Tangling, Space & Mistakes

Today’s card is from my latest obsession. It’s a reminder that space is a good thing. I have a confession to make. Are you ready? It’s a big one.

I can’t draw.

Well, I couldn’t draw. Now I can. On August 5, 2012, I took a class from Ginny Krauskopf, CZT. I went in with the hopes that I might learn a new thing and maybe, just maybe, come out with something cool that I made myself.

I came out with so much more, y’all! I’ve been tangling ever since. By Thursday, I’d done a total of 11 of these. It’s been doing some strange things to my brain. I close my eyes and I see patterns.

Just walking around, I see patterns. I nearly mugged a co-worker to take a picture of her shirt for the patterns. I type and I see the way the words could connect together in patterns.

It’s been an education for me in letting go of my own perfectionist tendencies. It’s done in India ink with pencil for shading. I can’t erase. I can’t go back. I can only go forward. So I’m learning to let go.

If you want to tangle with me, bring it. ๐Ÿ˜€ You can learn more here. All you need are:

  1. Some pens (these are the ones I use)
  2. Charcoal pencils, a blender thingy and a sharpener
  3. A book like Design Originals Zentangle Basics
  4. Some tiles
  5. And/Or a small sketch pad (this is the one I use)

And maybe something to carry it in. It’s really not that much and I didn’t find it to be cost-prohibitive. Mind you, I didn’t buy the tiles. I just have the little sketch book with me.

So, let me know if you try this or already do it. I’d love to meet my fellow Zentangle fans.

Tangles, Zen & Stick Figures

Today’s card is not a card. Before I start, can you do me a favor? I’m teaching a one hour webinar this weekend. I’d love it if you could let your friends know. It’s one of my Tarot for Writers series. I’ll be sharing some tips, tricks and spreads on how to use Tarot to create characters who stand out! Click here.

Okay, commercial time over! ๐Ÿ˜€ Now, you will notice that this card says “Seek Joy, Y’all” and has Arwen 8-2012. This might lead you to believe that I did it myself.

But those of you who know me are shaking your heads saying, “But that Arwen–she can write but her stick figures leave something to be desired–like, you know, looking like a stick figure!” GRIN!

It’s true. Visual art has never been my forte, but it’s always been my love. I get lost in art. It can make me cry, sing, happy, you name it…visual art moves me.

I saw this thing on line and thought it looked really cool. I sighed that I would NEVER be able to do that. I looked it up anyway.

Then I took a class because it pretty much promised me I could draw these things. Yeah right.

Um. Yeah. Right! The one you are seeing above is never going to win an art show. But it made me happy. Like dancing and singing happy. My co-worker is really tired of my “NOW LOOK” as I work on these.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do something but let fear or self-criticism or old tapes hold you back? Now’s the time to move forward.


Go find a class. Go do it. And tell yourself it is good. Allow yourself to be your own mama/papa to your five year old “LOOK WHAT I MADE YOU” self.

Do it for you and no one else, darlings! I believe in you. And yes, you can “LOOK WHAT I MADE” at me if you like. I’ll love it. Promise.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

P.S. This is called a Zentangle and you can learn more about them at (surprisingly enough) http://www.zentangle.com/ ๐Ÿ˜€ I know…crazy, right? I bought this book yesterday and some of the patterns you see in this piece were from this book.

Glitter, Stick Ponies & Paint

In my secret heart, there’s an artist who wants to be let out in a room full of paper. There needs to be scissors and glue sticks and beads and glitter. Feathers would be nice too. She wants crayons and markers and colored pencils along with chalk. Maybe even paint.

That artist wants to make beautiful things. I see so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I weep Continue reading “Glitter, Stick Ponies & Paint”

BOOK REVIEW: The Voice Of The Muse: Answering The Call To Write by Mark David Gerson

The Voice Of The Muse cover art
The Voice Of The Muse
Mark David Gerson
LightLines Media

“Receive this gift and keep it with you.”

“Listen for the song of your heart. Listen for its rhythm and its words.”

“Living Your Creativity”

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