The YesBut Family Tree

Dreaming Way 4 CupsToday’s card is a hard one for me. I’ve been this person. The one overly focused on what I don’t have. What I can’t have. What is so lost to me. I’ve been stuck in the grief of the loss.

Here with her hands on her hips is the Dreaming Way‘s Four of Cups (USGames). Her bangs hide her eyes. Her hair swings forward to cut off her peripheral vision.

Oh if she would only lift her head up for just one moment. Then she might catch a glimpse of the cup behind her. The one being filled from a Universal well. The one that has everything she could want and more.

How do you get someone unstuck from that spot? I have known people who I call YesButs. The ones who listen to any encouragement, any pointing out of the small joys and goods and respond, “Yes, but…”

Then they list their litany of woes and sorrows and pains.

I am absolutely not saying that we don’t have woes and sorrows and pains. Not even!!!

I am saying that dwelling on them KEEPS us there. That the energy we give to things in our life is the food they need. I don’t just believe…I KNOW FOR A FACT that focusing on the small good, the little joys works.

If you’ve ever been a parent or a pet owner, consider the idea that you focus on the right behaviour and praise that. You don’t over focus on the wrong–that’s time for a simple, direct correction. Then you move on.

Then you move on, y’all.

Many of us aren’t moving on. Why? Is it fear that the cup we don’t see will be spilled too?

You know what? It’s okay if that happens because there is always more where that came from.


The Universe wants us to be happy. Happy children make the world better.

Be a happy child today. Don’t be a YesBut.

Your journal prompt is this. “Where do I get stuck? Where do I lose my peripheral vision?”

Four of Cups, Dreaming Way Tarot, U.S. Games

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Three Most Important Things

They are all active and alive and growing. These are things that need to be addressed so I might as well tackle them.

DreamingWay_8WandsToday’s card is not one I enjoy because of the message it brings. It’s not normally a “bad” card but for me, it makes me cringe. Why?

Because it is a card of necessarily fast action. Things coming at me rapid fire. Generally this happens when I’m tired.

Hmm. Do you think there’s a correlation to things coming at me seemingly too fast when I’m tired?

Yeah. Right.

But look at the wands themselves. All but one of them sports greenery. They are all active and alive and growing. These are things that need to be addressed so I might as well tackle them.

The postitioning of the wands generally make me think, “INCOMING!” Instead of ducking and …napping, I need to have a clear head so I can just get things done. This card, for me, is required multi-tasking.

And I am tired today. I also have a lot to get done. I stayed up far too late the other night and only got four hours of sleep. Last night I was in bed by 9 and asleep before 10. Then back up at 6.

I should have been back up at 5, grin.

Still, if I’ve learned anything in this life, I’ve learned how to multi-task.

Leonie Dawson’s workbook+planner encourages me to write down my three most important things for each day. Yesterday’s were “Stay awake.” “Seek joy.” “Go to bed early.”

What will your three most important tasks be today? Can you commit to one of them being “Seek joy?”

180 seconds is all I’m asking of you at first. Then start adding 60 seconds at a time until your day is filled with an attitude of gratitude for seeking joy in everything.

8 of Wands, Dreaming Way Tarot, USGames 2012 (used with permission)

Seek Joy, y’all! Pass it on.

12/16-12/22/2012 Tarotscopes

DreamingWay_18Moon19SunToday’s deck? Dreaming Way Tarot. I love this deck, y’all! See why on this video.

  • AQ 6Sw Set yr heart to the far shore. Leave troubled thoughts behind. Move into a calmer way of thinking. Accept help.
  • PIC 6Cps Remember past loves. Honor what they brought to U. Acknowledge personal emotional growth. Spend time in the past.
  • ARI Sun Family is yr sunshine. Focus on bringing warmth, joy, love to the home. Joy is found in play this wk. Seek the warmth.
  • TAU 9Sw Overwhelmed? Feeling attacked? Focusing on the fear will help you define what’s real & what’s not. Control yr thoughts.
  • GEM PW Messages need to be sent to be received. Communications important if U want to grow. Youth shows U the way if U listen.
  • CAN PSw No matter where U go, there U are. U can’t escape yr own thoughts so make them positive. Make them hopeful. Make them.
  • LEO 2Sw Take time to think this through. The decision before U is more about U than them. Choose wisely, grasshopper.
  • VIR 10Sw Careful U don’t take on too much of what others think. When U give in to the negativity, U risk being a magnet for it.
  • LIB 3Sw Sharp, pointy things including thoughts should not be handled carelessly. Retrain yr mind to bring U gifts of joy, please.
  • SCO KWn Expect growth. Assume position of power. Passionate decisions likely so rule w/ yr heart. Stay steady on this course.
  • SAG 7W Sometimes U must lead w/ elbows to make yr way to the front. Don’t let negative thoughts hold u back. Growth happens.
  • CAP Moon Examine things closely. Make no hasty decisions. Emotion could hide bigger things so don’t let fear sway you.

