Crochet, Tangles + Frogs

I’m afraid I won’t be able to figure it out. That I won’t “get it” you know?

ArtJournalTangle1So this is a picture I’ve shared before. I’m sharing it again because it makes me happy. I haven’t tangled in a while…well I have but I haven’t scanned it. I keep seeing patterns I want to try so I will get back to it.

Right now crocheting a blanket is top on my list. I’ve almost completed all the squares. Next I have to tackle the border. Never done that, you see. I have another group of squares that I could join to make a nice size lap blanket.

I haven’t.

Know why?


I’m afraid not that I’ll screw it up. It’s crochet. I can rip-it with the best of the froggers.

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Like some of the people I work with who are afraid to seek joy because they think they will fail at it…that they are incapable of learning how to seek joy.

So, because I challenge them and you to seek joy every day, I’m going to challenge myself to learn how to do this border. I know I can. I WILL that I can.

So there.

Your journal prompt for the day is, “What do I need to just do despite my fears of inadequacy?”

Zentangle, Arwen Lynch, 2013

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Skeins, Momentum & Projects

Today’s card isn’t a card but there is a card I think about. This is a project I’m working on. I have a lot of projects. I do my weekly Tarotscopes, my monthly Tarotscopes podcast and even a monthly magazine column for a gay magazine that is local to the southern California area. You can see Rage Monthly here if you like.

I stay so busy that I forget to make time for MiMi. I talked about that on Saturday. And I did what I said I was going to do. I did only for me that day for the most part.

The 7 of Coins is the card I drew. This is a card about completions and projects. It’s often seen as the gardener’s card with a man reviewing his harvest. In fact, I just got this as the card of the day last week. But this image is of my crochet project. It takes 4 skeins. This is one skein complete so it is 25% done.

More to go, just like the 7 of Coins. I’m admiring what I’ve completed, but I’m not stopping. What have you started that you need to complete? What momentum do you need to keep going today?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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Cake, Butches and Death

I love food. Have I mentioned this recently? I also love food blogs. I just found one by accident. Here’s how my “accidents” happen. At work today, a co-worker brought in her infamous Sock-It-To-Me Cake for another co-worker’s birthday (HI Z. I know you are reading this!). So I wanted to see what goes in this cake.

To the GoogleMobile!

The first hit mentioned Continue reading “Cake, Butches and Death”

Musings on Explorer of Earth (Gaian Tarot)

Today’s card is one of the Court cards. I really like Joanna’s system of Child, Explorer, Guardian and Elder. They are not gender specific in terms of all women or all men. They are mixed.

Here we see a Continue reading “Musings on Explorer of Earth (Gaian Tarot)”

Practice What I Preach?

Sometimes I do what I tell my students not to do. I use the Tarot to answer random questions that I probably already know the answer. A few days ago I was struggling with my desire to change my lifestyle. It’s been tough. I REALLY like sugary foods. I’ve dumped the “real” soda and am now working on letting go of all sodas. I am working on eating better (that’s Lifestyle Change #1). I turned to my cards to see what information the Universe might offer me. Would I Continue reading “Practice What I Preach?”