Gunpowder, Gasoline & Napalm

Someone said they saw this as the one thing we didn’t want to hear because it was the furthest away from us. That hit me in a game-changing way. I mean think about it.

Do you do a daily draw or pick a card each morning? I don’t always, but I do advocate for it. I think it does two things that are good in for Tarot enthusiasts.

One, you cannot help but become more familiar with your cards. It’s a more intimate way to connect with them because it forces you to dig more deeply into the cards. Sometimes in a full spread, you tend to skim over the cards that you would rather not know more about. I see it as an avoidance technique. I’m very very good at it. Are you?

Two, for me, it gives me a focus for the day. I use it for what I should think about that day rather than what will happen. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not one who says Tarot is not for divination. Of course it is for divination. Continue reading “Gunpowder, Gasoline & Napalm”