Your chance to #seekjoy, y’all, by giggling w/ me as I show you this planner via YouTube!

Sharing, Shadows & Slices

I’m sharing how I do it because I know it works. Plain and simple, I’m not going to hold on to all the important pieces. Hold out your hands. I’ll share.

Today’s card reminds me that sharing is caring. Here we have two young ladies but one has all the important pieces. They might be meeting to solve a problem, but how can they if one holds all the knowledge? And so smugly too!

We know these types. We’ve even been these types. Well, I know that I have. Have you? It’s okay to admit it because that’s how we get better. We address our shadow selves then bring light to those places that need light.

Secret tip from teh Arwen: Not all of our shadow selves NEED light. Some parts are in the shadows because that’s where they do their best work.

I’m an admitted Pollyanna. I have coke-bottle-thick rose-colored glasses. I let the blue bird of happiness sit wherever he likes. I chase rainbows. I climb mountains because they are there.

In a word, I’m obnoxious about seeking joy. OBNOXIOUS.

And I’m fine with that. Those that don’t need/can’t process what it is that I do are not on my radar. I’m seeking joy with fellow joy seekers.

I’m sharing how I do it because I know it works. Plain and simple, I’m not going to hold on to all the important pieces. Hold out your hands. I’ll share.

I want you to be happy. I want you to understand that, yeah, I’m not happy 24/7. But I seek joy 24/7. I may be the world’s biggest bitch at work (hint: don’t talk to me when I’m working because I’ll snap like a loggerhead turtle), but I also will apologize because I know it’s an unpleasant experience to have your head bitten off.

Ptooey. And heads really don’t taste that good. I think I’ll work on giving up that habit of mine.

So what type are you going to be today? Don’t worry about tomorrow. Focus on right now.

Me? I’m going to share my important pieces. I’m not going to use my razor-sharp tongue to slice off any heads of any co-workers. I’m going to focus on seeking joy even when it’s a customer who just needs to bitch at me about things I can’t do anything about. That’s their stuff not mine.

My stuff? That’s the joy-seeking missile stuff. Ready? Set? Aim? FIRE!

Seek joy, y’all. pass it on.

Five of Swords, Dreaming Way Tarot, US Games, 2012

15, 51 & Wisdom

Today’s card reminds me that wisdom and age are no more joined at the hip than foolishness and youth. Here we see a young woman holding a scroll of knowledge. A large hat sits on her head. I think it looks like a Greek Orthodox priest’s hat. Obviously, I’m no expert on that religion so that may be way off.

Anywho! She’s young. She almost looks like a schoolgirl with her ruffled lace collar and white stockings. But her gaze is clear and direct. She’s seen things you and I haven’t yet. She’s known how the world works for a long time.

Sometimes I forget that age doesn’t equal wisdom. I can point to more than a handful of those who are “old enough to know better” but don’t. I can point to an equal number of those who should be carefree and not worried about the state of the world, but are.

When I was fifteen, twenty five was officially “too old to have fun.” Now that I’m fifty-one (and a half, thank you very much), I am not sure if there is an age that is “too old to have fun.” Okay, so maybe my fifteen year old self would find sitting at an auction for nine hours fun, but my fifty one year old self certainly did.

That fifteen year old me held passions that have never gone away. I started talking to trees (and getting answers) when I was eleven (the year my father died.) I’ve never stopped that. I’ve never stopped weeping when a healthy tree is cut down for no reason. I’ve never stopped believing that my animals talk to me all the time and I’m just not getting the full message.

So what if this High Priestess has a young face? So what if her face is unlined? Perhaps her lines are on the inside. Perhaps I need to remember that everyone has something to share and to teach. Perhaps I need to look at my ideas of wisdom with younger eyes.

This fabulous High Priestess is from a brand new deck released by U.S. Games Systems Inc. I want to be clear. I review for USGS which means they send me free product. That doesn’t influence my thoughts or opinions on these decks. This is the Dreaming Way Tarot, 2012.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on!