The Three of Wands is my personal anticipation card. It always tells me something I’ve been waiting for is nearly here. My clients call this the “get wet” card because I will remind them that if they think their ship is about to come in, then maybe it is time to jump in the water and swim out to it.

What excites you? What fires you up and makes you want to run to all your friends to shout the good news? What can you simply not resist? Continue reading “Anticipation”

Other Blogs: Shuffle | The Tarot Reader’s Blog

Today we are off to visit popular author Corrine Kenner’s blog. Shuffle | The Tarot Reader’s Blog may not have a dazzling layout but it has superior information. You can find tips for writers as well as intriguing events that Kenner is involved in.

Kenner hosts her local Tarot meetup in Minnesota where she focuses on Continue reading “Other Blogs: Shuffle | The Tarot Reader’s Blog”