MidFall/Samhain Tarot Blog Hop


I am this year’s wrangler for our MidFall/Samhain Tarot Blog Hop. I asked everyone to focus on this topic.

***Commune, Communicate, Commemorate with those who have gone on before us. ***

Samhain Incense 2015
Samhain Incense 2015

It’s Samhain or MidFall. This is the last of the three harvests in the Northern Hemisphere and the advent of Spring in the Southern hemisphere. It is a time that I know as being a thinning of the veil…a time for the honouring of those who have crossed over before us. This will be a hop focused on communing, communicating and commemorating our loved ones.

My offering is this YouTube video that I did this morning. It is an All Hallow’s Eve tradition for me. I cast my circle then did my New Year’s reading using Joanna Powell Colbert’s Elder of Fire spread. All links are in the drop-down box beneath the video. Just click “More”.

Arwen’s Elder of Fire reading.

Now I invite you to hop through to the rest of this Samhain Tarot Blog Hop. If you find a broken link, just go back to the post you came from and click the Master List link to skip that one.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on. Blessed Samhain to you.


Blank Walls

Discussion of the Ace of Pentacles from the Crystal Visions Tarot

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Crystal Visions Tarot Ace of Pentacles
Crystal Visions Tarot

Today’s card reminds me of empty spaces. It makes me think of what is coming to those empty spaces. I guess in a way this is the potential of a blank wall.

Here we see the Ace of Pentacles from the Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso. And yes, that is the Stevie Nicks song she is referring to.

A pentacle is woven between two trees with vines growing around it. Beneath it are crystals, gems and more of the vine. It is what is beneath that calls to me in this picture. The potential of the crystals that grow there.

I must tell you that I’ve had and used this deck since it came out. I’ve just now seen two women in this deck. Ha! Tarot never fails to surprise me.

So here’s to growth and empty spaces and surprises. Just like an empty wall in a home, this card waits to be filled. It’s an offering to us…a promise of good things to come.

Today’s affirmation:

I am open to abundance. I walk into prosperity. I fill up my world with beauty and joy. I am strong. I am light. I am love. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Ace of Pentacles, Crystal Visions Tarot, U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Why Hula Hoops Beat Procrastination

Thoughts on hula hoops helping beat a really bad habit.

Crystal Visions Tarot Ace of Pentacles
Crystal Visions Tarot

Today’s card reminds me that hula hoops are an important metaphor in my life. This goes back to something my sister told me. I can’t remember who told her but the saying goes like this.

I can only control what is in my own hula hoop.

So stand up. Now hold your arms out as if you were holding a hula hoop about yourself. Swing your arms to the front and back and to the sides. Get a feel for how much space that is.

You control everything inside that hula hoop area. It’s all yours. You are mistress or master of your domain. Anyone inside that circumference must bow to your wishes.

Anything outside of that circumference?

Repeat after me…not my circus, not my monekys.

If we all focused less on the trauma-drama of others, how much happier we would be. If we simply provided space to listen them and let go of trying to fix them, we could get to the real meat of our day.

Our own stuff.

Yep, it’s a really highly developed procrastination technique. The more I can worry about your shit, the less I have to work on my own.

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Today I focus on my own needs. Today I listen to others and let go of any misguided notion of fixing them. I am in charge of my own experience. I can only control what is in my own hula hoop. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Ace of Pentacles, Crystal Visions Tarot, U.S. Games 2011


Roads, Frolics & Weeping

Today’s card reminds me to look to the future. The road I’m on is a winding one so I must always be aware of the curve I’m currently in. I also need to remember the curves I’ve just negotiated. And I must prepare for the ones to come.

I love this Three of Wands from the Crystal Visions Tarot (US Games, 2011). It symbolizes hope to me. Hope that I am on the right path. Hope that I’ve made the right choices. Hope that I’m heading in the right direction.

Today is the first day back from a fabulous vacation filled with frolicking, fuckery and friends in Little Rock. It’s our third year to gather at that hotel so this year there were even more people. I didn’t get to say hello to all of them (which makes me a bit sad.)

I received an award for community spirit and service which made me go all teary-eyed. I didn’t expect it AT ALL. It was an amazing feeling to walk up in front of all my friends to receive that plaque.

So right now, I’m blessed to understand that this road…the one I’m on right now…is the right one. It’s been the right one all along. Even when I was weeping on the side of it wondering why life was passing me by…it’s been the right one.

Get up, darlings. Set your feet in a forward motion. Seek joy on a daily basis. You are on the right path for you at this moment.

Three of Wands, Crystal Visions Tarot, US Games 2011

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!