is lit up. She is so passionate about being alive that she has lit other flames just by being herself. What a gift! What a joy! Imagine how many lives she touches this way. Imagine how many you could touch.

I will tell you a story. I was so positive yesterday. I went to work and turned into BITCHZILLA. All because I’d let myself go to work excited about a chili cook-off only to find out it was ALL GONE. The morning crew had left nothing for the afternoon crew other than cornbread and crackers. Seriously.

And I went from Joy to Bitch in about 2 seconds flat. I moaned. I whined. I let EVERYONE know how pissed I was.

Yeah–joy-seeking missile? Not so much. More like shit-spreading back hoe.

UGH!I had a choice. I could have snacked before going to work. I know I have blood sugar issues. I know I get cranky if I don’t eat. So it was totally my responsibility to manage that. Instead, I chose to vent about how selfish the entire world was.

So not pretty, but I do want to keep this real with y’all. I noticed that more of my customers (I work in tech support for the “pays my insurance” job) were crankier too. Hmmm…do you think my energy was doing that? I do!

So I realized that my flame is on all the time. I’m always lighting other candles only sometimes they aren’t candles so much as torches for other angry villagers.

So when I saw Jee’s post today, it reminded me (more like smacked me right between the eyes) that I need to focus on my joy more. Like any athlete, if I stop practicing, stop working, stop seeking, then I run the risk of falling back to that negative self.

Oh hell no! 😀 I am a joy-seeking missile, y’all. I want to light you up and everyone I meet with joy not ugly.

So seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Seven of Flames, The Sirian Starseed Tarot, North Atlantic Books, 2012
(Caution, this is a HUGE deck so shuffling normally is out of the question.)

Hope, Joy & Need

Today’s card is a reminder to pray. I used to shy away from the word. I mean the word “pray.” In my narrow, Christian-phobic brain, it meant something it didn’t. I’ve evolved since that time. Now I see it as an action verb meant to convey hope and joy and need. Those three don’t seem to be connected, do they?

Here our daughter of fire from the Vision Quest Tarot lifts up her sage bundle. She is praying to her Gods. The smoke carries her hopes upward. Her needs will be heard by the winds who will then move them up to the heavens.

Why does she pray? That’s always the question, isn’t it. Is she asking for herself? Is she asking for someone else? Is she simply giving thanks for the day and being alive?

Here on Facebook, a friend (insert name) has started a daily Gratitude Project. Each day we all post something we are grateful for. They have ranged from another day free of Cancer to sex and anything you can imagine. There is joy there as well as sorrow.

Do you pray every day? Do you offer up gratitude for being here? Do you celebrate at least one thing? You should. It’s healthy. It’s blessed. It’s necessary.

Do you pray for others? Some would say that’s invasive. I say that when I pray for others, I am sending it to their Higher Selves.

Prayer as a gift not a weapon is what I’m talking about. Prayer as a way of reminding yourself that you are connected somehow. And if prayer is a “hard limit” for you, then call it giving gratitude. Call it honoring your self. Call it whatever you will, but please call it.

Call it for hope.
Call it for joy.
Call it because you need it.

Give thanks. Give gratitude. Give prayers.

I’m here to help you if you can’t find your joy. Let’s seek it together. I’ll show you how to hang on to it.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Daughter of Fire, Vision Quest Tarot,U.S. Games Systems Inc (1999)