Dreams, Hurry & Fetal Positions

This is my card of the day from Facebook. Yes, I’m crossposting. Sue me.

Today’s card reminds me that we all have incubation periods. I mean think about it. Everyone of us started in this life by waiting up to nine months to make our first appearance. Then it was another 9-12 months before we even walked. And talking? Continue reading “Dreams, Hurry & Fetal Positions”

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September 2009 Tarotscopes

Well here we are in September already! I hope your August brought you useful lessons and happy memories.

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Changing Focus by Marilu MannThis month I am celebrating the release of Marilu Mann’s Changing Focus, book 3 in the Lusting Wild series. You can get your copy here on September 11, 2009. Keep up with Marilu on Facebook.

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