Lizards, Snails + Knights

While you may not be a lover of lizards or a skipper of snails, I’ll bet you hold some wild thing dear.

explorer-earthToday’s card was a random draw from my primary reading deck. I had to smile when I saw it since I’d just come in from walking four dogs two times in the rain. I didn’t walk them all at once so I got double the amount of moisture.

Our Explorer of Earth is the Knight of Pentacles in traditional Tarot. In the Gaian, Joanna chose to use two males and two women. I adore that about this deck. Since I read for a wide group of people including the GLBTQI community, it’s nice to have a deck that honors gender this way.

I look at her and think of my own connection with the green world. People tell me that I see more in nature than most. For whatever reason, my poor eyesight sharpens and strengthens when it comes to the fauna of our world.

The other day while walking just my two, I saw a movement on the ground. When I looked, it was a gecko. It was absolutely water-logged and not moving well on the rain-soaked sidewalks.

I helped it up on a large leaf then walked with it for a while. It eyed me with some suspicion as you might imagine. But I found it a high, dry spot where I set the leaf down.

At night, my walks are slower because right now we have snails everywhere. I hate stepping on them. They’ve done nothing to me! So I do the snail two-step as much as possible. And if I do hear that sharp, bright crack under my foot, I offer up an apology.

So, in my own way, I am this Explorer of Earth. What about you? What do you explore? While you may not be a lover of lizards or a skipper of snails, I’ll bet you hold some wild thing dear.

Your journal prompt for today? “What wild things do I hold dear?” remembering that a wild thing may not be an animal. ;D

Explorer of Earth, Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Musings on Explorer of Earth (Gaian Tarot)

Today’s card is one of the Court cards. I really like Joanna’s system of Child, Explorer, Guardian and Elder. They are not gender specific in terms of all women or all men. They are mixed.

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